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  1. Red Rum

    Are the Whip rules working

    The race is still on there but don't know if it's me but the buffering on NZTR replys would drive most sane people to put a fist through the screen .
  2. Red Rum

    Are the Whip rules working

    To be fair to Mike Godber I emailed him a few years back about one of the worse cases of whip abuse I'd ever seen , in fact the worse case I'd seen to think of it . Iam not going to name horse or jockey but race is still on nztr website I think . I got a few others not into racing to view it and they immediately pointed out the disgusting treatment , I then discussed it with racing mates who agreed . Nothing went in stipes .He replied in agreement with me , he admitted it should have been in stipes report and stated he would deal with jockey by way of education , Noel Harris I recall was name he mentioned . I can double check race is still on there and PM you it but it was a while ago and jock improved so in past , I just use to to defend RIU in that particular case .Trackside totally ignored it , and post race it was ignored . It was utterly bizarre, it was like the effing twilight zone or something . So to be fair to Mike Godber , 3 times I've emailed him and twice we agreed once we didn't and but that's ok he's got to fight his corner .
  3. Red Rum

    Are the Whip rules working

    I think trackside presenters and racing journos need to get some backbone and call it out .A horse at Reefton got a belting other week and blah blah blah they just ignore it, stipes didn't miss it , also they ignored the beautiful low smooth hands heels drive by second jock a young apprentice. Carrot and stick reward the excellence too . They need to call it out , people need to email RIU if it's missed by stipes and commentators need to call out whip use as whip use not persuader or any other nickname.
  4. Red Rum

    Telegraph - official time?

    Big difference in times . Out first seven home only 1 kiwi bred .5 Aussie and 1 Irish .
  5. Red Rum

    Big Win Avantage

    Think he runs hotels now in Bali . How about a charity catchweight fight pre the Waikato Sprint with the The Shark v Advantage racing but Gallen v Veitch 3 x 2 minute rounds , 3 knockdown rule in birdcage pre race . To be fair I'd go in ring with Veitch any day of week with a high degree of confidence but wouldnt go anywhere near Gallen , he's a slugger but a hard hard man . Good on Te Akau great handling of all three Millions winners to keep them going strong.
  6. Red Rum

    Are the Whip rules working

    Norway have small whips for 2 year old races and nothing after that . Surely NZTR should start educating the youngsters with a hands and heels series for them . Maybe get CWJ to do a tour giving some guidence to youngsters on how to get a horse to run without belting daylights out of it . All this shit whips don't hurt , now I've never been lucky enough to have a horse with say John Gosden so never been privy to his riding instructions but I've got an idea a 2 or 3 year old on debut from his yard would be something like listen up jockey one crack to let the horse know it's there to do a job if need be then hands and heels as he wants it not to have bad experience . But whip don't hurt ? Even the best in world succumb to it , the old money signs clicking over , Soumillon on Thunder Snow in 2018 BC Classic was sickening , but yet in France he's on 5 count and UK and Ireland on a seven and think he's pretty good on the ban totals.
  7. Red Rum

    Are the Whip rules working

    Whip use is a blight on the industry , these jocks time and again are either lacking composure getting white line fever or don't give a shit . It's one or other . Ramp up the fines , then ramp them up again . These whip happy jocks will soon get the message or get a new job not beating animals hopefully .
  8. Red Rum

    Bernard,s blog

    The article Guerin wrote with quotes and answers from the Saundry differs alarmingly from the one Guerin just wrote with quotes from track manager . Saundry pushed it as a racetrack track manager states first and foremost a training track . This is not a good look for tax dollars the change in story . Surely any journo should pick up this obvious inconsistency in two reports . Maybe even the guy who wrote it . Racing needs to be very very careful when it's at the teat of the taxpayer.
  9. Red Rum

    All Stars Mile

    He's most interesting runner of day imho with odd formlines and trainers history . Bookies not giving it away though . High Bridge I really like today but evens won't make me rich .The one I like for bit of odds is Jack Regan in last , on the theme of skilled kiwi horse people that stable seemed to have started getting him going in right direction . Still bit short in trip but will be running on . I am drawn to him through its name as well , a hero of my youth . High Bridge and Jack Regan that be some double , two ex UK hurdlers With this theme of Kiwi success , I scroll through results on that RISA site quite regularly , I reckon for amount of NZ Breds running an even stake would show a profit . The times only two in race they run 1 2 . One meeting yesterday 3 in on card. Winner , second and unplaced . Even seems to happen in off beaten track meetings .
  10. Red Rum

    All Stars Mile

    That's my point , nowdays any angle can be used to claim a horse to be a plus for any major racing nation . Just find an angle and play it up. Winx showcases the testing of a stallions toughness and durability via her stallion footing it on the dirt in US so a plus for US racing , and the medication they use ? . Any number of angles however thin can be made .
  11. Red Rum

    AWT Cambridge

    Yes the grass track is but the inside track for the pluggers at Sha Tin is dirt and that is what Tim was referring to re betting volumes .
  12. Red Rum

    Wentwood Flemington

    Wentwood tomorrow Flemington , first runner for Prince of Penzance strapper /work rider who also rode Max Dynamite in work while at Willie Mullins for a while . Ex Dermot Weld , odd formlines . A decision over Constantinople at Cork when cards stacked in his favour to be fair and those behind the two pretty average . Then Weld shipped him to Golden Gate for San Francisco Mile . GG not the biggest track for international raiders . Went no good after some scrimmaging on first bend there . Back to Ireland for valuable handicap , went bit off now been sent to OZ . Scooted up in jump out so might go OK, just thought he had a bit of a different profile to most horses .
  13. Red Rum

    All Stars Mile

    Agree P4P re the ability to select a horse , not arguing just a discussion . Good luck to connections of all three . The skills of trainers , stud masters and ability to raise horses here never in doubt . Anyway get on the bumper horse High Bridge tomorrow at 54kgs over 2500 at Flemington .
  14. Red Rum

    All Stars Mile

    My mind never constipated, more of the shits situation me . The old poms are getting in a sweat over Coolmore dominance in Derby , now your angle re ownership gives Poms an out as Derby dominated by the good old East End fella Mr Tabor at Coolmore , in fact Poms have Kentucky Derby through him also with Thunder Gulch and a Cox Plate with Adelaide . In fact It's a Dundeal could be a OZ horse because they appeared to own him in one of its finest hours on track and stand him at stud . Super Seth iam struggling to see him as a kiwi horse bar the fact some very astute kiwi horse people have ownership of the horse and Dundeal the sire .Winx was by Irish stallion raced Stateside , NZ dam , owned by Aussies , trained by Kiwi expat . What country did she represent as an industry .Starcraft Aust , NZ , Italian or GB ? Chechen leader owns some decent horses , North America being a decent current one , so the ownership angle can be twisted around a bit as not much racing in that country worth writing home about . Don't mean a lot anyway , good on them for having a super horse .
  15. Red Rum

    All Stars Mile

    Completely understand that thanks , you have also answered the good old racing question right there . Phar Lap was a yank , not Aussie , not NZ , not a pom a Sherman tank . Good stuff .It's all about who owns the horse . America do very well in the jumps racing in Ireland also via Rich Ricci.