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  1. Team 'Ellerslie' have all reported to the starting-gates. No issues. It's all 'go' now for Team 'Ellerslie'.
  2. Orphanpete has replaced both his scratchings, so only my scratching to post so I may as well do that now. Koriokaramea : Comp R8 : 9 is out, to be replaced by 10. Thanks, Maria.
  3. There will be scratching replacements for Team Ellerslie - I'll post these about 1pm. orphanpete you can jump in and amend with replacements for your No. 6 in R4 and No. 4 in R9 earlier, if you don't want to leave it to me at 1pm .
  4. R1) 3-6 BB R2) 8-11 R3) 3-6 R4) 5-8 R5) 5-6 R6) 1-3 R7) 1-4 R8) 5-9 R9) 3-12 R10) 6-7 BB Thank you, Maria. Good luck Team Ellerslie, the finest in the Southern Hemisphere. The City is where it's at.
  5. Good morning, punters. I'm going with these likely sorts today :- R1) 3x7 R2) 2x11 R3) 2x4 R4) 5x6 R5) 3x4 Best Bet R6) 1x2 Best Bet R7) 3x14 R8) 2x13 R9) 4x5 R10) 4x9 The very best of luck everyone, especially to my team-mates to be revealed later and who I'm sure will be the better side of useful. Go the Mighty Black Caps ! . Bring it home, fellas. Thank you very much Maria for this latest wonderful Maria comp. And thank you too, Leigh. Cheers, Korio.
  6. Great idea for a Comp. I'll go:- > Ellerslie >Eagle Farm >Riccarton >Mudgee TC Thanks, Maria.
  7. Please can I have a Scratching Replacement , Maria. Comp R5 Randwick R5 4- High Power is out 2 -Kellstorm is in Many thanks, Maria.
  8. Last week's inaugural; 'Trio' comp was very entertaining …. so I've gotta be in today. Hoping that I'll be teamed up with a couple of geniuses ! I'm going with :- R1) 1x6 Sultan Of Swing / Ticket To Ride R2) 1x3 Beau Jeu / Super Hoof R3) 6x8 Bare Naked Lady / Sir Elton R4) 2x8 Monsieur Sieu / Decroux R5) 1x4 Fanciful Toff / High Power R6) 3x13 White Boots / Dalmatia Prince R7) 1x8 Latin Boy / Invictus Salute R8) 8x12 Condor / Charretera R9) 2x9 Notation / Misteed Best Bet R10) 2x11 Arrow Lane / Boomer Beach Best Bet Many thanks Maria and Scooby. Good luck everyone.
  9. Well done Scoobie, you put a lot in to these fine comps and great to see you get a good result today, And well done of course to your team-mates Camacho and Bazza ! A trio comp was a great idea Maria ….it's good to follow the results of our team-mates race by race, so even if our own selections miss we can bask in the success of a team-mate.
  10. Koriokaramea

    Bet from last weeks comp

    Close but no cigar ! 2nd......when paying 8s. Went up to win at the 150m mark when seeing off the odds-on favourite …..but succumbed late to one flashing down the outside at 25-1. Many thanks for the opportunity, Leigh. A lot of fun. Cheers.
  11. R1) 2x3 R2) 1x11 R3) 2x11 R4) 2x3 R5) 7x9 R6) 9x10 R7) 5x7 R8) 2x9 BB R9) 1x4 R10) 2x3 BB Thank you very much, Maria and Leigh. Good luck, and enjoy your afternoon's racing everyone.
  12. A very hearty well done to comps legend PJ and his partner Kloppite - held their nerve to get in the decisive stride today. Congratulations on a very well-deserved win you two. Thanks to my well-performed team-mate partner Cubes for his excellent tipping today to get our team up for 2nd. We made for a good team Cubes, and went very close. Outstanding performance again from Maria today, an absolute hero at administering these comps. Maria's speed, accuracy, and commentary makes for a mix that is simply breath-taking. Thank you to the sponsor/(s). With Cubes having won a comp last week, and 2nd this week, is obviously in top form and I'm happy for Cubes to invest our $50 prize and am also happy for any winnings from the investment to go to a charity of the sponsor/(s) choice, as Cubes indicated he was happy to do with his prize last week. Team comps are great. Well done all involved, including our fellow-entrants of course. Cheers all. Korio
  13. Race 1 = 7 Race 2 = 3 Race 3 = 8 Race 4 = 3 Race 5 = 8 Race 6= 16 Race 7 = 12 Race 8 = 1 Race 9 = 4 Best Bet Race 10 = 12 Best Bet Cheers and good luck everyone.
  14. Please can you put my name down, Maria. Thank you for the fantastic way you run these comps. Much appreciated.
  15. R1) 5 R2) 8 R3) 9 BB R4) 3 R5) 7 R6) 1 R7) 10 BB R8) 6 R9) 13 R10) 6 R11) 4 Thank you, Chestnut.