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  1. Apparently there were interviews of trainers etc at the Te Rapa trials. Anyone know where to view them? I can’t find them on Loveracing site! cheers
  2. Is there a photo of him somewhere?
  3. love the Sweynesse's so far. My mare is going to him next year. good luck with this one.
  4. Fantastic sire. Loves Danehill line mares it seems! We need good sires like this in NZ
  5. Another stallion gone. Such a shame!
  6. Nice one running today at Sandown Called Daiquin
  7. thanks for that. Much appreciated. Yes I get what you say re study stallions performance and find mares to suit. Makes good sense. cheers
  8. What do you mean by the opposite strain? Trying to work this out! Also do you do mating analysis for broodmare owners? cheers
  9. heres a link to find out about it. I know of someone who has used it here. https://www.plusvital.com/equine-genetics/genetic-tests/
  10. Anyone know of any for sale? I'm on the look out
  11. yes and we have a share in that one. Go the Zeds!
  12. Someone might lease her for a few years. That might be an option? Retain ownersip!