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  1. Delphinius a Frankel half brother to Kingman and Tango Fire at Stud in Pakistan. Straight Shooter has already had a winner in Cyprus . Cunco his first ever winner is at Stud in Chile so his genes are spread far and wide .
  2. Four winners for Frankel yesterday all at top tracks , Newmarket , Newbury , Leopardstown and Longchamp , His brother Noble Mission chipped in with one as well, Bated Breath , Beat Hollow and Kingman also got on the board for Juddmonte bred stallions . Even horse called Denounce who I think was at Warren Place but just average got one home the other day . Those fillies do look cheap .
  3. Frankel Arabia Queen winner in first last night , 20 to 1 . Beautifully bred , Dam beat Golden Horn in International at York . Destinado made 30k guineas , to owner who has a horse with Tony Carroll . Good trainer of lower end horses , gets them to their level though and gets plenty wins . Dual purpose trainer so maybe juvenile hurdling awaits . Again I thought he would make more .
  4. I see Y'Bir has had the unkindest cut of all Stodge since he went on the Derby trail . Appleby has assembled a decent team of three year old geldings now , all entered in Volitigeur , Manabo, KemerI and Y"'Bir , thinking he might be assembling a team to Melbourne .
  5. Okay okay you guys win , I tap out . I am off to chain myself to the gates of some capitalist corporate greed company in my Citizen Smith uniform with my copies of socialist worker .
  6. Line one , totally agree , people say that to me a lot so must be true, I've would you believe had people call me far worse while trying to take a right good shot at me , all the fun of the fair P4P . I can only go on what Shaun is quoted as saying , what else can I go on . As I said a number of times , the other quotes you attribute to someone else would be a disgrace, at what point did I disagree with you on that . The blokes been fined, he's appears not to be appealing . Do people really say sorry and not mean it to mitigate a fine and or being sent down , blimey never seen that before but I learn something new everyday .
  7. Now that is very bad and something that is totally out of order no debate on that one IMHO . He made a great effort and his recovery I've explained to couple young keepers last night and told them watch it a few times , that's why the keeper coach does the drills to get up and recover . They are tough drills but he almost got that rebound . Just couldnt parry it out to the sides .Father and Son both true professionals.
  8. Shaun Phelan himself agrees the comments he made were totally inappropriate on National TV , so he is at odds with those on here that say they were fine . Again , iam no woke warrior at all , I enjoy having the piss taken out of me , I enjoy taking the piss . But my point has always been in 2021 that cannot be said on National TV and not expect to get a sanction , all sports are the same , look at the crazy overreaction to that England cricketer the other week, then they tried to slur other guys inc a NZ cricketer for a tweet he made years back that were very mild imho . I hear Poms this and that loads , it's great , it's funny , and I really don't give a crap what is said to me and 99 per cent time it's a laugh and bit of back and forth with great mates , the other 1 per cent is even funnier , nothing funnier than people getting wound up , my phone will melt with txts if Italy win on Monday morning taking piss put of England but it it's not about individuals and my point is I feel racing was backed into a corner . Imagine it came out on news and they had ignored it , the action they took and Shaun's mature reation has imho taken the wind out the sails of the " woke warriors " . I actually reckon Shaun comes out of this looking like a thoroughly decent individual , we all make on mistakes for gods sake , the authorities had to act IMHO and hes copped it with grace , better that than they ignore it and then it's on news they swept it under carpet. Likewise TN , always enjoy your posts.
  9. 42000 Guineas to Barratt Racing , not sure who they are but brought a few yesterday .
  10. Love Leopardstown and one of best days I've been on track was seeing Istabraq waltz home in the Irish Champion . , the roar and emotion of the crowd was great, and the old boy is still alive and kicking at Martinstown Stud . The funeral parlour in the rear of the pub in one small town I popped into once time didn't thrill me, but the Irish fry ups beat the English hands down .
  11. What provinces do the National Rugby Team of Ireland represent ? I do read a lot of racebooks, surprising the amount of time wasted that I don't get more winners , but I have a working knowledge of Ireland and worked shoulder to shoulder with top people from both traditions from there for many a year .PSNI indicates by the name it's Ireland . One thing I have learnt from my dealings is a lot of things are not as simple as it seems on the Island of Ireland , but what is simple is the racing , pubs and countryside are up with best anywhere .
  12. Racetracks there not too bad Shane , bit undulating though.
  13. Many who live there see it as part of Ireland !! , an occupied part but part of an Ireland they want united at some point . It's called the Island of Ireland by some interested parties .
  14. Once again, it's not about individuals here , it's about an organisation catering for large audience, no organisation can ignore that . Accept it move on , you cannot go on TV and stereotype a racial group on a negative way in 2021 and get away with it , it's not an opinion , it's a fact. We can all give thousands of examples of being call this and that, I don't give a flying fuck being call a fat, lazy ,smelly , soap dodging, cowardly , weak as batshit pommy fuckface , but if a licence holder pointed at me on track on TV and call me it on trackside and I said yes I am of those , the licence holder will get fined, it's the way it is .
  15. Iam can still snap a daisy chain in half Rusty