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  1. SCS just when you think coronavirus is the biggescst potential health issue in NZ the old chescstnut rises to the top.
  2. Trevor was just playing within the rules at the time, the underarm delivery was LEGAL. Mckechnie should have been suspended for throwing his bat, disgraceful and petulant act.
  3. Rooting sheep .....LMFAO baz(nz) funniest post ever. Tallhyo Tinkletoes NZ (sic) Zelda loves that horse nearly as much as she loves Shaun Johnson ( NZ)
  4. he may not need to "get around" as many as he did on saturday ... ask yourself this question.. if i was a bookie what price would i bet punters Russian Camelot in either cup. ? off the prep that horse had, the run it had in the race and the manner of its win and the upside , what price would you bet ? 25/1, 33/1 50/1 , 100/1 ? 4% , 3% ,2%, or 1% chance of winning , or has it got a better chance than that ? remember Vow and Declare won a 3000 mr slugs race in june last year at eagle farm and the nice bookies bet 100/1 for the Cup.
  5. You obviously missed Subpoenaed ‘s race.
  6. funniest thread ever thomPson had 85 cents on a hurdler at 33/1 , lost 34 dollars odd on a horse called POLLYANNA and broke new ground by having a bet on a 150/1 shot in the grand annual. AND eventually won $100 after two days betting on anything that moved..... one of his best attention seeking threads this year. credit where its due
  7. im sure the resident Pollyanna will update you at days end.....particularly if they end up ahead.
  8. another 20,000 down the drain at murray bridge be patient
  9. be patient , having this many bets a winner is just around the corner
  10. dead set. you couldnt script it could you ? thomPsons mates drop 15,000 on a nag called POLLYANNA