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  1. slam dunk

    Royal Ascot

    Was watching the leadup to the next race at Scotsville South Africa. OK it was only a maiden but seems the Trackside manager must have rung the night time TV operator at Trackside and got him to switch to Ascot where the NZ rep was about to run. Most annoying once Scotsville was being shown the coverage should have stayed there. Very disappointing.
  2. slam dunk

    RITA- Board

    yeah great turnout the person speaking, someone taking notes and the stand in speaker. What McAnulty got to do with it?
  3. slam dunk

    How y’all looking now

    In theory great idea. Lets face it traditionally many involved in racing have capitilised on urban spread by selling up and moving further out. Not a bad formula. I have always believed Avondale would do best by moving out in line with population spread. 20 years ago Hobsonville would have been ideal now its the fastest growing area in New Zealand. However from just casual observation Parakai would seem to have suitable land. I believe the owner of the airport there was trying to sell it. Its crazy that given the population between Auckland-Orewa-Helensville there isn't any racecourse. Don't think the Waikato should have a monoploy on horse racing.
  4. slam dunk

    Mrs Cubes gets grumpy with the TAB

    I would query the legalities. I note the consumer watchdogs are coming down hard on retailers that don't honour their gift cards after say a year or two. The fact the TAB has rules those rules may possibly not override the general trading law.
  5. slam dunk

    The Optimist

    I'm rather surprised at Winston Peters appointing stalwarts from the Fay Richwhite winebox saga. Both Vela and Birnie are closely linked to Michael Fay. One has to wonder if that grouping could have their own agenda. Certainly with Vela having a monopoly business in the industry it would appear there is an obvious conflict of interest. The RITA group does seem an odd mixture.
  6. slam dunk

    Race caller rumours

    Easily would rate Matt Cross No.1 in New Zealand. Should really be successor to George Simon but I get the impression powers that be and George keeping the seat warm for Tom Wood.
  7. slam dunk

    National may scrap Super Gold Card

    Basically its optional i.e. another step. Quite frankly I query why the need for photo ID. Perhaps when dealing with thousand dollar deposits but betting on horses for most is intended as a relaxation. At every turn the TAB is making it annoying and a turn off.
  8. I queried why for the new TAB online ID requirements the Super Gold Card was not listed as a form of ID. The response being "The Gold Card is not permanent and may be scrapped by a National Government" Seemingly inside knowledge as the Racing Board is stacked with National activists. I despise any business that after dealing with them for forty years suddenly they ask for extra ID. Thats the worst form of public relations I can think of. "F**K you we couldn't care a hoot if you were dealing with us for 100 years" That's the TAB attitude. The TAB have taken the money laundering laws to another level. i.e.Their own. The act is not as restrictive as the TAB makes out. There is leeway for businesses to use their discretion. Some acknowledgement of loyalty would be appreciated.
  9. slam dunk

    My radical plan to fix NZ racing

    Best way to solve it. Who had the best strike rate the last time both training in the same season i.e 2014 and with roughly same starters?? How about making it ten grand.
  10. " But finding a New Zealander with a deep knowledge of wagering is nigh-on impossible; when the appointment is imminent, they will almost assuredly be seeking an Australian." So what is a "deep knowledgeable wagering expert" supposed to know. Oh yes I know.... how to run one of those seedy UK betting shops exported to Australia via Ladbrokes.
  11. slam dunk

    RIP Lord Arthur

    Was he poleaxed or was it something to do with weary bones after a long campaign? Was there a sign after his dismal previous run something wasn't right? Just questions. If another jockey was responsible then OUT.
  12. Lights Out you bring up an interesting point. i.e. All costs including the annual Paddy power fee must be set against Sports Betting profits and not racing. If need be Racing can dump all US, JAPAN, FRENCH, Korean, South African and UK jumps racing if it means paying an unrealistic fee.
  13. Racing people were told almost 6 months ago there were serious police charges around the corner. Overseas betting accounts were being investigated. Many previous major Darren Weir wins were possibly under threat of disqualification. Owners were given no grace, Their horses were immediately scratched and barred from starting until new trainers found. Compare with Damion Flower his horses many in partnership with influential owners the stewards went out of their way to have them carry on racing. Whats worse the importation of $millions cocaine or having a few jiggers hidden away in the bedroom. It would appear the latter. I note Jarod Maclean hearing set down for June 17. Should be interesting.
  14. slam dunk


    I am a bit interested how these promotions are treated accounting wise. Do they impact on the sports profits, racing profits or overall profits. Speaking of accounting is it reasonable to assume the delay in website corrections has something to do with the accounting period these expenses are charged to?
  15. slam dunk

    Now the sh#t hits the fan

    Worth remembering is that when Sports Betting was first mooted the Lotteries Commission lobbied hard to run it. There is always a chance a government could allow some sports betting with the Lotteries people. TAB was always more interested in cementing sports betting for itself at the expense of racing.