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  1. Memphis2

    The Kosciusko

    Thanks.I'm in Sydney and already have an account.Coming back to NZ next week so wondering if I can use it while in isolation.
  2. Memphis2

    The Kosciusko

    Can you bet on the NSWTAB from within NZ. Thanks.
  3. Memphis2


    Prob administered it something to calm it down after an horrific float trip to the races on the Gold Coast.Police escort etc.
  4. Memphis2

    Rosehill assault.

    I was going to make an assault on Rosehill today with a racecafe colleague but it has been deferred. But I still have greenies. What would be my best punting investment with this today.
  5. Superb ride indeed.Dropped onto the rail pretty quickly. He is riding real well.
  6. Memphis2

    Rosehill assault.

    I laid Jennifer Eccles
  7. Memphis2

    Rosehill assault.

    Yep this time in she has been more consistent has Pohutakawa.So I/m a fan of her. Giving some thought to White Boots and Time Is Precious early on. Plenty of good betting races everywhere.
  8. Memphis2

    At What Point

    Just letting us know he has owned a high % of some horses in his racing career. Bully for him.
  9. Good punting. Roughie I'm interested in Trope.
  10. Memphis2

    Probabeel Fantastic!

    Real deal Baz ( nz)
  11. Memphis2

    AUSTRALIAN Guineas

    Palmerbet has a Kiwi Kickstart ,Catalyst and Te Akau Shark for @$10.
  12. Memphis2

    Has T. Lee had a stroke??....

    Yeh I think mud was an issue. How good was Bertie's Saturday morning preview show with Jack Ayling and Bill Conlon?Laugh a minute.
  13. Memphis2

    Has T. Lee had a stroke??....

    I was there that day so didn't hear the call.I think Think Big won the race.I have seen the replay a few times and poor old Bertie was really lost .Horse obviously in or near the lead and just not calling it.Needed someone to prompt him. On another occasion was it Johnny Tapp or Geoff Mahoney calling the wrong horse at Randwick when the said horse was actually running in Melbourne.Group race too.Could have been Plush.
  14. Memphis2

    AUSTRALIAN Guineas

    Couldn't agree more CT.Catalyst all the way. Unless Van Dyke is one of the great poker players.It's building as one of the great races. Not sure what old mate Trumpster is going for.He seems to have 5-6 he likes.I'm picking the Alligator is the pea for him. Good punting all at the weekend especially our mate Pogo a gogo.
  15. Memphis2

    C. S. Hayes Stakes........

    Great race.Nest clash will be a monty
  16. Memphis2

    Climate Change Racemeeting.

    Or we could have a head in the sand compComp
  17. Memphis2

    BGP ....sure is a BGP !

    He was that good Baz
  18. Memphis2

    BGP ....sure is a BGP !

    Phar Lap
  19. Memphis2


    Lot 521 Its a gun
  20. Memphis2

    TAB favourites

    Try They have a blackbook.You can enter Kiwi horses. See if it works for you.
  21. Memphis2

    Ross Taylor

    Well done Roscoe. I'm sure he'll be spewing some experts on here don't rate him. He speaks highly of them tho
  22. Memphis2


    Race 4 at Gunnedah has a horse in it called Cabriere. Anyone remember this horse? Taranaki I think. Middle distance specialist. Open handicapper. Race 5 competitor when r5 was the open distance race. R7 was the open sprint. All over the shop nowadays. Go Cabriere at Gunnedah. Paying $26 FO
  23. Memphis2


    Sky channel host called it Cabbrero and Cabbrere . Commentator nailed it tho. 5 th
  24. Memphis2


    Thanks Gubellini. 145 starts is massive. What a warrior I would have seen him at the Whanganui Races
  25. Memphis2


    All the best to you Gary. Hope you have a great 2020