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    Yeah. You could end up doing your money twice.
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    Jacinda Ardern

    Just wondering if the current rumours that abound at present about Fishboy are true, has he also been fired? Asking for a friend.
  3. Counties Meeting Now at Avondale Due to further significant rain at Pukekohe Park over the last 24 hours, and the impact this has had on the track, this Saturday’s Counties meeting has been transferred to Avondale. Distances and times remain the same. The rail will be moved out (distance tbc) after racing there on Wednesday.
  4. I thought that process had now ceased Leggy?
  5. Posted yesterday at 07:46 AM After attending Te Rapa yesterday & witnessing 5 jumps races, reading the stripes report and seeing 2 unnecessary fallers, it’s time this had some serious focus in a few areas. 1) The number of comments about persisting with a beaten horse is unacceptable from a welfare point of view. 2) Which fences do horses fall at? I think it’s obvious that it’s the first fence in the home straight. Like Aus they should be gone. 3) Does it stack up financially? The pool sizes suggest not, these races are nice to have but are avoided by punters. 4) The look & condition of the fences is from the 1980s, it has a half arsed she’ll be right look. In the midst of the worst economic crisis in a century & racings social licence under threat we can’t afford to ignore some of the glaring deficiencies around jumps racing. It has a place & I am a big supporter of it but it needs a complete refresh if it’s going to survive. I responded: Firstly let's look at things in perspective Barry. 5 jumps races with 52 horses engaged and 3 fallers in total. 1 other knuckled over after jumping the fence and dropped the rider. 1) Only two riders were spoken to with regard to consideration to retiring their mount when out of contention. 8 horses were actually retired out of the race by riders. 2) The 3 horses that actually fell yesterday were all at different fences. In the hurdles one at the third last (top of the straight) and one at the second last. In the steeplechase there is only one fence in the straight with one falling and another as previously mentioned dropping the rider. 4) I think you need to go back and take a long look at fences in the 80's. Nothing like we have now. Which facts do you want to debate? With regard your comments regarding 2. "Which fences do horses fall at? I think it's obvious that it is the first fence in the home straight. Like Aussie they should be gone." Can you provide evidence that this is obvious? Thanks. To save you some time I have looked at the six Te Aroha jumping meetings last year and there were no fallers at the first fence in the straight. (third last) Are you able to also confirm that there are no fences in the straights in Aussie? My eyes must have been playing tricks on me yesterday. With regard to comparing the fences in the 80s to now, the fences are far superior and safer than then. If you come along to one of our jumps days come and see me and I will take you out and show you how good they are. Better still, why not come out the day prior when we are setting them up and you can give a hand and get a really good feel for them.
  6. Just went and looked at what you said here and it is absolute garbage. I suggest you go and take a good look from the 600m. Wagner was last and by the 400m had run past the stablemates Good Vibes and Pavlichenko. You state he could hardly rise at the fence. He cleared the bloody thing and it was after landing his back legs went from under him. It was not Aaron Kuru's poor judgement as you have written but poor judgement on your part to what actually happened. Pretty much similar to the initial post that started this thread, opinion instead of fact.
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    Jacinda Ardern

    Willy Nilly Willy Jackson Shows His Racist Side By Christie I have been described as an “idiot” for saying this, but I really do think Labour, and the left in general, are running scared of Judith Collins. The latest cab off the rank is Willy Jackson. In a Facebook post, rather too well written for anyone to believe that he wrote it himself, he describes his feelings about the prospect of Judith Collins becoming prime minister, and as you might expect, he was not kind. I’ve worked with Judith Collins for almost a year on The AM Show’s political panel so have a very good idea of her nature as a politician and because of that, I am redoubling my energies to ensure she doesn’t become the Prime Minister.Don’t get me wrong, Judith is great talent for TV political panels and I have enjoyed working with her. Her sharp wit and put downs are the perfect mix for Breakfast TV shock jocks, but New Zealand doesn’t need a quick witted sarcastic entertainer as Prime Minister right now, we need someone who can make difficult decisions in real time with empathy, insight and kindness and of course that’s Jacinda not Judith. Judith is capable of making difficult decisions in real time (?) with insight, but I think what Jackson means is that Judith is not a hugger. But let’s face it, we need a prime minister who can make decisions; not simply hug people. Jacinda might be “kind” but she is incapable of making tough