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  1. Been done since for ever , thats bookmaking . However what the issue that is discussed here is totally different , its IF the Statutory Monopoly for Betting in NZ abused their State sanctioned Monopoly by hedging a closed private one to one bet against an unsuspecting captive audience betting into the public tote pool . Are you OK with it Trump IF and it is clearly an IF this has happened , nothing for definite . I can think of the possible integrity issues and possibilities of difficulties of State Monopoly betting privately and closed IF this is allowable , this was not an open book .
  2. 3rd and 4th in the rating 52 2800 today in Country Victoria . Not fast but slow and smooth those horses .
  3. What trainers not up to JR standards on that list , TJ Smith ? Waterhouse ? Snowden ? They were / are pretty good trainers , arguably been there done that in hotter company .
  4. I've nothing against BGP , they bring in fresh blood and enjoyment .I've nothing against rebates , incentives or whatever everyone gets if they punt big and it's open to everyone . It's the possibilty that a private bet hedged against a public pool by the Statutory Betting Monopoly of NZ .thats not on . They have been bailed out by the workers tax money so are accountable . It would be great if Scooby can put this up as a late question to Dean Mackenzie to clear this up , it may prove to have not happened , if it did he has a duty imho to explain it to their loyal base .
  5. NZ TAB rules of betting 2020 . Rigging 12.8 (a) IF for example something like this did occur , would it be covered by the above section ? . Only quickly scanned through regs for section may cover incident like this , but if someone had a closed private bet at inflated odds then hedged it against the public tote to cover the private bet in some degree was the original price offered in the private closed bet rigged ? . Something of this nature may be covered elsewhere but was just a quick scan through hundreds of pages .
  6. My gut feeling is they need to clear this up one way or another , IMHO it's a borderline integrity issue , a private wager loaded onto a public pool without any indication officially must be looked into by regulators to clear up its legality and that all was in order if this transaction did indeed occur .
  7. They have a legislated monopoly here , if people go offshore that's there option but it's a monopoly . Like say a Volvo garage here selling cars as the only outlet for new Volvos by law , then I import one but more hassle but better deal. The guts is they want me to punt here yet make a deal with one entity and scam it off against the tote pool that the rest country have only that option to bet into if they want a quinela in a million buck race .Therefore stuffing up the quinela bet in a million bucks race with eyes punting world on it . The tail is wagging the dog here . No disrespect to BGP
  8. Didn't bet on race but IF ,I've no idea if they did but IF the TAB basically had a private exclusive bet with one punter with no option available to others then blew that bet off on the Tote , many punters wouldn't have rumbled it . I back 95 per cent NZ Tab so am loyal but that is IMHO a totally wanky thing to do . As I say didn't cost me but if they did what other stunts they pulling . I don't mind bonus bets , rebates etc because any punter if they bet big gets that but this is different . It's also different to OZ because it's a free market , NZ Tab a Soviet style semi state run lazy o
  9. Confirmed on stewards rep multiple fractures and euthanised , was a real nice looking horse and was travelling in lovely position at time . Godolphin selling a few of these young ones up there now , Endanger went in December and Kusari a pretty decent young stayer they had sold up there . Breeders Ding he is called now also in Fownes yard , yet to debut up there at this stage .
  10. Runs tonight in HK on path to Derby , Casper Fownes trains , Gelded now , has a win already in HK . Now called Enrich Delight
  11. I run a pot with mates at races few times a year , I am always quite pleased to get even which is what they did really . Tough work keeping all involved , punting on every race and trying to cover a few bases each race so they see a collect or two . I bet differently running a pot than on my own . Running a small pot is IMHO a learning process as you need to throw the odd bone to the ones lacking any knowledge to make it fun for them too and manage the more dangerous ones for the pot which are the ones who watched the Melbourne Cup once so are the experts that want to take over cause they c
  12. Good point , to be honest I love twilight racing , wish there was more of it . Times are good on KM night .Cruise along after work ideal , iam a bit jealous of the wobblers here with all their evening racing .
  13. With you there KM night looks a great night out but given the choice 10 out 10 times it would be West Coast circuit every time for me . In reality they are just high value restricted races and a few lower group races but still looks fun .
  14. Nice divi there OM , not gonna bother with Garment again ,thought it might pop into place at 200 but just battles on .
  15. Last chance for me on Garment today , 16s and 450 fixed Gore R9 . Been going ok , was well out the weights last week but on weight here , drawn fine , might get in frame at each way odds .