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  1. Irish

    Caulfield Cup

    That is was. 7 sleeps to go!!!
  2. Irish

    Off to Flemington

    I see Carlton Draught are releasing 30,000 slabs. Jeez C.T. that's barely enough to drown an Aussie thirst I have to say: what great marketing. Not to mention the money they'll make Are you in for the Cox Plate??
  3. Irish

    Off to Flemington

    Just checking - in case my mind is atrophying (which wouldn't surprise me) - if everyone is going to see WINX at the Valley why would they be expecting to see her at Flemington the next day?? Surely the wouldn't front her for a media performance??? God save me, wouldn't you sell your soul to be there??
  4. Be good if you could tell us the breeding my love. Might make it easier to have an opinion regarding the name. Pleased to read you and the Mrs. had a happy date night.
  5. Irish

    The Barman

    Neither did I Pete, but I cheered him to the post. Well deserved.
  6. Irish

    Winx OUT !!

    WINX not bad for being ridden like a drunk on a pushbike eh, Gruff. If anyone had to beat her today I would have been pleased for Happy Clapper to do it. He is so honest Never mind. No one can take away from her what she has done. Absolutely awesome.
  7. Irish

    WINX staying in OZ

    Weasel, many years ago, some one (I don't recall who, but obviously wise) stated 'champions shouldn't be compared, merely admired'. Makes sense to me.
  8. Irish

    WINX staying in OZ

    Bloody good decision. Pleased they considered her and not a visit with the Queen. What a magic day Cox Plate 2018 will be.
  9. Irish

    Winx - Just Simply Amazing

    Awesome. I see they did some sort of survey in Oz as to what path she should take this campaign. Can't remember all %ages exactly but 56% said go for a 4th Cox Plate. 20-something% said UK for the Queen Anne. 9% said the Breeders and 4% suggested 'other races'. Would the Arc be an option for her? I wish they would retire her. Let her put her feet up and reminisce on an amazing career. My blood pressure would be a lot better.
  10. Irish

    RIP Miss Vista.

    Really sorry to read of her demise. She was certainly a stunner. RIP
  11. Irish

    Off the Track - Chris Johnson

    No need for that comment. Not kind.
  12. Irish

    TAB - Disgrace

    I'm sorry JOT but I'm with Nice Option , I don't understand your comment 'restraints around punting online are not the fault et cetera but business rules and margins they dictate. I understand even less your comment re 'an hour out before the big race the TAB where (except I think you mean 'were') 100k ahead from last year so to lock et cetera, et etera, et cetera (as Yul Brynner said in the King and I many years ago.) Hopefully you can enlighten both JOT and myself.
  13. Irish

    busuttin/ young

    They have done exceptionally well in Aussie, as they did in NZ. All credit to them both and I would be delighted to see them have the winner.
  14. Irish

    Go Winnie

    Barry, he doesn't actually say he is unable to work. Read his post again - unless I've missed an earlier post of course. Apologies if I have.
  15. Irish

    2nd class citizens

    Littletramp I hate people who say 'none of my business but' and this isn't mine, but you have me curious - yes, yes, we all know curiosity killed the cat but mine is still alive. Thankfully. If a family benefit allowance is to support families why would Social Welfare pay it into a TAB account???? Withdrawals or not is not my reason for asking. As I said, merely curiosity.