decisions, such as sacking her health minister when he broke the rules and failed spectacularly to do his job. He had to sack himself. So did Clare Curran. We don’t need a PM like Judith with her legacy of dirty politics scandals, and we don’t need a PM who has a very casual attitude towards the treaty and comes up with ridiculous lines like “is there something wrong with me being white”. She knows how stupid and racially divisive that comment is but she says it deliberately to attract the anti treaty, anti Maori right wing vote. Is there something wrong with being white? Judith is just asking a question that many of us wonder about. The majority of New Zealanders come from a European ethnicity and we are frequently treated as if there is something wrong with that. Jackson is actually being extremely racist and divisive himself here, rather than Judith, but that’s okay, of course, as he is a Maori. The ironic part of course is that she is not a raving racist or redneck but more the politician who will do anything and say anything to get her team across the line. Just as Jacinda will do or say anything to get her team across the line, Willy. We need a Prime Minister who can run New Zealand for all of us, but Judith is a ‘Us-Them’ type of politician. Judith, who has a Maori at number 4 in her caucus and has just promoted Shane Reti to her front bench, is an Us-Them politician? It doesn’t seem so to me, but then again, Judith appoints people on merit rather than gender or skin colour, which makes her team much more powerful than Jacinda’s. Labour’s policy of using quotas for women and non-white people has resulted in a front bench almost completely bereft of talent, and it shows. In the wake of Covid and the pandemic we need a PM who can reach across the broken edges of society and bring everyone together, Jacinda does that to the point whereby we feel pride at her leadership. I feel absolutely no pride in Jacinda’s leadership. I think she is a lightweight, incompetent politician in charge of what is essentially a bunch of fools, albeit a diverse bunch of fools. Her idea of leadership is photo opportunities and hugs. The BFD. Cartoon credit SonovaMin. I believe Judith winning the election would be a disaster for New Zealand. Her divisive political instincts was the reason why she could never win the national leadership and is why John Key never supported her. John Key was caught in a difficult place in 2014 because the media’s pursuit of Collins was becoming a major distraction from the upcoming election. While Judith has expressed disappointment about her treatment at the time, she has bounced back and I read somewhere that she has had a call from John Key in the past week. That sounds as if he is supporting her now. Everyone who has been impressed by Jacinda and have felt taller for her leadership need to rally now to the cause to ensure a second term, because a first term of Judith Collins would be as culturally shocking to us as Trump’s victory in America.We need builders, not dividers. Jacinda is a builder, Judith is a divider. Ah yes. The inevitable comparison to Trump. It had to come, I suppose. He repeatedly calls Judith a “divider” but gives no explanation for his claim. I see no reason to call her a “divider”. She is decisive, yes, and has a sharp wit, can think on her feet a million times faster than Jacinda, and models herself on Margaret Thatcher. Does any of that make her “divisive”? We never heard any of this when Todd Muller became National leader. We can hardly expect anything else from Labour, of course. Everyone runs to Jacinda’s aid because she is so hopeless. Trevor Mallard has her back in the house, expelling people who ask her hard questions. But we need a prime minister who is not a damsel in distress. We need someone who can stand up for themselves. Jacinda cannot, but Judith can.
  8. I made no mention of a punting Barry. The spectacle of an outstanding jumper and the excitement of an extremely close finish was all there for those who watched.
  9. Tallyho Twinkletoe…...what a jumper!!! 8 hurdle starts now...7 wins and unbeaten in two steeplechase starts. Great finish. If that doesn't excite you Barry, nothing will.
  10. Can't wait to watch R4 at Pakenham today.
  11. Firstly let's look at things in perspective Barry. 5 jumps races with 52 horses engaged and 3 fallers in total. 1 other knuckled over after jumping the fence and dropped the rider. 1) Only two riders were spoken to with regard to consideration to retiring their mount when out of contention. 8 horses were actually retired out of the race by riders. 2) The 3 horses that actually fell yesterday were all at different fences. In the hurdles one at the third last (top of the straight) and one at the second last. In the steeplechase there is only one fence in the straight with one falling and another as previously mentioned dropping the rider. 4) I think you need to go back and take a long look at fences in the 80's. Nothing like we have now. Personally I enjoy the jumping races, they are a test of stamina and skill for both horse and rider and they certainly provide an opportunity for horses that may be finding it tough to win on the flat. Jumps racing can provide huge excitement with great finishes and there is nothing more exhilarating seeing a great jumper in action soaring over the fences.
