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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7DqvweTYTI0 maybe they could reclaim some land in the South China Sea and build a racetrack on it instead of a military base, n0? will they put tarriffs on horses imported from (aus) and will they use uyghurs around the 48kg mark as jockeys, if they weigh too much i reckon Xi Ping Pong could get them on diet pretty quick. rather than build a track in mainland China why not get the NT govt to sell them Fanny Bay or Dan Andrews in Vic to sell off Flemington to the Chinese and sell the naming rights, certainly Chairman Dan could use the cash for a be
  2. back on topic no insults the killer bees
  3. dont worry about the Chinese bombing Australia sheep shearers, the reason you havent seen or heard much of Zelda Kratchanova lately isnt because her posts get censored its because , beelieve it or not she has been working on a secret , up until now , project for the Australian Defence Dept. i know thats a bit hard to beelieve but her and Boris have invented and patented a robot bee, its remote controlled and delivers a fatal sting, apparently two hundred million of these are loaded and ready to attack Beejing , Guanghzhou and ....... Wuhan .......if XI Ping Pong even remotely looks lik
  4. i've watched every single race and if racing needs "characters" like this bloke to survive it's dead in the water. the carnival thrives despite him not because of him IMVHO
  5. https://www.racing.com/videos/2021-05-05/amy-mcdonald---after-the-last
  6. wow what a crock if any track needs a squawking budgerigar to make a race interesting it's in strife i guess you havent bothered to listen to his call of the last, it's typical of his listen to me look at me attention seeking drivel IMVHO the sold out crowd and level of interest the carnival draws indicates it's anything but a horrible spectacle.
  7. funniest post ever tasman man with the knife into jumps racing, i wonder if John Wheeler is uncivilised or Amy McDonald or any kiwi jumps participants on Racecafe i see Warrnambool sold out, no entry sign up, town and surrounding areas accommodation booked out a year in advance, pubs full to the brim , local businesses booming Gai's hat ??? you have dead set lost the plot TM enjoy the Grand Annual today sheep shearers , i know you will be watching Tasman Man , woke and asleep at the same time.
  8. vardani was only a fraction of the cock up. worth a listen or view the replay how bloody good is the bool ? it;s great but it would be a lot better with matt hill, jack styring adam olszanski, rob testa, bart simpson or even donald duck
  9. funniest post ever Ric in great form. in your dreams. laughable listening to the racing.com team try and divert from his massive cock up you must have missed his call in the last, the bloke is interested more in the sound of his own voice than an accurate call IMVHO
  10. he's too civilised but you are on the money memphis make it happen and the great northern would be the race to start with
  11. someone over there needs to do something very interesting listening to john wheeler this morning on RSN worth seeing if its podcast , he didn't pull any punches in regard to the state of racing in NZ
  12. if you have a look at andrew bensley twitter page you can see him read out a note on behalf of the gentleman and his wife regarding saturdays visit to the races facilitated by the ambulance staff, worth a look well done SA zambucks
  13. he'll be hoping the charges are .........dropped !
  14. https://thekosciuszko.com.au why wouldnt those running NZ racing copy this idea