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  1. Rules of Racing can't surplant the Bill of Rights. Just like a tenancy contract can't over ride the Tenancy Act. There is no point arguing about safety zones, racing rules etc before clearing the arguments presented for BORA. The judicial process in this case has not done that.
  2. Its fairly obvious Mr Taylor was targeted because in the eyes of the RIU he was "fortunate" to escape with a negative previously. In other words the RIU never really accepted the negative. Offcourse if someone feels they are being unfairly targeted they will react and from there ego and hot heads from both sides spill over. That's why there are rules and procedures that BOTH sides no just one side have to follow.
  3. Notice Semprini winning recently at Te Aroha. Same location the old Semprini trained by D. Arnott. Was Tauparae by Pakistan?
  4. Taylor made a clear case he was being unfairly victimized. Its irrelevant what type of safety zone he was working in. Clear case of miscarriage of justice.
  5. Derek Handley has resigned from the Sky board. Do you think RITA should invite him to join as chairman i.e your successor or the very least as a director?
  6. If clubs are commercially minded they could look at staging at each meeting a ready to race trial with 10% commission. Say an average of $50,000 sales eventuate thats $5000 income and every cent counts running a racemeeting. There seems increased popularity in online sales so bearing that in mind clubs might as well cash in. An agreement with Trackside will need to be made with possible international viewing. All in all very attractive for sellers.
  7. Yes that seems the case. Looking at the NSW racing calendar for January there are about 35 racemeetings where trials are staged in conjunction. Many times with only one or two trial heats and at out of town meetings. January is the time for getting people on track so giving some extra entertainment between races would seem a no brainer.
  8. I see a trial meeting programmed at Cambridge for Jan 5 This in the middle of the season where horse numbers are worth gold, where holiday makers are craving for entertainment so trials could be staged at racemeetings.. Its obvious several meetings around the country have been canned yet trials are deemed far more necessary. It just doesn't make any sense.
  9. 1st 4 The Good Fight 2nd 3 Hurry Cane 3rd 16 Dragon Storm
  10. Tauranga Race 7: 3,5,6,8 Riccarton Race 8: 3,9,10,14 Riccarton Race 10: 4,5,7,16 Newcastle Race 6: 1,2,3,9 Sandown Race 3: 2,3,6,7 Sandown Race 5: 1,2,3,6 Sandown Race 6: 1,2,4,8 Sandown Race 8: 1,3,4,5 Sandown Race 9: 1,5,10,12 Sandown Race 10: 4,5,15,16
  11. Riccarton R7: 1,2,3,15 Riccarton R9: 2,3,4,6 Riccarton R11: 3,7,8,13
  12. Riccarton Race 8: 1,2,7,10 Rosehill Race 7: 1,3,10,12 Flemington Race 3: 3,4,5,6 Flemington Race 5: 2,3,4,8 Flemington Race 6: 2,3,5,8 Flemington Race 7: 3,7,8,13 Flemington Race 8: 2,3,5,8
  13. Perhaps if its on the list of your priorities you might give us an update on the missing French young worker from your estab. Many young workers prone to suicide stemming from abuse at the workplace so some hard questions need to be asked. That doesn't mean the questioner needs an avalanche of abuse.
  14. Someone has to produce the reports. How much do the reporters get paid? Does NZTR pay them? If so then something like 3 hours required with travel to and from the track. Expertise required i.e. knowledge of trainers, riders and horses. Therefore $50/per hour not unreasonable. The reports themselves at the moment leave much to be desired. There seems little general observation of a horses condition or breaking news from the track. Not many times the first starter is given an honest assessment. Clearly something needs to be done by the millionaire managers in Wellington to create