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  1. edor

    Closure of tracks RITA

    i see stratford are running trots on a course that was closed maybe they can run a few galloping races on this day
  2. edor

    training fees

    i see on trotting website trainers charging $54 per day what are galloping trainers charging
  3. edor


    can you tell me via the mess report how stratford got the push 13000 people at their last race meeting do ellerslie get that many no but stratford is still going just as normal without a race meeting sponsors of yesteryear are putting their money into non racing a good look for thoroughbred racing to say the least
  4. edor

    Easter Monday Rotorua

    who changed the railway the auckland cup fun races at handicaps god knows the anniversary the easter at some other time when did a horse win the railway by sneaking into the race with a light weight best horses best fields not like now aye.......
  5. edor

    Easter Monday Rotorua

    really changing the railway from the traditional was one of the worst took the unknown out of it really again on light weighters light we used to see is it now aweight issuue or no light ones wow
  6. edor

    Easter Monday Rotorua

    chris there once was a fence near the winning post aye a horse called paemoko prince flew that so fast a little black did you follow it
  7. what t is the difference between any tracks no one should be closed unreal a i am saying racing te aroha is supposed to be a designated racing jumping venue and they are not supply'n a
  8. edor

    NZTR Videos

    berri as an x t e aroha person why do they seem so negative long time it seems
  9. why does racing te aroha the jumps racing venue have no schooling facilities apparently you cannot get a jumping ticket for your horse when you think jumping trials are on at cambridge very soon is this the main jumping venue tell us
  10. edor


    front pastern too
  11. edor


    unreal marksy operated on one ours i would say in 1995 won a race in 12 months 3 screws still got the xrays what a legend
  12. edor

    Te Aroha - joke!

    TED think about the owners than your smart comments because you arent smart you are showing that you are not paying a full monthly training bill are you the owners are missing out i felel sorry for the caretaker you seem to be taking the piss out of him
  13. edor

    Te Aroha - joke!

    as an owner i saw people with a what you call a little little share in a horse get a lot of tickets and i owned a whole horse and got treated like a one horse person and they made it well known tell me how a syndicaeTE PERSON CAN SHOUT HIS MATES AND I AM LUCKY TO GET A TICKET FOR MY WIFE WHO PAY S THE BILLS TE AROHA JC
  14. edor

    Will pays

    blindy if you had a look at will pays 1 minute before races you would of seem discrepancies to the actual dividends declared so you explain this since you are such an expert
  15. edor

    Will pays

    your as blind as richard you dummy