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  1. when its wet double your bet
  2. one to savour indeed memphis briiliant result.
  3. it$ a beautiful day once a warrior LOL
  4. zelda and boris reckon there are a few montys at the olympics and have been busy unearthing kero tins from the back yard to lump on. one bet in partciular Zelda has identified involves an athlete Z reckons has the opposition by the balls , but wont release it just yet, obviously Z wants top odds and i can understand that, a tea ladies wage isnt substantial even an elite one like Z. i reckon its Arieanne Titmus but Boris reckons its not an aussie. as Z says, stay pasted..... i'll release it as soon as i get the green light.
  5. lol uncivilised in the extreme
  6. lmao maybe you could bring The Hotz (nz) out of retirement if youre worried about the field sizes in jumps races.
  7. lots of trainers that trained winners have visited NZ though , just double check how many times , lots of them apparently eat chinese gooseberries too . c waller a NZ trainer.........LMFAO.
  8. nadal following frederers example ? Gallen i had him ahead 6 rounds to 3 before a lucky knockdown and a qld ref premature stoppage great week, theyre all good mate.
  9. no, no , dont try that rubbish i've never been off track. it's you who took a different fork in the road to suit your purpose. SCS and pollyanna syndrome , it seems there is no cure .
  10. agreed , what a sporting nation indeed, talk about punching above your weight , the rise of the kiwis in cricket particularly has been similar to sri lanka, imagine in the 60s thinking Ceylon would win a world cup. NRL, theres one team nearly full of kiwis ..... as Jesus said to the Pharisees , let thou who is without sin cast the first stone.
  11. what a crock.. are u just another SCS riddled dill ? wake up to yourself.
  12. Actually I prefer McDonald's...surely the GOAT .. in my humble opinion you would have to be a goat to eat it ....... give me a pickle and salad sandwich . any day. https://uk.blastingnews.com/food-and-wine/2016/08/here-is-why-eating-at-mcdonald-s-is-bad-for-health-001083227.html
  13. dont bother arguing with him chevy when it was obvious Federer wasnt the gretaest ever, there were many in the debate, he jumped ship. he's a federer fanboy one minute, djokovic the next he lauds federers character and dismsses djokovics. funniest poster ever. did someone say KFC
  14. when your enemy's enemy becomes your friend half wit indeed , say no more.
  15. and what a great race the Hiskens was at the Valley, even worth the annual trip to bleak city to watch it. imagine losing such an iconic race at such an iconic venue. soemthing like that would never happen in NZ would it sheep shearers. this IS a dig at plenty. but also in the public interest.