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  1. can Jimmy rise to the occasion at Scone saturday.? sections of the (aus) media have dubbed him Jimmythemyth n0?
  2. caulfield race 4 SURE race 8 GENTLEMAN ROY
  3. insider www.hollows.org you would have only needed a quick gaze to see five in the photo , n0? or with all due respect do you count like Zelda
  4. yes great post leggy , notably the winner had a dream run from a good barrier, the favourite tried to get to the lead and got posted 3 wide the trip despite breathing like swami saravasti and finsihed marginally in front of the ambulance, n0? barriers, definitely of n0 consequence sheep sharers
  5. i see the barrier made absolutley N0 differnce to the favourite and also to the winner of the Kentucky Derby n0?
  6. zelda says she had a lovely day the day she went to bangor n0?
  7. caulfield race 1 snack bar hawkesbury race 3 bandasha
  8. good luck . all in nothing could possibly go wrong between now and final field n0? just sayin .
  9. anyone who was fortunate enough to watch The Brierley @the Bool and thinks jumps racing has no place , give yourself a triple uppercut, n0? what a race !! promote the game and the people will come . unbelievabool, every step of the way.
  10. scottie scheffler is an ATM at the moment n0? and the idoits keep putting him up at good odds on the fair justin thomas for the uspga at Valhalla is overs says Zelda and 40/1 available n0? will he make the cut ? Free Zelda
  11. forget apologies to bidens cat, just get a ventilator for poor Zelda, the woman can hardly breathe n0? Free Zelda
  12. Zelda is screaming Miss Jewels , new spelling requirered jimmyisn0star (nz) Free Zelda
  13. yes, Jimmysstar (nz) sorry, ive been working with Zelda way too long, n0? Free Zelda
  14. Zeldas new favourite horse racing today in EF (qld) , hopefully R Dolan can get it breathing well , just ahead of the ambulance and launch late to stake a stradbroke claim n0? shes been up early today digging in the garden, its usually a good sign. 1600 mr first up ? Free Zelda