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    Jacinda Ardern

    Rule by Terror COVID-19 Is All Jacinda Has Left, and She Will Use It. By Christie I generally listen to Newstalk ZB, on the basis that they are slightly less wet and biased than the other news media. I am a big Hosking fan, but most of the rest of them leave me reasonably cold, or at best only lukewarm. So imagine my surprise when I came across this article on the ZB website, commenting on Kerre Woodham’s reaction to Jacinda’s detailing of the government’s plan if we have a community outbreak of COVID-19, and how she will put us straight back into lockdown. I never saw Kerre as anything but fairly wet and lightweight until now. I think, along with Todd Muller, I might need a cup of tea and a lie down. Yesterday, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern outlined the framework of the next steps of the Covid-19 response. Amongst the plans was that another outbreak of community transmission could see alert levels enforced in different regions or communities. Ardern said the country will remain at Alert level 1 nationally – but stronger restrictions could be applied in separate neighbourhoods, towns or cities, if local cases emerge. She said before bringing in a national change, they would move to a local or regional levels – as appropriate. Hang on. I thought we had all this under control. All our cases have been caught at the border. There is no community transmission. Why are we talking about this now? The response sparked criticism from McIvor, who says that people are already concerned enough about the virus. She played audio from one caller, who said that he felt that, should the border be relaxed, then he stands at risk of catching Covid-19 and dying. McIvor says that the lockdown has kept the worst of Covid away, but there have undoubtedly been cases that have slipped through the cracks but we haven’t felt their impacts. We may have been lucky, but we all thought that we had basically eliminated the virus from our shores… so why are we talking about this now? There are only two possible scenarios. First, the government knows of outbreaks in some regions and are keeping a close eye on how this develops. This seems unlikely because it would show a complete lack of transparency by the government and a reprehensible attitude towards people at risk if we are not being informed of the areas where these outbreaks are occurring. It would also show that this government, once again, has failed in its major policy of keeping New Zealand safe just like it has failed in every other policy they have adopted so far. It would not be a good look for the government. To consider the second possibility, you will need to know that this announcement was made by Jacinda on Wednesday a matter of hours after Judith Collins was anointed as the leader of the opposition. Could this be nothing more than a perfectly innocent coincidence? Hardly. Jacinda is running scared. She has witnessed how Collins chewed up and spat out the hapless Phil Twyford in the house. Now her eyes are fixed on Jacinda, like a heat seeking missile locked on its target. Jacinda has good reason to be worried. Collins will make mincemeat of her, in the house and in the leaders’ debates. She has even expressed how much she is looking forward to it. I can guarantee, however, that Jacinda is not. But the really terrifying thing is that, to counter the threat from the opposition, Jacinda’s immediate reaction is to try to rule by terror. She reignited the country’s fear of the virus by warning us that it could all flare up again (when there is really no evidence of it) and that she has the power to lock us all up again, if she so desires. That is completely reprehensible by the prime minister. Ruling by terror is the favourite trick of despotic leaders. Think Joseph Stalin or Mao Tse Tung. Even I, no Jacinda fan at the best of times, did not think she would resort to this. McIvor says that it is reprehensible that the country is being kept in a state of fear over community transmission – that is damaging not only the economy, but people’s wellbeing. “She is creating a climate of terror designed to keep people cowed and bowed. “It’s cynical, and I believe she was acting in the best interest of the country in the beginning, and now it’s become almost a mania.” Good on Kerre Woodham for recognising that this is nothing more than ‘politicking’ by Jacinda, and in the worst possible way. Labour thought they were sleepwalking to an election victory. They bribed the media, didn’t bother with any new policies and watched the disarray on the opposition benches with disdain and contempt. Now the new leader of the opposition beats Jacinda hands down in every way, and Jacinda knows she is in trouble, so she resorts to the one thing she has left in her arsenal. Fear. She is now trying to rule by fear. Well done Kerre for calling her out. Maybe there are some pinpoints of light in the dark arena that is our media after all.
