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  1. home affairscs owners love kiwi fruits
  2. is that quote from UK bookies Shaw Todds
  3. foregone conclusion VS rodney ruud and to think TSS was 6/1 earlier in the week let's have a look at the future though, fast forward to 2050
  4. is this mcintosh preparing for the bool https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GAJ75uECWHw
  5. ive sought the help of a local shrink to straighten me out after having this going for an absolute motza in the nz oaks it hasnt worked , i still wake up in the middle of the night screaming Ashvin Ashvin ...........faaaaaaaaark me dead !! i'll come good, but it could take time nice horse.
  6. if El Nino or is it La Ninadoesn't peter out soon, its going to be a bog this Saturday and possibly even Slipper Day I've never seen rain like it and Zelda Kratchanova who in her youth was a tea lady at the Bureau of Meteorology reckons she's getting 10 inches a week where she lives. look for a fit Melbourne horse coming to Sydney unless in the likely event it dries out. Eeeeeeeeton !!
  7. hardly on it's last legs WD , even in NZ here it is halcyon days according to trainers and bloodstock agents, melb premier sale an example of the strength in the market. BUT for all the talk about the terrific prizemoney it's still massively disproportionate to returns , is it yearling prices too high or the lower end prizemoney maidens to BM 64/70/84 etc too low.? it's ok if you have a stakes horse but what % of yearlings turn out to be at that level. if you cant get a saturday class horse you generally wont recover your costs when a potential buyer asked racing medi
  8. lol you need a new therapiscst dribbler 100%
  9. bagging james mcdonald ??? mcdonald is a ripper mate , but as my original post stated bart simpson could have ridden those five winners at randwick on saturday. i understand your pride but guscsh wisely, no? SCS is bad but when it's combined with deteriorating vision its exacerbated exponentially. regurgitating a post from nearly seven years ago dribbbler 100%
  10. what a shame SCS has riddled Tascsman Man, he's cooked 100%........ too much salt on his chips ( a.k.a dental floss) Lisa Simpson woud have won on most of them to be politically correct.