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  1. Oops, wrong place!! I thought this was a horse racing site...................
  2. Use punters.com.au. You can "Black Book" horses, Trainers and/or Jockeys and it is bullet proof. You get an email each day but if you look online you can see a couple of days in advance. You can put a comment with each black booker so you can remember why you put it there. The NZ TAB system is ....
  3. Ok thanks, appreciated/
  4. Does anyone know what has happened to Luke Nolan? He just seems to have disappeared, and I cannot see that he is suspended.
  5. www.punters.com.au works a treat. Sign up, click on "Black Book", add however many horses you want, plus a message to remind you why you have it in your Black Book & they email you when horse is an acceptor. Works fine with NZ horses as well as Aust horses.
  6. ok, thanks.... will keep a look out
  7. Hi. Does anyone know what Kate Cowan is up to these days? I know she went to South Australia in the middle of last year. I was introduced to her at Blenheim a few years ago & when we shook hands she sure had a 'firm' handshake!!
  8. Great win and all credit to the owners for taking the horse over there and having a go. Bit of a lucky win in a way. I thought the driver almost blew the race by pulling back and out in the straight, rather than waiting for the passing lane. It would have won by a length otherwise.
  9. The Myers stable has been unusually quiet the last 6 weeks or so. I hope everything is ok.
  10. I cannot agree the new site is better than the old one. For example, I cannot see on the new site where I can look at.. - Quinella prices - Previous trainers of a starter - The owners names ( Useful if a Trainer owns all or a large chunk ) - The stakes won by a horse - without going away from the race listing/tote prices to the PDF section The stats on various track conditions (fast, good etc) often do not add up to the horse's total starts The only plus I can see is the win movers tab is specific to a race, rather than just the next race to go
  11. Akcam


    Wow. A $47 winner...……...how did I do that??? Great record keeping Gubellini, and thanks again for being such a help. I will not lose the info again.!! Ever!!
  12. Akcam


    Got It !!! haha Thank you so much Ellamite/Hush-a-Bay $351.25 I think Hush-a Bay was the visitor. Happy days.....
  13. Akcam


    Best I can recall, maybe summer, as I biked over to the course, but cannot be sure One of the first two was a first starter, and from Auckland/Waikato etc ie not Central Districts.
  14. Akcam


    Also, apologies for delay in replying....have been busy at work