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  1. pogo(aus)

    Gobstopper (nz)

    go you good thing come back gobstopper we miss you.... aintree beckons.
  2. pogo(aus)

    John mcririck

    Brown bread at 79 condolences to the booby. geez NZ missed a golden opportunity when they didn’t secure him to promote racing .
  3. pogo(aus)

    Shane Dye

    Thanks what a horse Legend if anyone can post a video of his win in the all aged at Randwick there’s a carton of honey mustard and lime pickles for you here he comes the little kiwi warhorse lol
  4. pogo(aus)

    Time to end Jumps in the South?

    One of the most enjoyable days I’ve had at the races was when high forty won the GN at riccarton to see the crowd stand and cheer it home over the last furlong after a gruelling trip and all those jumps , it was awesome real racing. no slipper, no sheiks, no fake tans and sadly no bookies on course , that’s another story . Zelda and Boris loved it too, despite the arctic conditions promote jumps racing
  5. pogo(aus)

    Bob Jones on Israel Folau

    Boris ignored Zelda too she calls him an idolater mow the lawn. I do later get the washing in. I do later put the garbage out I do later why aren’t the idolaters blowing up ?
  6. pogo(aus)

    Bob Jones on Israel Folau

    After reading this drivel I clearly ignored Zelda
  7. pogo(aus)

    Bob Jones on Israel Folau

    A weak man?? like the other one that was crucified for his beliefs ? well, this blokes going to stand up too or we could ..... let the gays run the world .
  8. pogo(aus)

    Bob Jones on Israel Folau

    They won’t kill you steady their eleven year old wives plural wouldn’t allow it mate religion of peace meanwhile Izzy fights the good fight $2million tonight , more to follow
  9. pogo(aus)

    Bob Jones on Israel Folau

    Funniest post ever God bless you bloke.
  10. pogo(aus)

    Bob Jones on Israel Folau

    zelda always sayed dont argue with idoits or imbeciles they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience shes right go Izzy, fight the good fight.
  11. pogo(aus)

    Bob Jones on Israel Folau

    It has everything to do with free speech he lost his job for quoting bible passages, but as Ted said did the drunks, liars , gamblers etc crack the shits , no, just the gays or the gay sympathisers. our society like it or not is based on Christian values . this bloke has more ticker than people give him credit for, his whole life is now turned upside down and he has lost his ability to earn , why? because he quoted from the bible..... the book people take an oath on in court, or is it a women’s weekly or a sportsman or a rugby league week or a Koran ? wake up people wake up.
  12. pogo(aus)

    Angriest Man In Aucklands Viaduct.

    Leroy the baddest man in town
  13. pogo(aus)

    Gobstopper (nz)

    nice win despite some ordinary jumps. geez i miss his namesakes posts
  14. pogo(aus)

    Felaar was ok

    and 10/1 the place, lump on zelda
  15. pogo(aus)

    2019 New Season stallions

    roaring lion