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  1. Uriah Heap

    Why not Racing ?

    You've never shown any "goodwill" toward Jacinta Ardern, on any matter, ever. You bag her mercilessly, in regard to everything she does, in both her public and personal life. This lack of objectivity makes your views irrelevant.
  2. Uriah Heap

    Jacinda Ardern

    RDYTDY You should probably give it a rest for a while.
  3. Uriah Heap

    Coronavirus Hysteria

    On Tuesday at 10.26am under the "Trump written off" topic, you outline very precisely what Covid 19 is all about. You say we are "watching a world wide operation in real time" and outline, in some detail, how the whole thing is a military operation. Then, the following day, Wednesday at 6.22pm under this "Coronavirus hysteria" topic, you ask many questions say "basic questions go unanswered" and act like you have no idea. Why are you posing these questions on Wednesday, if you already know the answer to them?
  4. Uriah Heap

    Coronavirus Hysteria

    100 1 When you post in the "Trump" topic you tell us Covid 19 is some kind of military operation. All planned, explainable with the outcome already pre-determined. Then you post in this topic raising multiple questions, stating "basic questions go unanswered." WTF 100 1. C'mon man - you either have all the answers or you don't.. Talk about a $1 each way.
  5. Uriah Heap

    Trump written off

    You sound very confident about this scenario 100 1. I'm not sure why these impressive forces have got you in the loop, but you seem well up with their plan. If this doesn't come to pass, just as you say it will, are you going to stop posting? I hope so.
  6. Uriah Heap

    English Football

    My views have nothing to do with my being a West Ham supporter
  7. Uriah Heap

    Resurgeance of club rugby

    With Super Rugby closed down, my son who plays Senior club rugby reckons he'll now be playing against All Blacks; like back in the 70's.
  8. Uriah Heap

    English Football

    My answer for the Corona virus dilemma affecting the English Premier League is - Call it off for the season. Next season have a 22 team comp, with all current Premier teams plus Leeds and West Brom. That's of course assuming there will be a "next season"
  9. Uriah Heap

    Panic on Wall Street !

    Oh shit Crusty!! Took your advice and dived in. Now I've got my begging cup and a little "Any spare change appreciated" sign out and I'm heading downtown to sit on the pavement.
  10. Uriah Heap

    Panic on Wall Street !

    Good advice. Now which companies make toilet paper?
  11. Uriah Heap

    Trump written off

    Tell me. Are we still following "the plan" and has it "all been revealed" yet.
  12. Uriah Heap

    Panic on Wall Street !

    I woke up with a sore throat this morning and went directly down to the Out Patients at the local hospital. "Corona virus" I announced loudly, which made everyone else with their broken arms and serious burns duck away. The nurses told me to leave, which really pissed me off,. I sat outside sulking, while breathing heavily into my paper face mask and rubbing my hands with sanitiser, from one of the 55 bottles I purchased a month ago. Then I rang "Stuff NZ". I may not be sick, but I'll get in the news, for sure.
  13. Uriah Heap

    Black Cap Rollercoaster

    We smashed those Indians. How did that happen?? The worlds greatest batsman suddenly looked like he'd just been selected out of 4th grade. I've decided that, first, you accept the extreme highs and lows that come with supporting the Blackcaps. Then you just hop on the giant rollercoaster and enjoy the ride. What more can you do??
  14. Uriah Heap

    Jacinda Ardern

    If you just say nothing then you get bullied. In regard to these deportations Aus are bullying NZ. You gotta stand up to bullies.
  15. Uriah Heap

    Deja Vu

    The way they lost on Wednesday, it looked for all money like they were sponsored by "John the Bookie" - the same fellow who sponsored Hansie Cronje.