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  1. Is that 100 1 sitting in Nancy Pelosi's chair?
  2. My verse was written by Bob Dylan - now there's a prophet.
  3. The "Lord", 6xes?? Not necessarily. "Well it might be the devil or it may be the Lord But you're gonna have to serve somebody." I feel these lines nicely sum up President Trump, now assured of being a "Past President" come 20 January 2021.
  4. Poor choice of words used by the Speaker of the House in 2019, to describe a man accused by a number of women of touching them inappropriately. Paula Bennett for one got a lot of mileage out of these accusations at time. A strong stance was required, but maybe not that strong. However hardly a hanging offence and anyway....can the Prime Minister dismiss the Speaker of the House. I think the Speaker ranks higher than the PM and I wouldn't think the PM was able to sack them
  5. There's a serious epidemic of "Apologising" sweeping NZ at the moment. Everyone is either demanding, or recieving one. Stuff News to the Maori; Jacinda to the Muslim community; Trevor to the Rapist; Oranga Tamariki to kids in care...etc...etc... It's tiresome and happening so often apologies are becoming meaningless. I hope they come up with an "Apology vaccine" soon.
  6. Loved the National Hunt when living in England Stodge. Hope your bets came in for you. That Sandown is a great course for both jumps and flat racing. I attended the December meeting you refer too. In 1994 I think it was. I recall you catch the train to the back of the course, then some walk to the grandstand. Also attended Exeter October meeting the same year. A more rustic course.
  7. Are you telling me to, "a grip on reality?"
  8. I don't think "the show" is proceeding how you want it too 100 1. Courts in many states are turfing out Court actions claiming fraud. Returning officers (often Republicans) are saying "no sign of fraud. Attorney General Mr Barr is saying no evidence of widespread fraud. "The show" has been fun, but it's drawing to a close and it's President Joe Biden who will bow and accept the final applause.
  9. Gee you know a lot of shit, about a lot of shit, Crusty.
  10. Poor old William Barr. What on earth was he thinking when he deviated from the script in that manner? Possibly he felt he'd built up some collateral that would allow him to act independently and honourably for once. He's now found out the hard way that thinking and speaking for himself was a serious error, as his former supporters put the knife directly in. He'd do best to go back to dancing to the pipers tune. That's what he does best.
  11. Yeah, it's bit of a carry on isn't it. If you venture onto an active volcano, there's fair chance something bad could happen to you.
  12. I see Joe Biden has now received in excess of 6 million votes more than Donald Trump. That's sizeable margin.
  13. rdytdy took a break after the election to dust himself off after a crushing defeat. Appears no one was taking any notice of that dinosaur Muriel Newman. Now he's back, cutting and pasting JC and Mike Hosking. This is the same Mike Hosking who has been wrong on just about every call he's made in 2020.. Ahh well rdytdy....another three years of frustration for you and Mike, as you struggle to come to terms with a changing world.
  14. When the "Kraken on Steroids" vote rigging machine had completed it's evil business; did it disappear in a flying saucer?
  15. Point being 6exs, the Bible is ancient, vague and open to interpretation. I can go through and easily locate a passage, which I can then interpret to suit my own philosophies. Just ask Israel Folau. That's exactly what he does.