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  1. Red Rum

    Bryce Stanaway

    Three in tomorrow Bendigo, 164 starts between them, no wins . Two drawn the outside gate , the 105 start maiden drawn midfield . Anyone known the OZ or NZ start record for a maiden , I know that old pacer went round for nearly 200 I think, Kelly Evander it's name but 105 for a galloper that's a lot .
  2. Red Rum

    Opie interview

    Hawkes trained the second yes , and Crow started this thread . The coincidences of life .
  3. Red Rum

    Opie interview

    Yeah I know , I got fair belted by huge seagull shit Flemington a year or so back , mopped it off with losing ticket then burnt my hand under tap for five minutes , on the nose though that's bad .
  4. Red Rum

    Opie interview

    Those seagulls are deadly late on the Flemington card , big massive dirty dollaps of the crap raining down, the half eaten burgers and hot dogs play havoc with their guts .
  5. Red Rum

    Place please T.A.B. 05/04/20

    Captive audience at moment , even the few of us working have some downtime to watch some real live action and have a bet , they ran a virtual Grand National yesterday in UK, by all accounts very popular , on free to air , primetime and all profits to health charities . It just takes a bit of oomph , no oomph nothing going to come out the end of this .
  6. Red Rum


    Kinda agree , get it done hard , put all arrivals in hotel rooms for however many days , NO exceptions then get back to some normality asap for us buggers here paying the taxes or the people who've lost jobs can somehow get moving with theit lives again . We cannot be locked up forever for the dribs and drabs making there way home , some after years away or earning the big coin offshore paying FA tax here .
  7. Red Rum

    Watch for laugh.

    I think the big one is the All American Derby at Ruidoso Downs New Mexico , they have heats over number of days. I read once they bung in some thoroughbred blood every few generations , some kind of equation of thoroughbred to quarter horse blood allowed , think it's how it works . There's thoroughbred v quarter horse races on you tube . The yanks have a bit of mule racing too .
  8. Red Rum

    Anyone for a game...seeing we’re all bored

    No jockeys allowed ? I still enjoy the ones riding a finish a circuit early or the jump jockeys in UK sometimes taking wrong course , the one at the Valley was a cracker a few years back and the one at Hoki who rode the finish celebrated and went round again and horse still ran a cracker , I don't see them as idiots so i suppose that counts them out too , just a we all make errors department part of racings character . Like riding the wrong horse at Bendigo last week.
  9. Iam a Russian Camelot man too, massive BB last time . Shared Ambition in Doncaster , the prep looks a bit odd to me races and 1000 metre trials for horse that looked to be brought with cups in mind , Waller masperplan in place ? . Has a bit of my tight arse ew coin , as does Redzel, a Champs never out till he's out .
  10. Red Rum

    Bryce Stanaway

    Shown as Active on the RISA website but 12 so has to retire this year . Last raced Nov 2019, 158 starts and over million in prizemoney . Amazing horse and that's some serious care been given by the trainer . Saw it in race card once thought that name reminds me of a horse going round a few years back, it was the horse from a few years back .
  11. Red Rum

    Bryce Stanaway

    He has loads in at different meetings up to Bendigo next Tuesday he has another ex Te Akau unraced horse in Twilight Zone in at Werribee Saturday . Takahe is due to have its 33rd start since 31st March last year , no wins from 37 . Most of these horses probably keep a bit to themselves but he amazes me how well he keeps these horses going , they must be in good nick because vets would give them a decent look the amount of times they turn out .
  12. Red Rum

    Bryce Stanaway

    Stanaway still battling away , two in first today Geelong , 125 runs between them no wins , won't change today as Yulong Wall should hose home .He has lots of entries next few days so winner must be soon,he has an ex Te Akau called Faltonius in , he must be OK as he has been shipped over after two average runs here late last year .
  13. Red Rum

    NZTR update

    That's to Paddy Power is that right ? Paddy Power and Betfair got some big mega merger going on been given go ahead by UK authorities , not sure NZ Tab will feature much in considerations however on plus side it's not in their interest at all to let it go to the wall , or i cannot see why they would let it so who knows they might help a bit .Maybe they could let it go belly up and step in .
  14. I'd have a go at Randwick 18th All Aged Stakes and Hawkesbury Cup Day 25th , they have a few group races that day I think .
  15. Red Rum


    I went to the local wildlife park , had only one animal in it , it was a shih tzu . Boris Becker one more stride it's home , unlucky , we'll done on Tri though.