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    Jacinda Ardern

    Our intrepid eyewitness was abuzz with anticipation, having heard a rumour from his usual source in Parliament that Auntie Hellish Quark had been self-summoned to an emergency meeting with PM Justinda Ardeau. The Spyfly device was, therefore, sitting on the ceiling with a commanding view of Justinda’s office, awaiting the meeting. Your eyewitness was, as usual, in a broom cupboard not too far away observing developments. Nor was there long to wait, for at the exact stroke of the appointed hour there came a noise like a truckload of loose bricks being dropped onto a corrugated iron roof. This was merely Auntie Hellish giving a preliminary tap on the door before bursting into the office and striding authoritatively across the room and collapsing into a chair by Justinda’s desk. Justinda was at her desk, mumbling to herself, and cutting out paper dolls with a pair of scissors. She glanced up as Auntie Hellish glared loudly at her and barked, “For goodness sake, Justinda, pull yourself together, this is no time to be playing with your paper dollies.” “I just had this good idea,” said Justinda. “See, this paper dolly is Flusher. See how I’m sticking pins into it? Now look, I’m cutting off its arms and legs, now its head. I feel better already. And this big one is Terry Roundtree. See, I’m cutting his chins off. Now I’m cutting him in half.” She giggled uncontrollably. Auntie Hellish rolled her eyes. “Enough,” she roared. “We have an emergency on our hands, and I need you to stop playing and listen.” She glared at Justinda so fiercely that a few of the paper dolls began smouldering. “We have to act, Justinda. Our plan has received a swift kick where it hurts most. This was not meant to happen. We had the leader of our choice in place, and his deputy Nikki Stray was one of us. Now look what’s happened. The Flusher is the leader, and the rats are scattering in all directions.” “I heard that Kiwiswamp has been disbanded, and the death penalty applies to any who attempt to start it again,” said Justinda. “It’s worse than the death penalty,” said Auntie Hellish with a shudder. “The punishment is for the miscreants to be forced to listen to your cabinet ministers’ answers in question time on an endless loop. This includes yours as well. You can be certain that there will be no attempts to revive Kiwiswamp while Flusher is in charge.” “And Lamey Madams is retiring yet again,” said Justinda. “ Her family must be a bit confused though. She wants to spend more time with them, then she doesn’t, and then she does again. They must be on the edge of their seats waiting to see when the next ‘less time’ is coming up.” “I’ve already had a very grumpy ‘please explain’ from Uncle *Hwmbo George in New York,”growled Hellish, sounding rather like a constipated tiger. [*Editor: He Who Must Be Obeyed.] “He was congratulating Mister Duller at his last Kiwiswamp meeting, on his delivering the election to us, just days ago. Then he heard that the Flusher had become leader very soon afterwards. As you know, he’s grumpy even when he’s happy, and he is definitely very seriously as far from gruntled as it’s possible for an immensely rich, white privileged, racist, traitor to be. Cattle wagons were mentioned a number of times, and also he said he’s seriously thinking of telling Uncle Xi to turn off our cash supply.” “He wouldn’t do that, surely,” said Justinda going very pale. “And surely Uncle Hwmbo isn’t racist?” “He’s white,” said Auntie Hellish pointedly, “and by the definition of the terror groups he himself has created, that means he is racist.” “But you and I are w-w-,” Justinda paused, “a bit off-white,” she finished lamely. “Enough of this digression,” snapped Auntie Hellish, “we need a plan, and we need it fast. I’ve been thinking about this, and…” “So have I,” interrupted Justinda excitedly. “I have a plan. Lockdown! We need another lockdown. Then I can be on TV every day like before, and the Flusher won’t get a mention. And then we can postpone, even cancel, the election. Ohh, it’s such a good idea.” “How do you justify another lockdown?” enquired Hellish, looking rather surprised that Justinda had been thinking. “If you think the public will fall in line again like last time, you might be in for a shock. And don’t count on the Flusher being left out of the picture either.” “But my plan is absoludely brilliant,” cried Justinda. “We let hundreds of people in from Xiflu infested countries for the sentencing of the Tarr… I mean the bad guy, the eco-fasc… ah, fashionista, you know who I mean.” Hellish nodded impatiently “We let some of them escape from quarantine… We just pretend they don’t understand what quarantine means, and let them run around a bit, coughing a lot, then Hwmbo’s your uncle. Wuflu’s spreading again. ‘Ooops sorry people, lockdown’. It’s brilliant Auntie Hellish, say it is, please.” “It seems to me,” said Auntie Hellish thoughtfully, “that this might just be considered by a lot of people to smell of incompetence, don’t you think? This would not be good for your image, and more importantly, the party’s image. However, we don’t have a lot of options at present, so maybe it has some merit.” “No, no,” shouted Justinda, excited now. “The people love me. I saw it on my Farcebook supporters’ page. Everyone loves me. They will do whatever I say.” Auntie Hellish sighed deeply, like the first stirrings of a tropical cyclone. “All right Justinda,” she said, “you can play with the paper dolls again now. Just do as we tell you, keep taking the medications, go to bed early. Goodbye.” With that, she exited, leaving Justinda absorbed with her paper dolls again. By Aspie101
