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  1. Don't get to many big dividends at Nelson, hopefully the state of shock, wasn't due to your lack of tote support, either that or you needed the wheelbarrow at the back of the tote, haven't been to to many Nelson trot meetings, but do remember a local trotter up there paying a big dividend, was some years back and I don't think it won another race.
  2. At riccarton you go to the owners bar for your drink while you watch the horses in the parade ring, bar closes when the horses leave, quite a good concept I thought
  3. Apparently had very good turnouts t a couple of jumping clinics a while back.
  4. Thanks to all, nothing in the south then
  5. Anyone know if there are jumps races in north or south on the program
  6. Easier to get your money if they give us less information
  7. I'm sure their racing stakes maybe in for few changes, don't think they will get through unscathed
  8. Did talk myself out of backing te mokapuna, was paying 100 fixed odds, should have stuck with it given I got a trifecta with it on the coast circuit.We all learn those hard lessons at times.
  9. Any word on knockawarwon who is related to shatin and was sold to Australia, unraced
  10. Hope you didn't watch them last night, they must be the laughing stock of the nrl.
  11. Yep watched a few from addington, and yep watched a few from addington, and thought it was ok × 2. and matter of thread × 2 to.
  12. Gave up on the warriors, to Jekyll and hyde for me, the endless drivel on the TV about each year will be their year.
  13. Just looking at a book two over three on good time sugar nz tab celebrating 50 years, has a 1978 diagram explaining tab income distributed dividends 80.20 govt duty 9.00c net operating costs 5.74c surplus to nzba 3.56c levy for stakes and amenities 1.00c off course betting development. 50c, anyone no the make up these days.
  14. Condolences to your family Cubes, will not forget the day we had the pleasure to meet you both, the kindness and generosity shown to host us on cup day,
  15. Its called biting the hand that feeds you, been very good at it for so long.
  16. Shad


    What will they save on next, race books.
  17. Very competitive game over there.
  18. How often are the polls accurate, thats what they will be hoping.
  19. What a tough horse he was, must have won quite a few races, someone told me his owner has a pie shop now, miles better pies.
  20. Holiday xmas racing dates seem to be the best racing turnover days, weather permitting, looking at the Westport trotting club turnover, but there figures for the March meetings are a struggle, looks like they may have lost their date for the upcoming meeting in March.
  21. Better get your order in for the weather there, with not a drop of rain, if its heavy rain they will be off again, and it's fine with a light shower be off as well, not much room for error there, just checkout how many abandonments since the track revamp.
  22. Coast already lost hokitika, pleased the rest have survived the cull for now, although not a big fan of kumara, track be the worst of the three, facilities very poor, but some love the place, haven't attended for some years, since their first abandoned meeting after the major track revamp, history will tell us certainly wasn't a success.
  23. Just a fallacy, apparently.
  24. Won't be much left to shut shortly, maybe someone to turn off the light.