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  1. West Tip was another great National horse from mid to late 80s , saw him at Sandown in one of his first Novice Chases in Dec 83 , the same day Desert Orchid ran in Novice Hurdle . West Tip had a massive scar on his hindquarters where a lorry had taken him out a few years before and he only just survived .One tough bugger that horse .
  2. Backed Lucky Vane many times in the staying chases , good West Country stayer . Hello Dandy lived to 33 years old . Second in 1984 was Greasepaint , IMHO the 2nd best National horse in my lifetime , 2nd 2nd 3rd 4th 10th , how he got over those fences in those days without getting into trouble is immense , what a horse . 150 biggest fences there are without falling or running up backside of another runner .
  3. Maskul a dual winner about 10 or so years back , by Lear Fan out of Northern Dancer mare bred by Shadwell , defo not bred with with intention of 4 plus miles across the ploughed field they go across . It's a Snip won it for UK under trainer Charlie Mann in 95
  4. Ouiji Board one of the few examples I can think of off top my head of a top racemare that produced real class at same if not better level through her son Australia , she has produced a few other good ones too, got two sons at stud now . Found might have produced a real good one if Battleground goes on with it but expectation usually exceeds reality with these . Some wise judges have picked up cheap siblings to these race mares and made good at times . Was a very well connected Juddmonte mare went through Inglis online last week for bugger all really .
  5. I think they do mean Sunlight in some points as she went through the sales last year for 4.2 mill and MB due through sales .
  6. I love seeing a horse running along in lead like that in National pinging the fences , he had horse in real rhythm. Uncle Merlin I backed years back was bounding along in lead , full of running under Hywell Davies trained by Captain Forster , all went wrong at Beechers , iam convinced he wouldn't have run out of gas .
  7. Modifications over years have extended the races lifespan , close co-operation between RSPCA and Racing has helped . Fences fair now IMHO .I enjoy the National but wouldnt want it back to old days . Fences like Beechers in hindsight were very unfair and I don't enjoy watching re runs with horses struggling to get landing gear down, but I used to enjoy the race at the time , like sending a boxer in ring blindfold really . Asking a horse to negotiate a fence that has massive drop on other side not on . Brown Trix I think the horse was called met his end in the brook on landing side many
  8. Kiwi breds had a good day overall, pom and Irish breds dominated in Doncaster , if the second tier milers can do that its going to more imports at the shorter trips .4 out top 6 out of 4 runners i tnink in total .
  9. Great ride on Jett , 30000 quid wasn't not too bad for 8th .
  10. Just watched it again, Zaaki massive race from 19 draw , flew home .
  11. Keep an eye on Zaaki, good horse ex Stoute yard , not overaced. Think they paid a bit at HIT sales last Oct . Pulled , first up , trapped wide from car park draw but on first looks at race went okay. There's a decent race in OZ in that horse IMHO.
  12. Gonna buy the crumbed blue cod out winnings Rusty , and a bottle of fizzy for the kids to drink while they watch me eat it , covered in 1 x 50c tartare sauce packet . Get on Farclas EW .
  13. Cheers Pottsie , just eventually had to have his day , Cummings in form and been hitting post , he had good few winners today . Iam having a good run what with decent win at Aintree overnight .Cannot last . Glad the horse got his big win , great ride .
  14. Hope you got the early odds on offer Rowland Ward Stodge . 12s SP OK but lot bigger earlier in day . Had the winner of Topham as my other bet so a good night. Didn't back old Belfast Banter as said I'd never back it again after Cheltenham, I quit the table on him with my cash but good to see him win again. So cheesed off I missed the Elliott Irish set up job in first , a classic set up missed , bugger .
  15. Rowland Ward in last might go ok for some each way money at 25s . No weight , better ground might help, wind surgery prior to last run and tongue tie tried first time. Track may suit him .