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  1. pogo(aus)

    The Cups 2019 (aus)

    How many years has the Everest been going compared to the cup ?? it got 40,000 on course ( capacity ) within two years !! People have the shits with the cup being hijacked by blow ins, it’s great for the economy but the change to the race will end or severely hamper stayers being bred in this country. even a stayers midweeker in Sydney now is a European slugfest. its a joke !!
  2. pogo(aus)

    Bye Bye Kathy

  3. pogo(aus)

    The Cups 2019 (aus)

    I see Gerry Harvey says the cup is now second to the Everest Well the cup maybe ok for the fake tan and silicon tit brigade dressed up like gaby gecko but as a race that is of interest to the every day punter ........it’s a joke !!
  4. pogo(aus)

    Matey Molloy

    RIP Harold “matey” Molloy, at 88 years of age , an icon in the Central West of NSW where he was the go to jockey in the 60’s and 70’s Not sure if many enzedders came across this chap but as a country jockey he was without peer. When he won the 1964 Doncaster at Randwick on the Orange locally trained grey Persian Puzzle @ 33/1 there wasn’t an SP bookie in the CW that didn’t feel the pain. 2 shillings each way was a big win for a schoolboy in those days
  5. pogo(aus)

    The Cups 2019 (aus)

    Fair dinkum sheep sharers , Trent Bustin says ALL the runners in both cups will be imports and his stable have purchased a blow in so they will have a runner. ( racing.com article) Little wonder it’s another reason why the great race really IS the Golden Slipper Send a soap dodger 2 yo over for that and see where it finishes. According to Trent it now appears you can’t buy a yearling in Aus or NZ that will get you to the big dance. Who would have envisaged this back in the day. Too much international Hi Jinx and not enough care for our own. Imagine if the unthinkable happens and we never see another Kiwi, Van de Hum or Let’s Elope ( nz nz nz ) Its a joke !!
  6. pogo(aus)

    Roger Who???

    https://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/tennis/australianopen/4422480/Rafael-Nadal-is-Australian-Open-champion-after-defeating-Roger-Federer-in-five-sets.html this photo of TSNB ?
  7. pogo(aus)

    Roger Who???

    One Rafael Nadal hating moron poster is enough Zelda far cough just accept the bloke is an ALL COURT legend, you don’t win 4 US opens, 2 Wimbledons and an Australian open if you are only a dirt baller. And there’s more to come..... if only he could kick field goals suck it up racist haters. Vaaaaamos, it IS a beautiful day.
  8. pogo(aus)

    How Good Tallyho Twinkletoe

    Bolting ....every step of the way zeldas favourite kiwi or one of them, along with shorn how good is jumps racing. and 2s into evens, money for old jam
  9. pogo(aus)

    Riccarton races

    what a great race the national steeple is awesome enzedders its a wonder the place isnt packed out on this day every year irrespective of the stands
  10. pogo(aus)

    Good onya Dummy....

    alfie Dee what a race riccarton
  11. pogo(aus)

    Good onya Dummy....

    Bolting with a lap to go as steady mentioned no5ing better than a good jumps race looking forward to riccaryon tomorrow and saturday
  12. pogo(aus)

    Gobstopper (nz)

    go you good thing come back gobstopper we miss you.... aintree beckons.
  13. pogo(aus)

    John mcririck

    Brown bread at 79 condolences to the booby. geez NZ missed a golden opportunity when they didn’t secure him to promote racing .
  14. pogo(aus)

    Shane Dye

    Thanks what a horse Legend if anyone can post a video of his win in the all aged at Randwick there’s a carton of honey mustard and lime pickles for you here he comes the little kiwi warhorse lol
  15. pogo(aus)

    Time to end Jumps in the South?

    One of the most enjoyable days I’ve had at the races was when high forty won the GN at riccarton to see the crowd stand and cheer it home over the last furlong after a gruelling trip and all those jumps , it was awesome real racing. no slipper, no sheiks, no fake tans and sadly no bookies on course , that’s another story . Zelda and Boris loved it too, despite the arctic conditions promote jumps racing