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  1. Uriah Heap

    Jacinda Ardern

    You're pushing it up hill Crusty. Is the modern western world voter looking for leaders or celebrities? Look at world politics. USA = Donald Trump. UK = Boris Johnson. France = Young Trendy Macron. Canada = Young Trendy Trudeau. NZ = Jacinda Ardern (elected after being leader of the opposition for 6 weeks) Do you see a pattern you old dinosaur? And what's the alternative being offered here in NZ................Simon Bridges Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...................Oh dear wait a minute ha ha ha ha ha ha.........
  2. Uriah Heap

    Open championship

    U got the wrong Irishman.
  3. Uriah Heap

    Laurel Hubbard

    The Otago University study released last week makes it very clear why it is unfair to allow transgender women to compete against women who were born women. The study says that in childhood boys growth sees them develop larger bones, lungs and hearts - all of which hugely benefit sporting ability particularly jumping and lifting. Men changing to women later in life might lower their testostrone in order to compete, but these early developmental benefits remain. I never thought I'd hear myself say this - but allowing transgender women to compete against women born women is PC gone.............no I can't say it!
  4. Uriah Heap

    Trump written off

    I see where the former British Ambassador sent a cable back to the UK, saying it was his belief that President Trump abandoned the "Iran Deal" merely to spite former President Obama. He further described President Trump as "Inept", "insecure" and "Incompetent". It reads like a petty man compromising the worlds safety, in order to settle old scores.
  5. Uriah Heap

    Trump written off

    I see President Trump has tweeted that four female Congresswomen, with diverse ethnicity's, should go home to their own countries. The problem is three of the four were born in the USA. They're as American as the President himself, whose Grandfather immigrated to the USA from a poor town in rural Germany.
  6. Uriah Heap

    Trump written off

    Who the hell is "Q"? Is he a mate of yours from the Psychology 101 lectures? Two little buddies, sitting up the front, in their multi-coloured woollen jumpers, trying to figure out what the voices in their heads are telling them.
  7. Uriah Heap

    Trump written off

    Ahhh yes; now we're making some progress. How illuminating. 100 to 1 has done Psychology 101. Two thirds of those taking "Psych 101" at any given University in NZ are there to try and work out why their brain hurts.
  8. Uriah Heap


    Now that was some game in the end. One of the great NZ victories. However I had mixed feelings about Dohni getting run out, because I was interested to see just how he intended to win the game for India. He'd allowed the required run rate to stretch out to 15 an over, on a dodgy wicket. Is that being "cool and calm" or "arrogant and over confident".
  9. Uriah Heap

    Trump written off

    100 to 1's postings on suspected paedophile Jeffrey Epstein is a classic example of how he operates. Plenty of info linking personalities he dislikes to Epstein; but nothing about President Trump's well documented links to the same man. You will note how the majority of 100 to 1's posts follow this same pattern. Anything in the media, no matter how dubious the source, which is Pro Trump, is put forward by 100 to 1 to highlight how glorious his hero is. Anything anti-Trump in the media, is immediately dismissed as "fake news", coming from people with an agenda. My view is that there is "a swamp" in the US, occupied by self-indulgent politicians, top bureaucrats and the wealthy. However, far from genuinely wanting to clean it up, President Trump sits right in the middle of said swamp. Just like Yurtle the Turtle, King of the pond.
  10. Uriah Heap

    Bob Jones on Israel Folau

    Here's how I see it. Rugby is a macho sport and as such an easy target for gay rights activists and anyone else who wants to have a go at them. Rugby (in this case Rugby Australia) recognise this and wanting to be seen to be inclusive to all, (race, gender, sexuality etc), do their best to promote themselves as such. Then their highest paid, poster boy, superstar comes out and says all homosexuals will go to hell unless they repent. As much as RA would like to look the other way this "we are inclusive" vs "all homosexuals are off to hell" could not be allowed to go through to the keeper. They'd asked he not say such utterings publicly; but he did. What were RA to do? Israel's free to say these things from his pulpit, just not while wearing the Australian rugby jersey.. So why doesn't he just leave. He has the profile to continue to get his message across. He doesn't "just leave" because of the money. It's all about the money $$$$$$$ and maintaining the lifestyle he's used too.
  11. Uriah Heap

    Bob Jones on Israel Folau

    ............yes you guessed it - Israel's headed for the Yyyyyy M C A.
  12. Uriah Heap

    Bob Jones on Israel Folau

    Israel should be happy to spend his wealth fighting his Court battle, because Jesus says "Truely I say to you, only with difficulty will a rich person enter the kingdom of heaven." Matthew 19:23. And if you don't enter heaven that only leaves the place where all those homosexuals and fornicators are going. "
  13. Uriah Heap

    Bob Jones on Israel Folau

    Israel wants your money rdytdy. He needs $3 mill of it to fight his onoing crusade. He's a man of principals, but he won't want to use up all his own cash fighting for them, so.....Dig deep buddy.
  14. Uriah Heap

    Jacinda Ardern

    I'll bet the Mike Hosking lovers on this thread were cheering loudly yesterday, when their hero, Mike the Brave, verbally slapped down that little upstart Chloe Swarbick as they "debated" cannabis reform. Poor old Chloe tried to carry on a rational debate, but Mike was having none of it. He pulled out the "name calling mallet" and bludgeoned her with it. He talked over the top of her, saying she was "naive" "hadn't had kids yet" was a "pro pot professional". To be fair to the young woman she took the blows and didn't resort to any name calling in reply; although it must have crossed her mind. The short exchange epitomised the growing generational gap in this country. The old male warrior trying to cling to power, vs the young female on the rise. The problem for Mike and his followers is she'll win eventually. She has time on her side.
  15. Uriah Heap

    Global Warming / Climate Change

    Yeah I've already had that from my cheeky little bugger of a teen. "You're irrelevant," he says. There in lies the problem for Shodsie's 'Center right parties'. They dare not be seen as entirely dimissive of climate change, for fear young voters will say "You're irrelevant" and deny them power via the ballot box.