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  1. Randwick Race 2 4/12 Randwick Race 3 3/4 Riccarton Race 5 2/3 Te Aroha Race 5 7/8 Randwick race 4 1/2 Riccarton Race 6 2/4 Te Aroha Race 6 6/9 Randwick Race 5 6/10 Riccarton Race 7 8/9 Te Aroha Race 7 2/4 Randwick Race 6 1/8 Randwick Race 7 1/3 Randwick Race 8 1/2 Randwick race 9 4/19
  2. The advantages of 5G are still some time away. Obviously then there will be a plethora of possibilities. Smart broadcasters are gradually planning for it. TAB on the other hand destroys all the goodwill and leaves a sports organization to carry on into the 5G era. Someone tell me if thats good for racing.
  3. No it isn't. Many situations its preferable to listen to live radio then later replay the vision off a website. Lets say you are on the golf course or driving a car. What do you stop the car or tell the other golfers go find my ball I am watching the races. How do you snare advertisers and sponsors? Many still relate to the radio. If say Des Coppins was doing a live interview then no big deal putting the interview on podcast as well.
  4. Could have something to do with directors thinking every Aucklander is off to their beach cottage on the Coromandel.
  5. Races Feilding and Wairarapa both on Saturday and Monday. I remember carting my horse from Taranaki bypassing Fielding and onto Tauherenikau. Could have been the draw or ballotted out at Feilding but good decision we won at 40:1.
  6. Rosehill Race 1: 2/3 Manawatu Race 6: 7/10 Rosehill Race 2: 1/3 Manawatu Race 7: 11/12 Rosehill Race 3: 1/9 Riverton Race 8: 4/10 Manawatu Race 8: 2/3 Rosehill Race 4: 1/5 Manawatu Race 9: 4/8 Rosehill Race 5: 6/9 Rosehill Race 6: 1/3 Rosehill Race 7: 1/11 Rosehill Race 8: 4/5
  7. Congrats to all punters me included who bet on 140% markets you have made one bookmaker CEO NZ$2.5 billion richer over the last 4 years. How hypocritical TAB NZ telling us not to bet with overseas bookies yet go into partnership with Paddy Power and the likes of Openbet. The bookmaker model is not needed by racing. Hong Kong do alright without them however neither is the tote the best system either. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2021/mar/31/bet365-boss-denise-coates-pay-may-exceed-1bn-in-four-years
  8. Rosehill Race 1 6 -11 Riccarton Race 6 5 - 6 Rosehill Race 2 10 -13 Tauranga Race 6 5 -10 Riccarton Race 7 2 - 4 Rosehill Race 3 5 - 7 Riccarton Race 8 2 - 3 Rosehill Race 4 6 - 7 Rosehill Race 5 3 -11 Rosehill Race 6 2 - 3 Rosehill Race 7 2 - 6 Rosehill Race 8 3 - 11 Rosehill Race 9 5 - 6
  9. What a load of rubbish the article. Melody Belle is worth far more than Sunlight. They will be crazy to sell under $4M. Still couple of mill possible just by racing.
  10. Trentham R1— 4- 5 R2— 1- 7 R4— 1- 3 R5– 1- 3 R6— 1- 8 R7– 6- 7 R8– 1- 2
  11. So you are saying TAB should never have consulted with NZTR. If so explains why racing is on a downward spiral. With better management Trackside radio could have been a standalone profit enterprise. Check the Racing Act for duty of care by the TAB. Everything to do with NZTR.
  12. Just additional query. This NZ venture by SEN logically should have been an extension of SENtrack. But oh that sounds too much like racing so what role did TAB play in ensuring it didn't have the racing connotation by stipulating the name SENZ.
  13. Racing and radio have had a long history. When TAB invested in Radio Pacific it turned out racings biggest ever payday i.e. over $20 million profit when the shares were sold. It was racing that enabled the 30 or so frequencies to be obtained to form Trackside Radio. With the changing platforms it meant Radio Trackside needed to change but seemed to be stuck without innovation. Bringing in sport and private enterprise could well have been a winning formula. A win situation as with Radio Pacific wouldn't therefore be silly idea. However we have racing's big asset being sold off to ben
  14. Exotic pools are small enough already. Getting bookies involved will only make them smaller meaning the punters still left will terminate their participation.
  15. No way he would have escaped with such a minimal sentence if John Tannahill (Rumpole) was still with us and on the job. Lets hope NZTR appeals. One has to wonder at the standard of legal representation many lawyers offer their clients in court. The cost to racing is huge. Extra security will now be needed to avoid copy cats. What about the jockeys? If jockey safety is not worth even one dollar potential jockeys will be put off if their lives don't matter.