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  1. Red Rum

    ~the Cox plate..intriguing..

    Hunting Horn is in MV Cup, drawn 3 . If he goes like he did in Man O War Stakes this year he will test their stamina .. Race time was third fastest in 21 years and was run down very late . Final 100 metres might be his undoing though but if they let him get a gap they will have problems . Chief Ironside is in the mile , he was completely untested in Toorak , moved up but wall of horses and jockey just cruised in . Be better off in a handicap but I might roll the dice with him.
  2. Red Rum

    Caulfield Cup Field?

    Never heard of him until the Prix Kegorley behind Marmelo. Last hurrah for John Hammond , read little while ago his retirement job is looking after OTI interests in France . Improved run today, he had some issue at Caulfield I think I read . OTI have a real good horse in France called Amade , won Belmont Gold Cup , came through claimers run up a sequence but is out until next year with injury . Ebor form looking quite solid out here so far . Ebor runners 1, 2 and 5 today , Mustajeer ran well Sat and POA Herbert Power run outstanding . I think Raymond Tusk would have won Ebor with clear run but talking through my pocket .
  3. Red Rum

    Caulfield Cup Field?

    Not sure how many would have won Lexus off back of Geelong Cup run then took up chance in Cup but Northwest Passage was second in Geelong Cup last year and they chanced arm in Lexus to try get in , and Charlie Fellowes had that plan if it went bent today according to preview. Sounds like she is running in Matriarch Stakes anyway then HK according to Racing Com.
  4. Red Rum

    Caulfield Cup Field?

    Spot on your info was very good info , she ran a cracker . Lexus maybe and in . He can back horse up real well Willie Mullins , done it Royal Ascot , Cheltenham and Galway with success any number of occasions so that would hold no fears . She be red hot fav in it I'd have thought. Bumper horses can be very good at times when switched to flat , True Self went to a Warwick Bumper when trained in England by guy who sells them on and was beaten by a half brother to Harlem who Juddmonte had cast off . Went to Mullins and won a few average bumpers in Ireland before the switch to flat .
  5. Red Rum

    Darren Weir in more strife....

    Would stud fees come into this as well thinking of a couple of horses , he revved them up by foul means , wonder the difference in value of Spirit of Valour if he holds on last year , compared to being bombed by first time saved for the day blinkers Brave Smash .No mention of Brave Smash in story though , blinkers first time . Does make me wonder though. Didn't cost me I had US Navy Flag who walked round .
  6. Red Rum

    ~the Cox plate..intriguing..

    Bit money for Magic Wand and she will do for me ew , she has travelled ok this year and got round Chester and the tightish US tracks well .Latest rating 114 plus she gets her allowance and COGH showed 110 horse on good day can do it in OZ at the moment , this harder though than Caulfield ..Goes on any going , the listed race at Royal Ascot on soft where she was 2/16 has been well franked by 1st and 3rd after . Addeyeb pushed Magical on Saturday and Elarqam been going well in top company . Looking forward to seeing Jamie Spencer on Danceteria one of my favorite jockeys. Reason is he is a big hold up merchant , I've been on track and in crowded betting shops when it's not gone right it's quite funny as punters lay into him , next ride boom he nails it and he is the king . Went down to Lingfield winter time years ago was freezing , racing on the AW . Had decent bet for me on evens fav called Silvertown named after the docks in London , I planned to cover my costs plus night out after sort of thing , Jamie absolutely took the maximum piss upsides double handfull never pressed button won a short head . Powerscourt 2005 Arlington Million was good ride , he got nailed for it and copped shit but horse bolted up and lost race , would have kept in UK and Ireland and been lauded as a master ride . Ironically for hold up merchant Side Glance ride was a masterpiece in Mackinnon, slid to front and tucked those OZ jocks to bedtime as he set his own pace and kicked .Not a fan of Danceteria Saturday though .
  7. Red Rum

    ~the Cox plate..intriguing..

