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  1. TAB site down again , Aussie races not resulted or results shown
  2. Why was OP stood down and McNab and Colgan not riding? Covid ?
  3. How soon for the TAB offer promotions on JR in Honkers ? There will be great interest from here on his runners !
  4. Why is Johnathan Parkes not riding currently?
  5. again failed this week !!! not wishing to be a conspiracy theorist but i did not get a notification on a day when a trainer I follow in Aussie had 2 winners !! There is currently a technical issue with Favourites. Our Service Team are working on this issue and hope to return to normal service very soon. TAB apologise for any inconvenience or frustration this may cause
  6. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-06-17/nsw-regional-racing-funding-budget/100223186?utm_campaign=news-article-share-control&utm_content=link&utm_medium=content_shared&utm_source=abc_news_web $67 million investment in NSW , nice
  7. See that the hurdle and chase races have been dumped for Thursday at Timaru
  8. Taking a step back from training?
  9. Will He be returning to riding anytime soon ?
  10. And the ones that are available have no colours
  11. Be careful yesterday at Sandown the offer only covered 2nd and 3rd places for a refund, not the advertised 4th,
  12. Favourites function still not working
  13. Sept 2013 Moonee IMG_0392.MOV