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  1. Seems to be kicking some goals. Any thoughts from cafers on him?
  2. what are peoples thoughts on first foals. My question is do they grow out eventually to catch up with their counterparts or are they always a bit smaller?
  3. Anyone know of a second hand high speed treadmill for sale?
  4. Proisir and Per Incanto surely go up in fee!
  5. Cambridge stud have a new one don't they. Hello Youmazane. I don't know how to spell it.
  6. Amazing stallion. Wellington cup last month!
  7. Is his fee likely to go down in third year.? Would like to go to him but third year might be better!
  8. Probably enjoying retirement somewhere!
  9. Selling all those quality mares and fillies to Oz has damaged us even more. That trend is killing our racing industry too. The light at the end of the tunnel is very dim atm.
  10. I did hear them say there was a room for group 1 owners, a room for sponsors, a room for members and one other but can’t remember who .
  11. Apparently there were interviews of trainers etc at the Te Rapa trials. Anyone know where to view them? I can’t find them on Loveracing site! cheers