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    Jacinda Ardern

    Judith Has Ardern and Media Running Scared What We Must Prepare For, but Ignore, Is a Largesse of Insults and Viciousness the Likes of Which We Have Never Seen. Judith has immediately got Ardern and the media on the run. Both are now showing their true colours. It is no surprise that they have immediately implemented their anti-Judith, anti-National strategies. What they appear to be unaware of, or are too thick to see, is that they have put themselves on the wrong side of public opinion. As this is probably a deliberate move they will be stupidly unconcerned. Immediately after Judith was elected Jacinda no doubt detected a certain inclement feeling in various parts of her anatomy. Following this she chose to ignore the fact of the leadership change and therefore Judith. You can’t show yourself to be more immature and rude than by doing that. What she is doing is illustrating that she is running scared of Judith. Her dismissive talk suggesting she wasn’t giving much thought to the election or Judith was at best insulting and at worst a porky. The opposite is the truth. To prove this she tried to make COVID the story of the day which was a pathetic attempt to knock Judith off the headlines. We were threatened with a regional or even a national lockdown. We were threatened with compulsory use of the tracing app. This behaviour has all the hallmarks of a woman in a panic, resorting to what she knows best, control and bullying. The methods commonly used by cowards. Question Time is the initial inflicting of misery courtesy of Judith. Then she has some weeks to have nightmares over the Leaders’ Debates. The media are understandably not happy and can’t help themselves when it comes to showing it. What they portray as negatives we supporters see as positives e.g the departure of Kaye and Adams. The hopelessly biased media paint this as the equivalent of the forty day flood and National need to build the Ark. Whereas we see it as the showers disappearing and the sun coming out. Both Jessica Mutch-McKay and Tova O’Brien, while having to report on all the good things Judith is doing, are highlighting anything that might look slightly negative. Whether these two lefties are aware of what idiots they’re making of themselves, who would know. Mutch-McKay is married to Ardern’s chief bodyguard so in my opinion, there’s a conflict of interest right there. The problem the media are having is they’re not getting anywhere, and will not get anywhere, with Judith. They have now met someone who is intelligent, quick on her feet and easily bats their puerile questions away. There’s no one hundred and one facial contortions, just facts laced with humour as required. The media mob are going to get increasingly frustrated and will become increasingly irrational in their reporting. As Judith further increases her aplomb the media pack are going to lose it. The BFD Public sentiment right now, as online polls have shown, is with Judith. If the media carry on as they have started out they will find their strategy will work against them. It won’t occur to them that they will be assisting the increase in Judith’s popularity. If these political journos think they can influence public opinion then they have a highly inflated opinion of themselves. Certainly those on the right pay little attention to their biased verbiage. The conclusion we can draw from the events of this week is that Judith has won all twelve rounds with some good verbal punches thrown in. Ardern got the equivalent of a TKO the moment Judith was elected. In view of what is to come expect to see her pretty much permanently on the ropes if not the floor. As for the media there will be a lot of tails between the legs moments to enjoy. As things get progressively worse for them expect something akin to senility in their reporting. What we must prepare for, but ignore, is a largesse of insults and viciousness the likes of which we have never seen. When the left are backed into a corner this is all they know.
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    Jacinda Ardern

    I know which one is far the stronger. BTW when was Kelvin Davis last seen?
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    The Villan

    My thoughts after seeing the head on was that there had to be a change to placings. Have a look at the race film of the race on NZTR from 2.20- 2.44 section. The Villain came out four times onto Bonjour in the run home. The bump at the 100m mark (start of the red rail) was a decent one with the rider of Bonjour having to stop riding out his horse and remember the margin was only a nose.
  17. From the article Baz. Ryan said the publication had enjoyed a big increase in subscriber numbers before lockdown and he hoped to quickly return to a circulation of at least 4000. RaceForm will soon launch a website on which it will provide a full list of retail outlets. It will cost $7.50.
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    Jacinda Ardern

    https://www.stuff.co.nz/environment/117341290/almost-40-auckland-beached-contaminated-by-human-waste-over-weekend Haven't succeeded there as yet Jack. Talk about kicking a can down the road. Is this the best you can come up with...…..after four days!!!
  19. Good news indeed. Many will welcome it back. I am perplexed re going back to A4 size though also Puha. The book size and style that was being used prior to Covid was excellent.