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  1. Something very odd going on here. Any commercial enterprise first criteria for board membership is industry experience, This application downgrades industry knowledge or experience to "desirable". Could someone disclose James Dunne's industry credentials. Being son of an MP member of the Wellington swamp hardly encouraging. Lets hope the "creative" thinking criteria extends to shifting NZTR to Auckland.
  2. George Simon doing the dogs is the most stupid choice and waste I have recently seen with Nz racing. George Simon should be employed full time promoting Gallops and not managed by the TAB. He relates to all walks of life therefore excellent for visiting locations promoting ownership and racing involvement.
  3. OK if NZ TAB offers all these options they don't need to give equal time to them. For example if a NZ gallops race is going through the pre race routine TV need only show the last few metres of a Mt Gambier dog race then revert immediately to the pre race. It would seem the TV people are unaware that punters also make their selections during the pre race. There is no point recording the preliminaries and showing them with the horses already in the starting gates.
  4. It boils down to the current wagering model is unsustainable. You have got bookies working feverishly with much better resources to beat the punter paying millions outside of New Zealand to assist. Unless one is privy to excellent inside info there is just no way long term one can beat the bookies. Hong Kong are a bit smarter they realize its a waste lining the pockets of bookies.
  5. If someone took a video it will probably find its way onto YouTube. I note recent Cambridge jumpouts are on YouTube however we need an online facility where the stables can feed the names of the horses competing.
  6. TAB size is 400 employees and $450M revenue. The Salvation Army has 3000 employees although some spread around the Pacific Islands. Nevertheless its high time people realized that the TAB is on;y a medium sized company in NZ and would rank small to medium in USA. Could we inquire how much Salvation Army CEO is paid and divide it by an eighth.
  7. So how much is the CEO going to be paid? And who decides? No point being wise after the appointment. Given the economic situation something like $200.000 PA appropriate. From there all the other salaries can be scaled back. If the current board don't think its high enough there is nothing stopping bonuses being paid for actual performance.
  8. yes thats real "smart" Govt bails out the industry overseas parasites move in !!!
  9. At least the employment agency is now saying the size of TAB is that they take $2 billion in bets rather than sales or revenue of $2 billion. Even so $2 billion is a fraction of the bets a casino takes when you consider every play at the blackjack table is a bet.
  10. On the other hand Te akau's No Limit somewhat disappointing considering the $1.4M price tag. Strange sort of purchase presumably as stallion prospect. Looks rather classy but not much scope and difficult to see it developing. Maybe real firm tracks its best hope.
  11. Below is a quote from Lyndsay Smith. TAKE NOTE. The value and importance of TV people showing the pre race parade and prelim of races. Its all about presenting the best experience of horse racing. Just showing backsides doing prelims is amateurish, Busting into parades with greyhound race just stupid. Lyndsay Smith.. “He (Waller) pulled my pants down, it’s fine, he outplayed me” Smith told Racenet. “He trained it better than I did, as simple as that, and I take my hat off to him. “I only saw the horse on TV and I must admit before the race I got a bit nervous because in my time I had never seen him look that good. “In my time of looking at Humidor, he is pretty unattractive but he looked pretty good in that mounting yard. “He looked better halfway up the straight. “I was thinking where did that egg come from, because it’s landed straight on my face.”
  12. Race 4 Crispin ticks a few boxes. Nice weight, ideal track conds, home track has won 2 in a row before.
  13. That is the same puerile response I got back in about 2008 when I pointed out on Racecafe the insane salaries becoming common with the TAB. At that time it wasn't fashionable to query salaries hence the response. I think the standard line was "pay peanuts you get monkeys". Interesting that many holding their hands out to the government for subsidies(handouts) have had a capital gain in excess of $200,000 just this past year.
  14. Oh how altruistic from the vindictive prick. There are people who devote their whole lives to these causes with little reward. Instead of knocking the Green Party or doing everything to discredit the Governments Covid19 response perhaps donate to the Greens or get behind the efforts at stopping the spread. Even the efforts to make people aware of Climate Change disaster looming is met with derision. Hypocritical in the extreme.
  15. So ... big deal. Steps for Life is a local charity i.e (tax deductible) set up to educate fat kids so questions who is getting the cash. I take it all the hundreds of jockeys who have risked their lives for Vela and Waller are suitably taken care of. What about the currently disabled? Even when Tony Williams was alive I thought the Racing Industry could have been doing more. Nice publicity stunt though Leo.