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  1. Democratic Senator Joe Manchin is an interesting character, no doubt! There was plenty in the Bill, that he's just scuppered that would have benefitted his constituents, in the poorest state in the USA. That he chose to announce his decision on Fox News, speaks volumes about where Joe's loyalties currently lie.
  2. NO it has not. Now you are straight out telling lies.
  3. That French Test was a hard watch. They played like we're supposed to play. Pretty damn good! And our mistakes. My god, how many? You'd have to think Jordie Barrett got a head bump in the warm up, cause he played the game like he was concussed.
  4. Jesus Christ 6xes! You're such a hypocrite. You promote Christianity then you state support for Trump and Peters WTF?? Peter 5:5 "God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble." There's none more "proud" than the two politicians, Trump and Peters.
  5. Muriel Newman never came close to even "liking" Jacinta Ardern, let alone "loving" her.
  6. The initial post on this thread by Berr, is unusually intelligent and thought provoking for this Forum; although I note 6xes trying to hijack it - as usual. One thing I'd say. I don't think adopting a couple of the recommendations from He Puapua will go anywhere near to impacting on the average Kiwi's life, that Rogernomics did.
  7. First question the Rugby Union Lawyer needs to ask Carl, when he takes the stand in regard to Dementia suffers law suit against the Rugby community. "Mr Hayman; how often did you go out drinking alcohol in the 24 hours after a game."
  8. The new Republican Governor of Virginia appears to have used a blueprint, which might be emulated by Republicans seeking office, from here on in. He accepted Trump's endorsement, but by and large steered clear of any talk of stolen elections, or the like. And no way did he want former President Trump coming to Virginia, so he had to be seen on a stage with him. That's now political suicide!
  9. Judith Collins on privileges for people with Vaccine Certificates........ "I'd like a $1 each way please."
  10. Callsign Mav didn't get all favours in that Awapuni Gold Cup (2000m), but ran well enough to suggest the distance won't concern him. He's run well at Te Rapa, which would give some confidence for MV. And he's paying $41 on NZ tote, which appears a fair rating. However, would I back him in that field.....
  11. Given punting is not your thing right at this point in time - Maybe you could also take a break from posting on this forum. That'd give us all a little break!
  12. What about this quote 6xes - Proverbs 28:26 "If you think you know it all, you're a fool for sure; real survivors learn wisdom from others." God's watching you 6xes, and he sees a know it all blowhard.
  13. That Tyson Fury - Wilder fight yesterday was up there with the Heavyweight glory days of the 1970's. It was brutal! No matter what you think of Tyson Fury, he's got the back story, he can fight and he puts on a great show. Best showman since Ali. I like him!
  14. I had never heard of this country prior to yesterday, but happy for us to beat anyone in Soccer.
  15. An idea toward solving the problem of drug addicted and sexual deviant Rugby League players bringing the game into disrepute. For one month after the end of their season there is a moratorium on all penalties for misconduct, pus a media ban on reporting the same. This would include snorting cocaine; not obeying Police direction; group sex recorded on cell phones; adultery; punching your father-in-law and having sexual connections with consenting dogs. However it would not cover taking a cab to a woman's house, who you have never met and having sex with her against her will. The player wou