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  1. Red Rum


    I suppose like any sportsperson there's a vast gulf in ability, that's why Moore , Dettori, Bowman , Soumillon, Doyle, Buick, and no doubt J Macc will be doing now he's well back in the groove are flown around the world to do the business when the big bucks and potential stud values are on the line.Doyle was riding at Yarmouth Thursday , on plane to Australia and rode two top races, put Folkswood into lovely position imho just horse didn't kick on , lame/ground and rode a killer race on Jungle Cat then back on plane to Europe job done. He no doubt done his homework, who to follow , how to negate wide gate on Folkswood etc .It's the difference between a journeyman, a good rider and a top class pro. Not sure how Moreira is doing in Japan, he all class but I'd be interested to see how he goes on the road week to week like these international gun jockeys , different tracks , countries week to week. I would guess very very well. Saw Shane Dye once at Riccarton , he was on a small comeback but even then he stood out a mile as best jockey on show again imho.Just at one with the horse.Great to watch.
  2. Red Rum

    Just keeping it real

    One of the weigh in crew had it all parcelled up, I'd say Jon Snow winning one of the Cups, Spring or Autumn in Aus would trump those wins. Don't get me wrong iam not trying to bag Melody Belle but agree totally with an earlier comment, form needs franking. That's why we have good classic year crops and not so good , not all Derby winners rated the same but it's a group 1 every year . So in Epsom terms Njinsky would be same rating as Benny the Drip as both Epsom Derby winners ( Benny the Dip but sweated so much it got that moniker , love a good nickname).The Drip would have been a stone at best behind Njinsky.
  3. Red Rum

    Just keeping it real

    I was bemused myself as they went on about Melody Belle wrapped up horse year title now or if she wins next up on weigh in. Thought it's not even end Sept , oh well don't bother with next 10 months of racing. Another thing that made me chuckle was Sheldon Murtha almost dismissing Jungle Cat with well it took him the length straight to win it. Top weight, first up 176 days layoff , taking on Aussies at own game ,travelling from other side world , yep he won it on post, that's where you need to have the head in front Sheldon, not too shabby a run imho and doubt Melody Belle would see where he went.
  4. Red Rum

    Reverse Ballots

    Ireland used to do regular " upside down " handicaps , mainly over sticks . Give bottom rated minimum weight move up then chop off the top . Only in low grade races. Not sure they still do it , panders to poor horses but keeps owners interested . With increases in prizemoney there were too many duffers in training so think it was ten years or so back they set a date then any horse below the threshold rating were gone. The safe reliable jumper normally finds a place later in life plodding round point to points in Ireland or UK .
  5. Red Rum


    Phantom that's a well researched and articulated post to be fair , that horse is a black booker next time out if ever I've seen one. I would have been a bit disappointed if I'd backed it. I think like any fan you are allowed an opinion on any sport if it's well reasoned , in racing game if you are not allowed an opinion on a ride or you get blasted well anyone over 58kgs might as well spend their money elsewhere.
  6. Red Rum

    Messara report... Luv it!

    Racefields legislation is nothing without product, who's going to pay big coin at the moment for some of the product on offer. I cannot see likes of Betfair , Betfred , Betdaq or Bet Midler paying through the nose for 6 races for likes of 6 maiden races at New Plymouth midweek in a poor time slot for international punters.Just put on more cartoon races for the desperate overseas punters who need a punting fix at 9am . Plus they will smell the desperation for cash and circle like sharks to get cheap deal fillers. The money I've heard banded around on weigh in and the like , crazy stuff , won't happen. Hope it does though for sake of industry.
  7. Red Rum


    Been on the go since April in the Sagaro Stakes , followed the backside of the worlds best stayer all summer in top line distance gutbusters , moved stables to top trainer from a top trainer but only got two months to work his magic. No not for me under top weight in Cup this year. He will be back for another top season next year whatever happens in November , he's a class horse. Bog ground last night, when stalls cannot get on course and whole field goes wide the circuit you got to this kind it was worse than the soft going described .
  8. Red Rum


    Torcedor ran last overnight in Cologne as odds on fav, very soft track , no stalls used and field wide the trip.Winner Khan stormed home in ground, well behind Best Solution last two starts so franks his form , Godolphin looking like they strong hand this year in Cup.
  9. Red Rum

    Off to Flemington

    Just seen in fields , Torcedor running in Cologne this Sunday .
  10. 1- 1 2- 1 3- 8 4- 1 5- 16 6- 6 7- 5 8- 2 9- 1 10- 1 11- 7 Thank You
  11. Red Rum

    Off to Flemington

    How do you think the first batch of internationals will go tomorrow CBT, Appleby in serious form last week, group 1 wins in Ireland , Canada and won Arc trial at Longchamp plus winners at home . Do you think the draw will do for Folkswood, you would have the local knowledge of this kind of thing.
  12. Red Rum

    Off to Flemington

    Beckhampton , Prince Khalid Abdullah, Jeremy Tree, Danehill, Rainbow Quest and Quest for Fame ,never been too bad a set up.
  13. Red Rum

    Magic J

    Just found it , some very very good horses over the years kicked off at lowly Yarmouth for sure , Dubai Millenium for one and I was on course many many years ago when Untold and Midway Lady went 1 2 in a maiden.
  14. Red Rum

    Off to Flemington

    John Berry's name been in the racebook a good few years, yes LZ a very good dual purpose trainer, not many Newmarket trainers have jumpers. I mentioned the town plate in St Leger thread, started 1660s , Newmarket sausages the prize , and no signs of it not being run, in fact I think it's become more sort after by some new money owners.All want a slice of history. Used to drive up to Newmarket to get out the smoke as a treat a few mornings a year then to races after. As you know it's the horse first there and strings of perfectly presented horses and work riders going up the beautiful gallops on a misty morning , it's pretty good. Had the odd trip to Tatts yearling sales , always a good watch as the currency counter zips round Sheikh's v Coolmore. Backed horse once in the Cesarewitch, The Refrigerator, 100 to 1 trained by trainer of mainly sprint handicapers, 7st 7lbs. This horse was named after the huge NFL player popular at the time, this horse was only slightly smaller than the ancient trojan horse. After 4 furlongs the leader ducked out at the start of the running rails and was out, The Fridge then led, mile and 6 to go , relentlessly , on and on up the straight , I kept glancing at my betting slip on top of the TV as it started to become real, everytime the camera angle changed it still had a length on field , into the dip still leading , I thought here goes iam best punter in town , final half furlong got him, bugger 5th. If you get a chance check out the Sir Mark Prescott stable tour on Racing Post You Tube channel recently uploaded, he's a character and the history he speaks about and explains is really good .