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  1. DatoStar

    The Curragh

    Go to Dublin on sunday and get to Slatterys Bar in Capel St, best sunday session you'll ever have !!
  2. The TAB store city end of Dom road closed with no immediate plan for an alternative , disappointing
  3. DatoStar

    Jason Waddell

    Is he riding currently ?
  4. DatoStar

    Ritzy sparkle

    Just saw repeat of Cameron Lammas nearly getting caught when easing up , a la Nolen on BC, did he get a holiday ?
  5. DatoStar

    Easter Handicap

    Last year this race was WFA , now back to handicap , why ?
  6. DatoStar

    Michael Pitman

    on the radio yesterday Michael Pitman said that he obliviously did not race horses at Invercargill , why ?
  7. DatoStar

    Troy Harris

    Why is Troy Harris not riding ?
  8. DatoStar

    Final Field and Futures bets

    Thanks for feedback,
  9. So after the Tarzino I took $8 on Gnuts for the Livamol , main risk being they might have missed race to go to Aussie early, had he not lined up I would have done my dough , risk known and accepted, however why do I not get refunded in the same way FF bets placed on the day ?
  10. a few years ago if you had a fixed odd bets and your horse won but then got relegated you still got paid out, why did this get changed ? Most UK bookies pay first past post and promoted winner
  11. DatoStar

    Most prestigious races in the world

    Whilst the jumps will never compare to the prize money and value of horses to the top Flat races some of the worlds best jumping races would qualify as prestigious , Grand National Cheltenham Gold Cup Champion Hurdle Maryland Hunt Cup Nakayama Grand Jump Velká Pardubická
  12. DatoStar

    TAB Website

    Couldn't get on Shillelagh !! Really fucked off
  13. DatoStar

    TAB Website

  14. DatoStar

    Anti jumping fruities

    Just this weekend I've been called "sick" for betting on horses ! I also have the occasional flutter on the Blues and Warriors, now if the accuser knew that they might be correct
  15. DatoStar

    Randwick course

    is the work being done inside the Randwick course a new grass or all weather track ?