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  1. elvis


    love the Sweynesse's so far. My mare is going to him next year. good luck with this one.
  2. elvis


    Fantastic sire. Loves Danehill line mares it seems! We need good sires like this in NZ
  3. elvis

    RIP Burgundy

    Another stallion gone. Such a shame!
  4. elvis

    Sacred Falls offspring

    Nice one running today at Sandown Called Daiquin
  5. elvis

    Deep Impact - et al

    thanks for that. Much appreciated. Yes I get what you say re study stallions performance and find mares to suit. Makes good sense. cheers
  6. elvis

    Deep Impact - et al

    What do you mean by the opposite strain? Trying to work this out! Also do you do mating analysis for broodmare owners? cheers
  7. elvis

    Great female family keeps producing

    heres a link to find out about it. I know of someone who has used it here. https://www.plusvital.com/equine-genetics/genetic-tests/
  8. elvis

    Great female family keeps producing

    Anyone know of any for sale? I'm on the look out
  9. why am I not suprised from that seller!
  10. Is Beam of light the horse?
  11. elvis

    Luke Myers

    yes and we have a share in that one. Go the Zeds!
  12. elvis

    2019 New Season stallions

    Someone might lease her for a few years. That might be an option? Retain ownersip!
  13. elvis

    2019 New Season stallions

    Other than Ardrossan? Where are all the mares coming from. I’m selling mine . Had enough for now. Stallions way over priced Imo!
  14. elvis

    stallion for 2019

    Maybe it shows they really are good because they are probably winning at shorter distances in spite of the trainer not because of the trainer. I tend to agree with berri here.
  15. elvis

    Jjumpout results

    Check out the Woodville jumpout result on NZTR. Crack up