    Three times this year TAS could not run down winner at lower grade ,with longer straights to work with . He has to drop in probably at rear Saturday , I cannot see him rounding up the whole field of WFA horses trained to the minute , it's everyone's grand final and with only that short straight to work with , slingshot or no slingshot . Wouldn't mind being proved wrong though as Jamie Richards seems a good guy and gets the ammo but makes use of it . COGH ran in same two US races as Adelaide did but didn't do as well. 2014 Adelaide ran second in Belmont Derby , forth that day was Gallo Chop . All these years later he still makes it onto reserves , that's some horse .
  8. NZTR will need to up their game and be ready with answers prior to getting the questions that could come depending on how it plays out in OZ and what action they take . Racing could be in deep shit depending on where the balance of power sits come next September and who wants what to support who so they don't want needless skeletons in cupboard like poor record keeping . I think the first step would be update who's got who in training , horses listed by a trainer in their records haven't seen a track here in years and must be inactive now or dare I say it retired !!. They need to trawl records and get on top of it and maintain it . Employ a few IT savvy Uni students over holidays to do it mind you if no shortage of people employed in their offices maybe they could do it . They employed some to do a project on race day injury record keeping a few years back I understand . Completely off subject flicked on telly this morning and trials were on , wow that trials winner of yours looks a good one , very very impressive .
  9. Red Rum

    Caulfield Cup Field?

    I reckon one of the imports or raiders will win the Geelong Cup this year but steering clear of Steel Prince. If ever a horse was there for a blow out its him , all the others will be full bore to try get in . Can anything beat Harbour Views , do you think Main Stage could do him, I know you've put him up before ?
  10. The problem now is Racing NSW and Racing Australia were caught with pants down and for all his very very clever business sense and good intentions the shit V’LANDYS was coming out with about cats and dogs being put down made him look foolish . It was like catching a kid in candy jar , oh the others all had one.The interviewer rightly never fell for classic deflection mode said we not talking about those it's about your policy all being rehomed not being implemented .So they are sticking with all re homed so they cannot now reverse out the cul de sac and say oh too many to cope with we changed our minds we will kill most of them . There is a middle ground here they need to promote like the detailed post Berri put up .It will be real hard though for them not to carry on with all re homed policy unless the horse population and set up of racing is drastically reduced .For other places how do Racing Australia check these far flung dust bowl tracks . What happens to a horse raced until 6years old in NSW and then up to Darwin for Cup campaign , goes no good for campaign stays up there gets retired the next year . Did most racing in NSW , is it sent back , which jurisdiction policy applies .How can someone like Chris Waller be expected to track the hundreds of ex racehorses been though his yard , after 20 odd years it would be thousands . If a horse is rehomed to three day events arena for example whos responsibilty is it after that second career is done , can they come at racing if they find one of those horses at abatoir after 10 years in that sport . Racing NSW have tried to improve matters last few years it appears with property purchases and fund so haven't been completely oblivious to the need . The Racing authorities an almost total basket case here now really so not sure they have the capacity to cope with an audit here , my gut feeling is the pet food people would not be struggling for product in NZ . Is there a retirement home for old broodmares here somewhere?
  11. Red Rum

    Caulfield Cup Field?

    RV out of Cup .
  12. Red Rum

    ~the Cox plate..intriguing..

    Red Cardinal allegedly was the one that had a go on the treadmill with the jigger last spring carnival allegedly with Weir supervising the zapper man , maybe he only did it to the one horse ever in his career so I retract that it was out of line . He's not been found guilty yet .I was just wondering if he used the same methods . If he is found guilty though personally I would never champion that bloke until he comes out and shows real contrition and Very Elleegant wins all credit to Chris Waller zero to Weir imho.
  13. Red Rum

    ~the Cox plate..intriguing..

    Wonder if good old Dazzer used the same training regime on her as he did on Red Cardinal.
  14. Red Rum

    Caulfield Cup Field?

    Gold Mount retired suspensory , staying in OZ at owners stud in retirement . Red Verdon some cuts to legs in the barging match up straight . Avilius got to gallop tomorrow as some blood in nostril after work the other day . Might have done the reserves a favour not getting in Saturday , doubt any the three would have beaten winner and avoided the bundle up straight . Only 11 in at Geelong Wednesday .
  15. I think Racing Australia are going to audit any horse shown as active that hasn't raced for 18 months to clean up records . It will be interesting to see how many change status , there are a few old favorites I keep eye on to see if they have trialled or run so could be quite enlightening. The industry leaders in Oz might secretly be hoping Surprise Baby don't win Cup, trainer appears to have had a change in attitude which is to be totally commended but way things are last few weeks the anti racing movement if they had any sense will play that for all they are worth .The industry could of course hit back hard with he has learned the hard way , has been scrutinised heavily and has shown what can be achieved when you get with the programme.