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  1. wph

    George Simon

    Sorry Matamata... and that's another problem with all the presenters f.....g up the place names of NZ
  2. wph

    George Simon

    Actually didn't have a bet on those 2nd raters running around at Muuttamutta
  3. wph

    George Simon

    You apologise He said it was close... A nose is close.... It was not close
  4. wph

    George Simon

    Did I say I was a commentator???? He is and has slipped.... Age catches up with all I feel the same way about Peter Earley at the dogs.. Many races he does not even get through the field once in a race
  5. wph

    George Simon

    It is not the first time this has happened lately.... George needs to finish commentating, he has lost it Race 9 at Matamata today he did not even see Caballero until the line... Screams "it's close". I could see the winner at the 200m mark. It won by a neck going away Time to to go George and quickly
  6. wph


    Any season that the m....s are not whinging about "our people".....sorry that season never happens!!!!
  7. Leggy, You dont want to bet on Mondays ...dont bet. As I have stated before I work 6 days with Mondays off..I love Monday racing. Depending on my day I can turnover $300 to $3000....Its my relaxation day Its a different world now...Go to the movies on a Monday/Tuesday ..you will probably be the only man there. Supermarkets open 24hrs. Rationalise the tracks put on product,,,.forget oncourse because no one goes anymore.
  8. Fordman/......forget about oncourse turnover it is a thing of the past. No one goes to the races any more,.....sad but its a fact. My brother and I used to go from Hamilton to Alex Park (and he drove from Tauranga to meet up) EVERY friday....not now. I used to go to Te Rapa with mates every time there was a wednesday meeting...I moved to the SI my life has now changed ...****IN EARTHQUAKES...have a business in ChCh and have one day off....I love Mondays with a few beers at the club
  9. I have one day off a week...Monday. I have been at the local club punting all day. I am happy there is NZ product on Mondays. We live in a different world these days...shift work, 7 day trading etc. Long live Monday racing!!!!!
  10. wph


    Jane, just a correction...think you will find it is "N.G. Harris" not "N.J". Cheers
  11. wph

    Where is PC

    What has happened to the great TAB bookmaker (I know they are just odds setters not real bookmakers) and greyhound knowledge man extrordinaire. Anyone have an update???
  12. wph

    Of course he didn't do it!!!

    Who cares what the **** his excuse is. Present your horses/athletes drug free to the races like most do week after week or get the **** out of the industry..and that includes gallops/dogs/Olympics/cycling/football etc etc. **** OFF ALL CHEATS!!!! and dont come back. One strike and you are gone for good...and who cares about what pathetic excuses you come up with
  13. wph

    Notice to all gypsies

    Notice to all dwarfs..especially short arse Sheriff Dwarf fighting,dwarf throwing competition to be held at Counties RC this Sunday. You can roll around in the **** that you idiots call a racetrack. Entrants must be short,have high pitched squeaky voices and smoke dope before entry...in other words for dwarf jockeys only. You are a dickhead Sheriff
  14. wph

    The Derby

    Get your facts right "short arse" before you post on here.... From the bible of racing "Racing Post".... CROWDS UP AS EPSOM HAS WONDERFUL CARNIVAL Saturdays paying crowd up 16% on last year at 43000. Isnt it you who who is always RANTING if you cant back it up dont say it.
  15. wph

    Punters rebates, yes or no?

    Sheriff....How many punters in NZ do you think would be turning over $40k a week consistently..i.e over $2 million p.a.?? Would be interested to hear if any Racecafers are ....or if they have friends that are (real friends not I know a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy etc etc )