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  1. Watching the absolute ease and contempt of opposition in Southern Legend's win in the mile last night my question is this . Are Beauty Generation and Almond Eye simply breathtaking champions or has Singapore racing regressed to very poor quality duffers , or somewhere in between because they both made Southern Legend look pedestrian this year , Beauty Generation on a few occasions .
  2. Red Rum

    Felaar was ok

    How tough and consistent is Steel Prince , I cannot see him going anywhere near in Cup but he's done bloody well last 8 or so months . Had maiden form in Ireland close up behind couple of decent imports in Homesman and Haripour. They can relax and go their own way now to November with a tough horse ,a decent prize to win with the cash .Unfortunately for breeders of stayers here and in OZ it's another position filled by Euro bred which I don't think was the plan when race conditions were devised .
  3. Red Rum

    Owner Of Snortzil (Aus)

    They have no choice but to put on an Oscar performance IF they knew or had an idea. There nout so blind as folk when the money flowing their way .
  4. Red Rum

    Felaar was ok

    Worth a bit of loose change at 40s and 10s ? Not quite the 100 that was available few weeks back but not worse ew value bet I've ever seen. I still think Alfarris got bit of improvement to come . Good luck anyway .
  5. Thanks for the education I appreciate it . Not being an expert on such matters why do I see painters cruising round in shining 80 k vehicles with company logos when a 30k shiney van would do job and used to do job .Surely that is a waste of tax dollars when running a business is it not .Maybe they are just wallys. Personally I like my 80 k vehicles unlogoed.
  6. I think you will find most rich are clever and use tax loopholes , maybe that new car is brought through a company which then gets depreciation , get refunds and all manner of cash backs. Waged earner gets FA back and pays for everything .As everywhere those at top doing well , those at bottom looked after and those in middle pay for the lot of them up and down.
  7. Going to be a big bill to pay down the track , does appear to be a lot of spending . Where the money is coming from I have no idea but rest assured the waged earner will have a share of the bill with pretty much sweet FA benefit .
  8. Red Rum

    Ballydoyle / Epsom

    John Gosden's Private Secretary 41s Ladbrokes 1/4 odds the place at moment. Dettori up in last trial at Goodwood this Friday . By Kingman half to Michelangelo, 3rd in Leger before he went to Waterhouse but went no good in couple and bled. , Another half brother stayed 2 miles plus distances and grandam was classy.Couple nice seconds as 2 year old one behind a horse that looks pretty handy and two solid wins this year in novice and 10 furlongs Sandown handicap. He's my ew longshot.He will shorten up if couple not supplemented and he goes ok this week.
  9. Red Rum

    Great Western this Sunday

    I suppose I had very low expectations for the race so when first two fought on in straight it exceeded my expectations.It's likely jump racing will be gone in few years in South Island outside GN meeting and only northern horses keeping that going .I see Speedy Jax had decent win over in OZ today .
  10. Red Rum

    Great Western this Sunday

    Race was better than I thought it would be , first two not too bad and course looks well looked after from only watching on TV though . Rest of field really are of little account though.
  11. Red Rum

    Clearly he’s a good loser

    War of Will looked pretty good today . Both in the Travers would be a good watch .
  12. So he got a tax break that's worth 65 mill a year in the mid noughties, so where has that extra money gone year after year . So before that date racing didn't have that flow of extra money . But it's worse now than turn of century. I would be a bit sceptical at figures plucked out like that , racing 65 million a year better than 2004 , no it is not .
  13. Red Rum

    Throwing out another good one

    Did you read Kingmans dam died this week. Loss to Juddmonte but was 20 .
  14. Red Rum

    Ballydoyle / Epsom

    Ispolini gets 3lb and only 4 lbs behind Stadivarius according to handicapper . He might have edge on fitness so if he is going to beat him tonights the night . Lucius Tiberius in race after an odd one . Godolphin got him for 320000 guineas at Newmarket HIT sales from Ballydoyle at end of 3 year old season, gelded him and he's just gone ok in two runs . First Eleven , Kingmans half brother by Frankel won well first day , was on 104 ,lightly raced could be improver.Heading to Ebor according to RP. 85k to put Telecaster back in Derby , they pulled him out in Spring, oops .
  15. Red Rum

    Great Western this Sunday

    Looking at that field , weather and going it is going to be a very average race, plodders plodding through the bog.