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  1. Difference is Humidor went to Wallers, Patrick Erin has been there and has returned home!! I suppose he might take him back though!!
  2. Time for the old fella to be retired. I think he has deserved it!!
  3. I don't know how they are going to drive the punter to bet if they don't have any coverage at all. No print media, no on course presenting, I don't see this working at all. Diminished interest from the punters point of view unless you head off shore, which lets face it is most appealing considering the pools, coverage etc...
  4. Racing won't survive by doing all of this cost cutting either. Punting drives racing, so sort that and racing will come back. We don't need bookmakers. Cut the majority of exotic bets and get back to basic bet types. I don't know how but lets get a trans tasman pool going. The HK system works pretty well!!
  5. Punting drives racing. Get that right and things will get better. Kick Dean McKenzie into touch, completely incompetent. Going to miss watching Greg & co cover some of the most important events and he is so right about missing out on the atmosphere. Can't believe it.
  6. We don't need bookmakers. Get back to the basic bet types and do away with most of the exotic bet types. I don't know how but look to have a trans tasman pool. The Hong Kong system works pretty well.
  7. We don't need bookmakers. Just cut the amount of exotic bets and go back to fairly simple bet types. Look to merge with Australia to create a trans tasman pool. The TAB can support racing if done right. The Hong Kong system works pretty well!!
  8. Like all professions, there are good ones and bad ones. You just can't allow them to get all Bloomfield on us!!
  9. I hope they have sacked all of those people who decided to air all of those obscure meetings from 'where the hell is that'. And then to cut to watch some rubbish dirt American race over the 'afters' of a decent race here goes to show they had know idea of racing. I used to really look forward to Saturday racing, now I'd rather garden, and I am not a gardener!!
  10. Yeah I'm going alright though. Its a side hobby and I do love the 'Jennifer Eccles' story of course. But you got to look at the bottom dollar in the end 'I never really have till now' and you start to realise, it ain't as much fun anymore!!
  11. I am thinking of leaving my 'barely mediocre' mares empty this year and just to clear what I have on the ground first. Its just getting too expensive, float, vets etc...and then I will reassess next year. And if stakes drop I shall be retiring my 2 x 3yr olds to the show scene and the other one can go to Oz. The two year old boy can go in to a trainer (possible sales project) and my yearling boy can get broken in and be out to perform this time next year. Hopefully I can get a result (sale) and then the mares might get another go. Interest is waning though.
  12. Seems pretty obvious doesn't it. If they are to stand then it should be made public at least!!
  13. Gavelhouse Is going to have a lot on their books now. With the cancellation of the weanling sale and South Island sale. What will the studs do with all of them or will it just be a big cull? It looks like they are going to cut stakes as well so a rethink of who is worth sending back to the trainer is something I am going to have to consider! Also I doubt my mares are going to any stallions this year. Its getting really quite difficult.
  14. Generally I always ask would you buy what you breed. If your answer is 'No' then best to get out (unless you have tested with a few on the ground and they have proven your eye is rubbish). If it is 'Yes' then keep going and see if you are right. Breeding is the easy part (not financially of course) but I have found people have rose coloured glasses when it comes to the actual reality of what their 'champions' can do. Culling is the hardest part, and even harder when its your own. Good Luck