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  1. Uriah Heap

    Bob Jones on Israel Folau

    Hooray for free speech, you absolute 100%, Conspiracy fixated, Nut Job.
  2. Uriah Heap


    Jeremy Coney said yesterday that Guptil is a "front foot player" and as such would not survive in Aus conditions against Cummins, Strark and Hazelwood. The position is looking to be our achilles heel in regard to the series v Aus. They're pretty good at exploiting such weaknesses.At the very least, Ravel will be constantly reminded by Aus fielders about the need to review decisions.
  3. Uriah Heap


    A trip to hospital in Apia would hopefully stop you continuing to promote your damaging agenda on vaccinations Gruff.
  4. Uriah Heap

    Trump written off

    When did she say this?
  5. Uriah Heap

    Grace Millane murder trial

    Then the defence come up with their next big card - The overseas expert (usually from Britain) - who looks to place doubt on the findings of any NZ expert for the Prosecution.
  6. Uriah Heap

    Grace Millane murder trial

    The Lawyer for the accused has now played the "My client wont take the stand" card. This is now common practice in NZ murder trials. It's done to prevent the accused being shown in a bad light by needing to alter his story to fit the facts, such as David Bain had to do in his initial trial. Taking a line through Bain's retrial and the trials of Chris Kahui and MacDonald from Feilding, I think the jury would struggle to find this fellow guilty of murder. They will likely agree he most probably did murder her, but can't be 100% certain of this. So its "Not Guilty"..........I hope I'm wrong. because his action "post-death, read like a man with a guilty secret, that he's looking to cover up.
  7. Uriah Heap

    Global Warming / Climate Change

    Or they might have read that the Aral Sea is drying up.
  8. Uriah Heap

    Trump written off

    Now this reads like a sensible summary of what's occurring in the USA. At least there's no talk in this post of "the deep state", "draining the swamp" and "lying Hillary". Quite honestly those are catch phrases designed to suck in the gullible.
  9. Uriah Heap

    ABs Awesome

    A couple of things???????? Crusty - You've had nothing good to say about Rugby Union since you began posting on this site.
  10. Uriah Heap

    Trump written off

    Above is my reply to the 100 1 post below "Everything is coming to a head and October it will be revealed for the world to see." Well it's now 1 November and as I suspected nothing has been revealed. Nor will it be. Donald Trump is not interested in destroying the Deep State. Donald Trump is merely interested in what is best for Donald Trump. 100 1 - If you want your Deep State revealed and destroyed you need to find yourself another Champion. Donald Trump is not the man for this job.
  11. Uriah Heap

    ABs Awesome

    Kicks were poorly executed on the night. They kept doing them cause they could find no other way through the defence. Standing off at rucks/breakdowns is a tactic the AB's often employ (recall the Boks try in the opening game.). The Ref shouldn't need to have a second glance, because he has the TMO's to Police the off side line.
  12. Uriah Heap

    Trump written off

    Well now you're just being silly. Cut it out!
  13. Uriah Heap


    The only certainty in this game is that "Swing Low Sweet Chariot" will drown out the haka. After that it's 50-50. At $3.25 England are well over the odds.
  14. Uriah Heap

    Trump written off

    See this is the problem. Ohokaman is now an "enemy of the people". But who are "the people"? You say this as though they are some sort of great silent majority. Not here in NZ they aren't. Ohokaman appears to be an average Kiwi bloke who doesn't like Donald Trump. That would make at least 80% of New Zealander's, "enemies of the people" So "the people" must live somewhere else. I would suspect they reside in Missouri, USA.
  15. Uriah Heap


    I think the Manawatu RC should arrange for some horses to be grazing up there on race day. That would be a nice touch.