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  1. slam dunk

    RACEFORM publication

    Any idea what price its going to be?
  2. slam dunk

    Tough times at Karaka

    Looking at the crystal ball it tells me equine air travel could be hit hard with carbon tax by various governments. Could be significant for racing.
  3. slam dunk

    Waverley Cup FF

    There is no way Overtheriver weight differential can be justified. When the majority of the field already is weighted below the average everyday race it is very unfair to allow claims as only a few would be able to get that claim. More chance that a totally inexperienced jockey could be put on an unsuitable horse. Makes no sense when the race is supposed to have the biggest betting interest. Overtheriver as expected tailed the field home. It just baffles believe how stupid the handicapping can be.
  4. slam dunk

    Waverley Cup FF

    A total debacle and disgrace for racing management. This Waverley Cup was a good old fashioned Handicap the type that used to draw in huge betting. Excellent field carded. So I went to TAB to watch the event. The TAB audio/TV channel instead of showing the cup pre race spent all the time building up to a low level 6 horse field in the dust bowl at Dubbo. Only when Dubbo was finished was there any effort to show Waverley, Then soon as they crossed the line off to the dogs somewhere on the moon. However the handicapping of the race was farcical. Overtheriver a 9yo has never won a race worth more than $25,000 to the winner. Yet was weighted 7kg more than horses like Jacksstar that have won multiple $100,000 races. Previously Overthriver was weighted 4kg more than Kawherau and also look how crazy Kawherau's weighting was in the NZ Cup. There is something seriously disfunctional both with TAB, Trackside and NZTR handicapping.
  5. slam dunk

    Is he a worthy Minister For Racing ?

    Back in 2003 on Racecafe there was quite a bit of discussion about the impending invasion of Iraq by the US. Those believing or wanting to believe the weapons of mass destruction fairy tale was about 80%. Only a small minority here could see into the future and figure the disastrous consequences. Therefore when it comes to political reasoning I wouldn't place racing people at the forefront of political wisdom.
  6. slam dunk

    Is he a worthy Minister For Racing ?

    So who might that be? WP didn't leak his own information so it can't be him. Worth noting that at the time those disseminating or leaking the information would have assumed the public would deduct that WP actions were fraud. Most voters could see through this and not assume WP was dishonest however the inititial divulging by the MSD chief clearly had the purpose of placing Winston Peters in a bad light, There is no other conclusion. Its not the final media leaker thats at fault but the MSD chief.
  7. slam dunk

    Is he a worthy Minister For Racing ?

    The excuses the public service are giving for releasing a name looks very lame indeed. If they thought MP's needed to know then the way would have been via a report listing the total number of over payments and under payments with a summary of the actions taken. The MP's are there to examine the laws and change them if need be. There was absolutely no reason to divulge Winston Peters name.
  8. slam dunk

    Is he a worthy Minister For Racing ?

    The superanuation form spells out in black and white that the section concerning a partner can be left blank. In that case further consultation would be needed. Clearly Winston Peters did not have any dishonest intent leaving it blank. However Peters or the staff should have got back as a follow up. Leaving the section blank does not mean there is no partner. The serious matter is feeding the information to politicians whose staff in turn can leak the information. The fact the outstanding amount was paid back meant there was no outstanding matter requiring disclosure. Clearly the disclosure was an intent to damage the political aspirations of Peters. It all boils down to intent. Peters did not have any dishonest intent. However several others did have a nefarious intent.
  9. slam dunk


    Agree. However the other extreme is Bevan Sweeney. His questions are just answers and trainers are too polite to disagree. TV viewers want information FROM trainers and not just "Yes Bevan".
  10. slam dunk

    Is he a worthy Minister For Racing ?

    As I said the same thing happened to me except in reverse. So can verify its quite easy to make a mistake. I really would like to assist and perhaps offer my testimony to help Peters. Don't suppose you would know his lawyer to get in touch with?
  11. slam dunk

    Is he a worthy Minister For Racing ?

    Racing people hitting on Winston Peters is bit like scoring an own goal. Fraud has to be accompanied by intent. Ticking or not ticking by oversight is not fraud. In fact I had the same thing happen to me except in reverse. Ended up with a healthy four figure payout. Labelling someone as a fraudster without the facts or knowledge is dangerous. At least Winston had a winebox of evidence when he took on Fay Richwhite beacons in the National Party.
  12. slam dunk

    @#$#&en crap TAB website can....

    According to Michael Dore he wasn't consulted on the design and features(lack of) of the website. I find that extraordinary. Michael Dore had over 30 years dealing with customer issues including any problems surfacing re the previous website. Just what kind of management is that??? Its like designing a website for police without consulting frontline officers. Listen to John Allen in this video. gets me is given the almost universal negativity about the website why no official inquiry. What brought about the maniacal support by John Allen? Why hasn't Dean Mackenzie roundly condemned John Allen?
  13. slam dunk


    The race has big prize money down to 10th. Therefore a simple comp. Pick the winner and 4 horses to run top ten. If not won then winner and 3 horses etc. Or have 2 horses to win and 4 top ten.
  14. slam dunk

    This is grim reading

    Exactly. The current takeout is unsustainable. Having a racing/gambling dunce in charge like John Allen just multiplied the problem. His idea was that the automated fixed odds was going to take more out of the already participating punter. Strange how the TAB is reporting the sports betting margin is way down since the new system came in. Its all about churn i.e. punter reinvesting. I defy any punter to make a profit long term when the market operates at about 135%. OK just before the off it may reduce down but the damage is done. SOLUTION. Bookmakers must be eliminated. There is a new form of betting far superior to tote/bookie and exchange. i.e. a 4th type and its not blockchain. Thats where the future lies.