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  1. Naki

    Otaki Uh Oh!

    Hi I train Larima and I want to clarify a few things. I can reassure you all the horse is fine and she has never slipped before. Her shoes were great and as per all meetings they get checked prerace and were fine after the race too. Larima changed legs as she begun to make her move at around the 900m mark then slipped. She wasn’t the only one as there were a number of slip marks. I am just thankful she didn’t do any severe damage or take down another horse. Rosie was lucky not to fall and needed to check the horse was ok before continuing. She was also squeezed at the start and got held up at the end. Rosie is a group 1 winning jockey who can ride light. There are not too many that can claim that particularly in the CD. Her ride on Peso was great. She has also recently lost her father so I am willing to forgive the odd piece of bad judgement but class is permanent. Larima still finished off well and this wouldn’t have been the case if the horse wasn’t right. So a luckless run that couldn’t be much much worse.
  2. I'm looking at serving a mare that suffered a bleeding attack whilst she raced. I've been trying to source some information on ways to minimise it getting passed on. Are there any local sire lines that I should stay away from? Most of the information I can find is from a South African study. Has anyone had any experience with this? any help would be greatly appreciated
  3. Naki

    Paul Belsham

    If he been able to retain 'Start Wondering'. Which I presume he only lost due to the higher stakes on offer in OZ. I can only imagine what he would've won. He's a top trainer and a top bloke.
  4. Naki

    Robbie Hannam..

    Its news to the owner if he is related. Robbie just having a laugh I think. Robbie owes him 30 odd years of Christmas presents then
  5. Naki

    Robbie Hannam..

    The owner is not Robbie, and are not related. Sometimes he claims to be though when Robbie rides a winner.
  6. We have 20% left in her and she is racing in Stratford at the end of the month. We only require one months catch up. Below is a link to her ad on gavelhouse.
  7. We are looking at expanding and require some horses to lease. Prefer a Right of Purchase and broken in. Email Thanks J Millar
  8. Sorry about that, here is a link to her half sister's pedigree. The dam is called Springtime Sunray.
  9. Palm View Racing in New Plymouth has an athletic O'Reilly mare that we would like to get some new people into our progressive stable. She comes with a Right Of Purchase of $50,000 Spring finished 2nd in a trail as a 3 year old in Cambridge. We have been lucky enough to acquire her. She has had a future couple of jumpouts but needed time to mature physically and maturely. We have taken our time with Spring as she isn't the biggest horse and as you may know many O'Reilly do need time. She has strengthen up alot as you can see from her video she is bright in the coat and loves to please. I have been retaining a few shares, but I would love to get some new people into my stables and increase my client base. All the waiting is done and based on her breeding she is worth a shot. Spring pedigree.pdf Shares are $50 a week for 10% 3x shares are available. Below is a link to a video of her. For more details email We look forward to receiving your enquiries. Jay and Janelle Millar
  10. yes she does well spotted, its quite a nice pedigree
  11. Our average monthly bill is around $1500 a month. Our shares are this price to allow the account to build up to help cover future extra unforeseen costs such as vet bills. Any money left in the account gets paid back after the horses final bill.
  12. We a shares available in a lovely Thorn park filly out of listed winner Grace Park. She is a yearling and doesn't come with a right of purchase. Shares are $50 a week for a 10%. There are no buy in costs and your weekly payment will cover everything. She doesn't come with a Right Of Purchase. She will be trained in New Plymouth by Janelle Millar. Please email for more information. I look forward to receiving you enquires Jay Millar
  13. Naki

    Various shares available in horses...

    O'Reilly / Springtime Sunray 3 year Old Bay Filly. To be trained in New Plymouth by Janelle Millar. This filly is correct and strong and has placed 2nd in a trial. But has been put out to mature. She comes with a Right Of Purchase of $50,000 Shares are $25 for 5%. a week Bigger shares are more than welcomed. She has been in work since 16th february so a catch up payment will be required. Email or call Janelle on 021 706 279 for more details. We look forward to receiving your enquiries. Below is a link to a video of her, This was recorded on the 9th of February she has since developed alot more since she has been in work. You can she is has abit of attitude! Here's a link to her pedigree This is her half sister for an updated pedgiree
  14. A quick video of the Danroad Here's a video of O'Reilly Filly We only have 30% left in her.
  15. We have a 20% share in a danroad 3 year old gelding and a 30% share in a Trail placed O"Reilly 3 year old Filly. Both have been put out to spell to mature. Email me on for more details.