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  1. DatoStar


    Same issue !
  2. DatoStar

    Weigh In back.....yay...?

    Sky put tomorrow’s schedule on captions today !
  3. DatoStar


  4. DatoStar

    Clerk of the Course

    Defo its Guy
  5. DatoStar

    Clerk of the Course

    Guy Marriner , also does Ellerslie with Ross Coles , he’s a top bloke
  6. DatoStar

    Farewell to the Queen......

    Barry Dennis
  7. DatoStar

    The Informant Chutneyed

    I have just spoken with Matthew F4ancis about this , it is a real disappointment, I will colate my thoughts and post , for what they are worth ! has there, or will there be a response from Dennis Ryan as to the reasons ? Would be good to know the facts before launching into someone
  8. DatoStar

    Streaming trackside radio

    I spoke to someone today at the helpless desk, confirming that streaming cannot be done from the site, Rova works ok, but cannot listen via iTunes anymore.
  9. So tried to do a multi on first six races at Ellerslie, the option numbers are all out of sequence!! Pity the TAB operators 964 965 961 967 966
  10. DatoStar

    Tab Racetracker

    It’s now called “favourites” so I set up as instructed, but guess what ! No notifications coming through
  11. DatoStar

    Mike Dillon

    Does he still work for NZ Herald ? have seen any recent articles by him
  12. DatoStar

    Sunday Star Times

    Best hurdler never to win the Champion, paid deposit on my first house when he won the Cheltenham bumper !
  13. DatoStar

    Sunday Star Times

    Apart from results no coverage of yesterday’s racing !
  14. DatoStar

    Thoroughbred Weekly

    Why is TW not on Trackside on Sunday morning anymore?
  15. DatoStar

    The Curragh

    Go to Dublin on sunday and get to Slatterys Bar in Capel St, best sunday session you'll ever have !!