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  1. haha great mammaries of 1974. tontonan beating off toltrice whata great race and day that was. the female streaker was a KIWI lass , a barmaid from maroubra who had also worked at the famous two up school at darlinghurst called Thommos that photo i think was taken by ron bickley and adorned many a pub, sp joint and club over the years . living in the seventies, i'm living in the seventies
  2. what about making it on ability...they've got plenty of that arsetralia couldnt bowl them out on a fifth day wicket twice even after the sledging and endless short pitched rubbish, and India didnt even have a really scary hahahaka to help them out credit where its due. well done India
  3. best sledge ever cant wait to get you to the Gabba Ravi get that India Tim..
  4. lovely ride on zouluminous.
  5. no words but awesome n0? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EJagAMtp6AE&list=RDEJagAMtp6AE&index=1
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZFoJDlPMfZ4
  7. https://www.couriermail.com.au/sport/nrl/cameron-smith-book-the-storm-within-david-gallop-fires-back-over-salary-cap-scandal-accusation/news-story/6673862f3f6d2dc360f9ececcb2251a7 the players didn't know typical , from the land of the underarm.
  8. just work harder on the hahaka and you can beat off everyone. it's really, really scary.
  9. could they move this race to ascot, newmarket or catterick., york or even newton abbott.... and concentrate on the really great races such as the golden slipper, the everest, golden eagle and kosciuskzo . the melbourne cup belongs in europe now. the crowds voted with their feet today , did you notice how sparse the crowd was compared to other years ?
  10. pirate bird or wings of the morning and possibly scotch and dry.
  11. bledislow, see what i did there.. boris and zelda are raving about the amazing new TAB option, n0? collapsed scrums under or over 17.5 1.90 like stealing corn from blind chooks n0? multi it into your cox plate, derby, cup hopes and nearly double your odd$ , better than Cartman taking 1.20 the home side to "buy" a slab of swapwater. lump on and thank me later gambol responsively