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  1. slam dunk

    Stephen McKee 327K Lighter

    Thats a pathetic posting from you Nerula. I don't think Stephen Mckee would be expecting any sympathy for himself. In fact he pleaded guilty and the judge also thought he was guilty. The simple explanation is that Stephen was hugely negligent. 95% of the time he would have got away with it. Nerula. There is a huge difference going from pony club to galloping untractable thoroughbreds. Hey you must have been a rider sometime could someone find you a horse to gallop at the track. By the way don't forget the helmet not that it will do you much good. I'll arrange the ambulance.
  2. Typescript is javascript. Anyway I believe they use React. It is also javascript.
  3. Lights Out, Fixed odds came in more than 10 years after JetBet was introduced in early eighties. In early 2000's JetBet had a major overhaul costing somewhere $8M. To say the whole system was totally obsolete was a bit misleading as the website had nothing to do with the backend. In fact the world wide web wasn't even thought of when Jetbet came along. The TAB website obviously had a lot of time and expense put into it. The javascript routines processing the customer interface totally separate to the backend. Most of those routines are missing in the OpenBet disaster. Therefore a solution should have been firstly replace the backend. That would hardly have cost more than a couple of million. OpenBet plain and simple is not a parimutuel supplier. Their lack of expertise is clearly shown. So now looks like another $10M has to be spent for tote betting. Confusion, ignorance, egotism, naivety can be plainly summed up John Allen was/is stupid.
  4. slam dunk

    Cox Plate for Consensus....??

    Sounds like its for sale.
  5. slam dunk

    Jockeys managers ???

    NZTR should set up an interactive database for jockeys & trainers that would allow instant bookings. Would help those jockeys without a manager.
  6. slam dunk

    Sky City - Malta - Into Money Laundering

    It's Happened!!,c2875742 Interesting whats behind the review. One should note Sky City sponsorship of the warriors and others. I have always maintained NZ Racing should have stuck to their knitting and not expect windfalls from sports betting. Once Sky City gets into it the TAB sports betting is history as far as return to racing is concerned.
  7. slam dunk

    NZTR board candidates

    Thats a pretty fair summation. I had numerous dealings with Michael Dore. Certainly found him attentive, willing to listen and genuine. However I agree just when one would present him with a super idea expecting him to take it direct to the top it wasn't done. Why I don't know. I wasn't the only one who had to send emails more than once before a reply came back. Nevertheless his knowledge of TAB operations and customers built up over such a long time would far exceed others in the outfit. Certainly of great value.
  8. slam dunk

    TAB Final Field Option Numbers

    AS well as the CEO, its the bunch of yes men, the IT pros that know nothing about wagering and the wagering guys that know nothing about IT responsible for the introduction. Add to that the financial wizards that know nothing about the value of money.
  9. slam dunk

    Anyone remember 'Styx' ?

    I remember Jay Ribbon racing at Riccarton. At the time the press made a big deal of the connection of Jay Ribbon and Ray Ribbon. Both I believe similarly bred under ownership of C Pateman and the connection to Blenheim rings a bell. Ray Ribbon raced in the vintage era against Rising Fast and Redcraze. I think Ray Ribbon tore off some major cup race. Could have been Cox Plate.
  10. slam dunk


    NZ is far better served for racing information than other places. One has to laugh at UK presentation on TV excluding the Ascot, and similar carnivals. The presenter just reads off the RacingPost site and the only information for maiden races they are able to offer is the trainers stats at the track or over recent months. Oh and they love telling you about the cheek pieces. Maybe thats the only important factor they deem valuable. There is no future for racing with bookies, Odds setters yes but the Paddy Powers, William Hills etc are a negative for racing.
  11. slam dunk

    NZTR board candidates

    What!!! Up the elevator at Petone? Where I see that being practical is finding a future event likely to be well sponsored then select a track and go from there with the club using resources such the Christmas at the races team and marketing. e.g. April next year the amalgamation of 20 Polytechs is mooted. Therefore a racemeeting featuring education providors, suppliers etc.
  12. slam dunk

    Sky City - Malta - Into Money Laundering

    Sports betting in USA casinos is about to explode. Places like Alexandra Park, Ellerslie, Addington should take note before Sky City get approval. NB. "Most of the casinos are partnering with outside companies that have experience in online betting. Runde says they also don’t expect a big bottom line impact. “That’s the word from our company whose done sports betting for a long time in Las Vegas. Not a lot of profit, but what we all know is there’s mass appeal, mass interest,” Runde says. “And for traditional casino operators it’s exciting because this opportunity lends new visitors. It isn’t necessarily that guest that we see every day — this is a new demographic.” She says they will use the sports gambling to try and get people into the sports book, the restaurants and the casino. “When there’s an event that we can plan around, we will be holding parties in those spaces,” Runde says."
  13. slam dunk


    Why ? Building up a registration list on a website doesn't necessarily translate to connecting with younger people. However if that list is used to really benefit racing then yes. So far given the number of registrations, proportionally the flow on effect has yet to be seen.
  14. slam dunk

    Take your pick from these three for NZTR

    You really must start rounding down. Make that a fifth.
  15. slam dunk

    Sky City - Malta - Into Money Laundering

    Sky City is basically already offering sports betting through a GIG (Gaming Innovation Group) company. Sky City can put up a flashy front page featuring NZ Sport. Therefore can knock NZTAB out of the water with its marketing database of NZ high rollers offering inhouse entertainment 24 hours per day and also offer various promotional packages. Great for GIG, great for Sky City. Depending how grand Sky City want to make their website I doubt the exercise would cost more than $1M because GIG would gain as well. This would be basic knowledge to anyone in the gambling industry. Therefore given the risk why did Hughes/Allen risk $50M. Regardless of any racing or wagering knowledge this was a huge blunder any average businessman would never have made. Just baffles belief.