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  1. pogo(aus)


    thanks for the feedback jeepers
  2. pogo(aus)

    C. S. Hayes Stakes........

    Goodness gracious me !, DANDY ANDY !!!!!!!!!
  3. pogo(aus)


    Any reports positive or otherwise on his progeny ?
  4. pogo(aus)

    C. S. Hayes Stakes........

    Nature strip flew ....
  5. pogo(aus)

    Unique Treble For Jason Waddell

    Funniest post ever imagine if we sent a top grader over.... second or third raters can sit three wide in your big sprint and still run second.
  6. pogo(aus)

    Unique Treble For Jason Waddell

    Wonder boy was three wide the trip but no mention? waddell riding well , credit where it’s due .
  7. pogo(aus)

    Merry Christmas To All

    Baaaa humbug... just kidding happy xmas kiwis.
  8. Zelda says racing in grave danger if these peoples get their way, n0? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMkDvU3Pm5k 1 or two or maybe all of them flew over the cuckoos nest.........IMHO
  9. pogo(aus)

    Australian stewards are dodgy

    do all you blokes think the whip is an accelerator ? dettori cost il paradiso a massive chance of winning , thank God http://www.sportsnewsfirst.com.au/vow-and-declare-to-target-2019-melbourne-cup/ 200/1 when tab put up their first markets.... good work Frankie
  10. pogo(aus)

    Per Incanto & Zacinto

    a few nice per incanto progeny in the upcoming RTR sales
  11. pogo(aus)


    How Now (nz) brown cow.... memories of that great ride in a Caulfield cup, n0? ive been willowed before but now you are a dead set legend Craig . i told you sheep shearers the Everest was better than the Cup. Irrespective of the punt that was a great race, n0 ?
  12. pogo(aus)

    Meech replaced on Derby Fave

    more class ?? that's debatable given her comment "i hope that it gets beat " particularly given the amount of opportunity provided to her by brae sokolski, ciaron maher and david eustace. if anyone thinks meech is a better jockey than zahra they've got rocks in their head.
  13. pogo(aus)

    ABs Awesome

    Big fush small pool
  14. pogo(aus)

    Ride Like A Girl

    Unless they get replaced . oink oink what a pain....