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  1. Too right.Totally deserved.And he was so chuffed it was good to see. And I backed it .Small
  2. R1-4 The Lost Boys R2-3 Festivity R3-8 Ever So Clever R4- 1 Montre Moi R5-3 Gold Watch R6-9 Levante R7-1 Amarelinha R8-9 Melody Belle R9-6 Rapid Falls. Thanks all concerned.
  3. Nicely put young Gaz.Too true. Hope you and yours are having a great 2021 I'm watching the Karaka sales.Did I see you there?
  4. Yes they were.By the assistant ref.
  5. Onya Gaz.A spade is a spade.A few people on here not keen on folk who disagree with them.Now that is never going to work. Folk aren't going to agree all the time.Tho they nearly did with Labour. Having a blue by text is a no winner.You can never judge the sentiment included in the argument.Then it escalates from there.Anyway not normally the end of the world. Merry Xmas to you and family and a great 2021 for you.I may be Auck way sometime. And hoping you snare plenty of winners at good odds.
  6. Merry Xmas Scoob and full steam ahead into 2021.
  7. Good man. I should have taken the Tip . Super patient rude.
  8. So am I to believe that Trump will remain the President of the great usa
  9. Forwards were massive Tassie. Laulala certainly made a difference. Some of their players weren’t their best but you can only play what’s against you. We seemed to ignore their little niggling tackles well too. Akira Ioane has matured a lot and could be the solution at six. He has certainly got the size. Dunno about his bro. The backs seemed disconnected. Kicks to no one kicks to grandstand etc. Perhaps it was part of the master plan to tire them out for the last 2o mins. Well it worked. Yeh great to see Tasman beat the Auks
  10. You know your rugby alright . No second chances from you but I’ll take the 38 point win.
  11. There is no end end to these people Ohaka. They can’t take a good flogging and just lie down. Probably nice people face to face but on here sore losers looking to blame someone left RIGHT and centre.
  12. Ha ha nice one UH. Great manoeuvre by the Princess to repay the Tories who voted labour to keep the greens out by invited them back in . Very slippery
  13. Congrats Pega. Thanks to Scoob and great work Ponda
  14. 1st. 3 Hurry Cane. 2nd. 7 Robusto 3rd. 16 Dragon Storm Thank you Sir.
  15. Tauranga Race 7: 3-6-8-9 Riccarton Race 8: 1-9-10-13 Riccarton Race 10: 3-4-7-16 Newcastle Race 6: 1-2-6-9 Sandown Race 3: 1-2-3-5 Sandown Race 5: 1-2-3-6 Sandown Race 6 1-2-8-9 Sandown Race 8: 1-3-4-7 Sandown Race 9: 1-2-10-12 Sandown Race 10: 4-5-7-15 thanks all concerned with this comp esp Scoob and Ponda.It's been great. Good punting all.
  16. Riccarton r7 / 1-3-11-15 Riccarton r9 / 1-2-6-12 Riccarton r11 / 2-3-6-8 thanks all
  17. That’s what you get if you field your B team. Ozi aren’t that bad. Play our rookies against the Argies
  18. Yeh can’t bet on NSW TAB. Must be trying to hook the system up to a car battery
  19. Riccarton 8. 1-2-3-5 Rosehill 7 . 1-3-5-10 Flemington. 3 . 4-5-6-7 5. 1-2-3-5 6. 1-2-3-6 7. 2-5-10-13 8. 2-5-8-9 thanks .org and sponsor. Good punting
  20. Yes I couldn't log on. I sent picks by messenger.Hope they got them. the remaining race picks are. Race 8. 1-5-6-7 Race 9. 4-6-13-14. Race2 were 1-5-6-9 Cheers
  21. Yeh no room down on the rails for both.
  22. Yes a tough watch. Perfect draw waited too long expecting leader to stop. Good lesson for her. Been riding well
  23. Poor ride on Prince of Arren. Had vested interest and couch jockey. Should get lessons from Michelle