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    Steve Davis

    Oh OK with that sort dividend ( 70/1 - 14/1) you must easily remember the name of the horse Spyro.

    Steve Davis

    I doubt very much Davis would have the " two necessaries " to buy one of his steals , bargains etc.

    Steve Davis

    MiDeBo There are a certain amount of no so bright punters out there who would be easily influenced by Davis's so called certainties , specials , etc when he is telling people to "just get on " , " get a bank overdraft " , " easy money " ," this is better than bank interest ", mortgage the house" ....and all the other thoroughly convincing terms he blurbs out repeatedly in labelling his so called certainties . Think about it when Sefe Taulu Alofa from South Auckland is having a bet .

    Steve Davis

    Be careful what you say here Racing 84 , you will be shot down because there are many bias opinions from individuals who think Davis is the " funny boy " of T/Side with his certainties you mentioned , then we have him repeating himself time and time again , noticed when he says two ! he often repeats that several times .....much like a band member checking his mic before statring a concert performance . Now just sit back and wait for the rap i will get for this from Davis's bias group .

    Steve Davis

    I hear what you are saying Nice Option , the post auction comments which are to be compared to an "Arfur Daley" Used Car Salesman are certainly not needed , my thoughts are that Davis thinks he is a bit of a funny guy . While hosting Trackside one day he commented for ages on a Bosson ridden Baker /Forsman trained runner suggesting and commenting to the effect that you should " just take a mortgage out on the house" ...." phone the bank manager now organise an overdraft " ..." just get on at any cost " ..." this is easy money " , the horse finished a well beaten 7th and then he comes back and says " get on next time he is a certainty ", i actually followed the horse ( i didn't bet on the horse , i only occasionally have a multi ) and he never did win a race in the following 4 starts . Now there would be the odd punter/desperado out there listening and taking notice of Davis spending money they don't have . Certainly don't need his " funny " personal advice on how to obtain money through mortgages or otherwise to bet on his "certainties" , the same applies to his thoughts on how a $300k yearling is a steal , a bargain or once saying to a purchaser " you should be wearing a balaklava", cheeky ,not needed and unprofessional .

    C W Johnson

    NOW you really are fabricating some sort of B/S , nasty , nasty person ,,,,,, is there an option here for defamation .

    C W Johnson

    Firstly yes i did spell the rein wrong , i was probably reading the Friday Flash in class instead of listening to the teacher in that particular lesson and secondly NO you don't know me , you know of me and that is of very minor consideration , to me anyway ! No sort of deranged rant whatsoever , nothing more than what some others including yourself offer here on a regular basis . Thanks Bantam Rooster for your perceived opinion of me , just like your attempt at being a recognised Jockey or Trainer , you got it wrong , back to the Pub for you pulling handles ....and mmmm i wont go further .......

    C W Johnson

    It has been clear for many years that the Stipes have specifically targetted C. Johnson at any given oppportunity , it is clear they have exaggerated and or fabricated charges against him when other riders have had infringements totally ignored or written up in reports as " moved in under pressure " or similar . Name dropper and Australian bully Cameron George just loved to smash Johnson for anything and everything any way he could until things got a bit hot for him and he moved on . I note in this JCA Report the horse Johnson was riding ( Pipi Rea ) was Vet inspected post race and found to be sore in the off-fore , this surely would have had a bearing on this case , further i have studied slo-mo replays of the incident and i CANT see Johnson delibirately pulling the left reign .... the reigns are loose at all times ???? It is now obvious J . Oatham has taken over what others including Cameron George have left off , filthy gutless, worm like mongrels who need a good hard slapping .

    What has happend to OPO ?

    This is the first time I have logged on here for at least a few years , maybe more , some of the more senior members might still remember my most informative and knowledgeable posts . Now the question I ask is WHERE HAS OPO GONE ? , as all of you would agree he was a most intelligent and informed man especially on Treaty of Waitangi topics and inequality for Pakeha and others except Maori/

    Nigelissima - Ponderosa Miss Race 3 Hawkes Bay

    Guarantee if it was Chris Johnson who did this it would have been 6 months and a huge Fine . 1 month for " Chewy Chewy" is a total joke.

    John Banks - convict

    I'm just looking at Police 10/7 right now Jack , violence , armed robbery (Case No.2) , tune in now to TV 2 . Case No 3 Mongrel Mob Member , Dangerous should not be approached , Case No. 5 Dangerous , wanted for numerous violence related charges .....Ohhh the list goes on and on and on . Check it out Jack

    Favourite horse ever seen

    In my era until now a favourite was Furys Order for his looks , a big powerful, muscled, imposing , intimidating , handsome Chestnut with a white blaze who could finish a race off from the back as fast as any horse I have seen. 73' NZ Derby win was really something, he monstered them in the last 400m , overtook virtually the whole field.

    Nothing for Maori in the Budget ?

    Yes we see his ugly dial and this foul mouth Racist on TV again, I speak of Hone Harawira. Yesterday he was on One mouthing off (again) about the Budget ! " There is not one single thing in the Budget for Maori " , was he hoping that Maori only would receive anything more than any other NEW racist would that be. Maybe he was somehow thinking that there could be 2 Budgets,,,one for Maori and one for New Zealanders. How this "Joker" manages to have the support of intelligent constituents, I have no idea.