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MW: It looks inevitable that James McDonald will make a permanent move to Hong Kong in the very near future. He's only 31, has a young family, he can make $4 million-$5 million a year, and work less than he does in Australia. J-Mac isn't the type who'll be content punching home winner after winner for Chris Waller in Sydney for the next decade. Like all great sportspeople, he wants to challenge himself against the best, and the timing is right for a permanent move. There will be plenty of Sydney-based jockeys cheering when it happens.

BD: The clearest sign J-Mac is permanently Hong Kong bound are comments by HKJC chief executive Winfried Engelbrecht-Bresges this week. "The good thing is he (J-Mac) feels really at home here. For me, it's only a matter of time," the HKJC boss told the South China Morning Post. You can bet $1.01 that Winfried wouldn't have said that if he didn't have a very good idea it was a sure thing. When J-Mac does set up shop in Honkers, his dancing will be another asset to the Asian racing scene. Did you see him at the Taylor Swift concert? Move over, Fred Astaire.

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