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  1. Tropical


    I tried the same a few days ago and i do not think the TAB are intending to put up the archives.
  2. Tropical

    Our Second Broodmare

    Not a lot of them around 'Falkirks' that is but i certainly wouldn't be put off by him. How many of your mares progeny have made it to the races?
  3. Tropical

    Miss Norway

    Miss Norway would have lost by a length had she let its head go. 1 win from 22 starts suggests that she is somewhat LIMITED, in both ability and courage!!
  4. Tropical

    La Bella Diosa

    Too the paddock hopefully!!
  5. Tropical

    geoff small

    I question whether he still enjoys it. I can see him cashing up and heading to cheaper hills and maybe just doing a couple for himself. Unfortunate that land is so expensive but there is not a thing that can be done about that.
  6. Tropical

    geoff small

    Why would he want to continue? He has done it all and you have to lose the hunger after a while surely. I hear he is going to do very well in property shortly. Got some subdivision going that will eclipse any horse race he ever won. Good luck to him and his family.
  7. I am not surprised by anything that we humans do to animals. As much as i feel sorry for these poor animals there is absolutely nothing we can do 'bar drive it underground' to help them. Here in NZ (and many wont believe this goes on) foals born with 'defects' will get 'donked' on the head. So as much as i dislike whats happening overseas we need to try to tidy up our own backyard first. Stuff is happening right under our noses but we seem to think this only goes on in third world countries because we are far more 'cultured and educated' than that. Money drives all of this unfortunately.
  8. Tropical

    La Bella Diosa

    They wrecked her in the Coolmore chasing home the field. After winning the Surround they shouldn't have changed their original plans, and they have compounded ever since. No amount of vet checks, blood tests or 'enormous' work gallops tell the true story of how a thoroughbred feels on the day!!
  9. I'd be loving the conditions if i had a horse who i knew handled them and was good enough for the day!!
  10. Tropical

    hong kong

    Don't forget the trainer numbers up there as well. That would mean having to do away with all of our owner trainers and small timers. And those that don't perform have to state their case as to why they should stay.
  11. Tropical

    Summer Passage

    Dreaming if they think they are a hope in Oz as a two year old. Had to win under a hold by 2 lengths at the least. Nice win but stay put.
  12. Tropical

    Breeding Fees

    At the end of the day it is our choice to be involved in this game so we have to cop what comes our way. And of course we all want to breed 'that horse'.
  13. Tropical

    Breeding Fees

    Yes jeepers i agree with you totally. I find the vet fees just knock me for six. I tend to shop on the cheaper side for stallions so haven't been to Waikato Stud. Waiting for them to call me haha Don't have premier mares and just hobby it at this stage. If stakes were higher how much easier would it be. Have raced horses in Aus and at that time i think the Saturday winning stake covered close to 8 months training fees. Our minimum here would have to be close to $45k to cover that. Good Luck with your choices.
  14. Tropical

    Trainers and Tracks

    Uncomfortable because i might know you, and of course DJ had 'opponents to defeat'! I always wanted our horses to beat yours, and my boss always wanted to beat Dave. We shall call it friendly rivalry then! Suits this era perfectly
  15. Tropical

    Rosie Myers

    Thank you Rosie for a superb ride on that cat. Thought you got it and you did. The coffers are full!