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  1. Mattski

    (The) Bostonian (NZ)

    I punted Tyzone each way but Trekking was way to good form them eh. Geez James C and the blue army have had a hell of a year eh!
  2. Mattski

    The Informant

    Any updates thanks on if/when my bible might be back??
  3. Mattski

    Lisa Allpress

    I think she is an excellent jock. Not an Opie for natural talent (not many are) but she doesn't make many mistakes and always gives 110% even in a small race. Anyway, someone said the other day that she'd never won a race at Ellerslie. I realise she doesn't ride up there much but is this true? Thx, Matt
  4. Mattski

    Lisa Allpress

    Great thanks rdytdy. To be fair to CD he also had an horrific fall a few years back didn't he............
  5. Mattski

    Name for my horse please.

    Thanks chris I always backed wooden edge so i'd have to go Wooden Racket Cheers...Matt Dravitzki
  6. Mattski

    The Informant Chutneyed

    Totally agree = we need The Informant back for the sake of our industry. Any updates thx?
  7. Has any progress been made on starting this?? Thx
  8. Mattski

    Sentimental Miss

    Has there been any commentary on her in the last week? I see she is still in the Oaks next Sat and a soft track shouldn't be a prob Thx, Matt
  9. Is a heavy 8 a prob for Avilus? Do Danz. I am keen on Midterm in R3
  10. I see she is no longer in the TAB's Sydney Cup market. Has she gone amiss? Ordinary run at Otaki Thanks, Mat
  11. Mattski

    Ladies First - Sydney Cup?

    Didn't Zacada go down by a about a head last year? Noms do look stronger to be fair but 1/2 of them will drop away.
  12. Mattski

    The cream rises to the top

    33 minutes ago, Beekeeper said: Of the 60 horses placing in 10 races at the Auckland Derby day races 45 were bred overseas !!!!! What’s going on ? Sorry I am a bit confused Beekeeper. 9 of the 30 horses that were top-3 at Ellerslie yesterday were bred in Aus. The other 21 bred in NZ. Def a good day for Aussie breds (derby quinella) but don't forget NZ breds win a few decent races over there eh. Cheers, Matt
  13. Mattski

    Weir waves the white flag

    Don't you think Weiry and his lawyer have done a deal with the Stewarts. i.e. don't contest the charges and drag racing through months of bad press and we'll give you 4 years. Contest the charges and we'll smash you and give you at least 10 years.
  14. Mattski

    Sales Washup

    re Charm Spirit. His UK/European crop have just turned 3 - so they haven't raced at 3 yet. He had a very high number of runners (74) from the 106 foals in Europe as 2 year olds. A good number of winners (26) but yes only one stakes winner. Its just too early to say with this guy yet (the same as Sacred Falls). Don't right CS off if his 2 year olds are average here though. European 2 year old races over 1400-1600 are very different from 1000-1200m speed races in Aussie on hard tracks. As mentioned he was out of a Montjeu mare. If I was offered one out of a really good mare I would have a crack Cheers, Matt
  15. Mattski

    The Graveyard - why??

    This has troubled me (and my pocket) for years! Why is Trentham such a graveyard? I guess there must be 3-4 small reasons? I used to think that the fact that all horses generally got their chance there i.e. you can come from the back Castletown style was one of the reasons. But this clearly wasn't the reason on Sat. Smaller trainers seem to win more races there than say Ellerslie which can sometimes be dominated by Baker/F, Marsh etc. but why? Different form lines with horse coming from north, CD and south (sometimes underrated). Any thoughts?
  16. Mattski

    Congrats Jamie Richards

    Agreed - great young trainer. The big man's faith in The Chosen One is being repaid.
  17. Mattski

    KM COMP sat 26th Jan

    Thanks guys. Race 1 at 5.19pm No 3 Bit Lippy Race 2 No2 Princess Kereru Quinella with Stratocaster Race 3 No 5 Yourdeel Race 4 No 1 Volpe Veloce Race 5 No 16 Queen of Diamonds
  18. Mattski


    I'm having a nibble on Yourdeel e/w. What about the 3yr old mile - Long Leaf's Aus form looks pretty good i.e. 4 lengths from Sunlight in the Coolmore?
  19. Mattski

    Ugo Foscolo

    Is Ugo worth a high risk (small) e/w bet? Seems like a lifetime ago when he won the 2000 Guineas!!
  20. Mattski

    2018 Melbourne Cup Field

    Will it be too wet for my roughy Vengeur Masque
  21. Mattski

    Patrick Erin

    I punted him yes. Great patient ride. He had like 59kg in the Welly Cup and pulled from memory. Waller seems to get these stayers to settle better?
  22. Is Winston's speech tonight being streamed? thx
  23. Sorry I am a bit out of touch. Heard and read about this in the Messera report but know nothing about it. Could someone fill me in thanks. Cheers, Matt
  24. Most of the recommendations seem to make sense to me. i.e. I grew up in and love the Naki but it doesn't make sense to have tracks in NP, Stratford, Hawera and Waverley. Have 2 properly maintained tracks. Maybe we should get behind Winston - he is the only racing minister in my life time that has actually tried to do something positive.
  25. Great - many thanks to you both. I hope/pray this is a turning point for our industry. Things are dire eh Cheers, Matt