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  1. Hey Brother 6's. IN the past you loved to bore us by quoting the Bible to point to Trump as the second coming. I'm now wondering if you got the wrong guy. What about this from the Bible. Gensis 31:3 "The the Lord said to Jacob "Return to the land of your father's and your relatives, an I will be with you." That sounds to me like Biden letting the young refugees through the border, to go live with their Aunt's and Uncles up in the US of A. What do you reckon??
  2. Absolutely! Right at this minute I am waiting patiently in line, sleeve rolled up, waiting for Dr Bloomfield to call my name. It might take a while, but you'll hear no complaining from me, because I know those in charge have got it all under control.
  3. NO it will not "be known in the coming weeks". Your big predictions never come to pass.
  4. Solid leadership shown by the Prime Minister in the past week is to be celebrated. Pushing back against the harping on of the Right wing media, who bleat on for an Aussie Travel Bubble. PM supported by the silent majority of NZ's and shown to be the correct move, in light of Covid issues in Qland. Boldly breaking promises, where required, to address the Housing crisis created by the former National Govt. Retaining the services of that "No nonsense, tell it like it is", Speaker of the House Mallard. We could do with more Members of Parliament like him. Good effort Prime Mini
  5. I don't know why you bother Idolmite. The Trump and Trump supporters operandi is "them and us". You either support us whole heartedly or you're dismissed as one of them. With Trumpites there can be no room for middle ground. No logical critiquing of both sides. I take my hat off to you for trying, but you're not a Trump supporter, so in their eyes you MUST BE a Biden supporter.
  6. That's the type of story I like. He sounds a good man, from a great part of NZ. However in regard to the Halbergs the key word is "Moment" and there were far more memorable "moments" that resonated with Kiwi's throughout the past decade.
  7. "Sports Moment of the Decade" was awarded to two rowers; Cohen and Sullivan. I don't recall them, or their sporting "moment". I can recall plenty of other great NZ moments in the past decade.
  8. You could be right. Leave before the Cops shut down the party. Smart move - Like John Key did!
  9. The problem for you Ohokaman is that Jacinda Ardern has little interest in you or your views. In her view of the world, you are a dinosaur and one of a generation who are on the way out the door. Those photo's she is posting are aimed at people 18 to 30, mostly young woman, who all get one vote, the same as you. And those Under 30's are looking at her photos and watching her pod casts and her evening Facebook talks etc etc, and they continue to like what they see.
  10. My thought on the Royal Racism scandal is - Why did Charles (or William) raise concerns about skin colour after the child had been conceived? Surely if they were worried about this, the time to raise skin colour of any progeny would be when the couple were first going out, or when they are considering marriage. Once the mare's in foal you get what you get, so why raise skin colour at this point? And why skin colour? I'd have thought the Royals would be much more concerned about the child being another balding ginger.
  11. Early days I know, but I have to say I've found it all a bit "Ho Hum" so far. It's started too early, crowds are down a couple of teams seem very weak and it already seems clear who the two finalists are. Fortunately, local pre-season club games are kicking off. They're the way to go these days.
  12. Were the Mike Hosking interviews with Jacinda Ardern "Tough Interviews"? I don't think so. They were merely a grandstand for Hosking to promote his conservative, right wing, pro Australian views?
  13. I think Meghan Markle is most likely "Q". They both spread absolute bullshit, so are more than likely one in the same person.
  14. Conspiracy theories are one thing but now, the things you are saying, are seriously delusional, 100 1. I think you have a mental health issue!
  15. It is Auckland's fault. Lift your game up there Auckwackers and stop your whinging.