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  1. Iraklis

    Here's The Draws.....

    Woohoo!!! draws for Great Southern Star and Hunter Cup are done, check it out Chase is in this, oh hell yes...... Great Southern Star: 1. Red Hot Tooth, 2. Massive Metro, 3. Tornado Valley, 4. Oscar Bonavena, 5. Sky Petite, 6. Sundons Courage, 7. Tough Monarch, 8. Dance Craze, 9. Margret Ruth (em), 10. Majestic Man, 11. Mclovin, 12. Temporale (buggahhh) Hunter Cup: 1. Alta Orlando, 2. Mach Shard, 3. King Of Swing (em), 4. Chase Auckland, 5. Cash N Flow, 6. Triple Eight, 7. Lochinvar Art, 8. Uncle Sam, 9. Code Bailey, 10. Bling It On, 11. AGs White Socks, 12. San Carlo, 13. My Kiwi Mate GOOOO!!!! THE KIWI GUNS!!!! GO KIWI GO KIWI GOOOOOO!!! KIWI!!!!!! Cheers Iraklis
  2. Iraklis

    Bye Bye

    Just read that Martina H has died, so sad, she was put to sleep at the grand ol age of 22 due to injury......thanks for the memories girl Cheers Iraklis
  3. Iraklis

    First blood in the Ballarat.....

    Yeh Idol, loved Chases effort, think he'll give SelfAssured a run for his money if given the chance.....can't wait for our trotters to get there and start whackin too we got a decent 'Team Kiwi' over there at the mo...... Cheers Iraklis
  4. Woohoo!!! Kiwis 1,2,3 in the Ballarat Cup Self Assured, an me fav Chase just go down to AGSWhiteSocks bloody good race big Bazza's BadToTheBone ran a real rippa for 4th in the Vic Heat, but Smooth Deal bombed badly, hope he's ok..... Cheers Iraklis
  5. Iraklis

    Emma Stewart - Ballarat Cup Saturday

    Good to see me fav Chase is in at 5, Nat doin the job this time go Nat! we guna need a Nat special for this one, ooh big buggah for Mark an Self Assured (not sure it'll matter his draw).....still no driver listed for AGWhitesocks...... Cheers Iraklis
  6. Iraklis

    Yeh Boy! Go The Boys.....

    Yeh JJ stinkin news re Thefixer, and for it to be the very foot they're havin probs with howsat for crap luck, poor Fixer but, Chase is there to take up the slack and it was good to see Frosty stay down, and fight on, goin the left handed way his least fav way...... I just hope the gun team of horses we (Kiwis) sendin aussie way will be safe given all the fires n stuff over there at present.....just in, Thefixer is good to go to aus so will be on plane as well this week after all..... Cheers Iraklis
  7. Iraklis

    Yeh Boy! Go The Boys.....

    WOOHOO!!! did yuh see him guys the boss was drivin him, and when he asked boy did Chase deliver, yusssss!!!! he was guna win it from a long way out the way he was travellin, big run 5 wide turnin in and he really gave it to em, corr he really is a beauty at full noise..... Ahh, not sure what yuh mean there Eljay mate.... Cheers Iraklis
  8. Iraklis

    Yeh Boy! Go The Boys.....

    For tonite at Cambridge, go Frosty and Oscar! go Thefixer! an come on Mark mate, drive the Chase like he's The Reactor please please please, oh ye great gods of racin, it's just gotta be Chases turn tonite.....annnnd A BIG CHEER FOR TONYH AND TICKLE ME PINK! and sorry Bazza would love to cheer for Mach but he's in me favs race...... Cheers Iraklis
  9. Iraklis

    Ricky May

    Yeh boy come on back to drivin Rickster, gawd with an attitude like that small wonder he's been such gun driver (well he was me mighty Terror's mate for awhile), and a bloody nice dude......onya Rick! Cheers Iraklis
  10. Iraklis

    Ricky May

    Great news to hear about Ricky May, he's well on the road to recovery, up and talkin to family etc....woohoo! great stuff Rickster!!!! Cheers Iraklis
  11. Iraklis

    Ricky May

    Shit this is stinkin news, all the absolute best Ricky, hope you are ok my friend I'll never forget the night at Alex park you let me hold the mighty Monkey King while you grabbed his gear before walkin him to his stall, priceless..... Cheers Iraklis
  12. Iraklis

    You would h have never known

    Well all I can say is GO!!! THE MIGHTY CHASE!!! I hope he gives it to em all...... Cheers Iraklis
  13. Iraklis

    All Stars slugfest

    Yes I read that Tim, I go to their (AllStars) website most days, everyday, and twice on Sunday's am really likein their videos, gives a really personal look into their workings and thoughts, its really kool site am lovin it Cheers Iraklis
  14. Iraklis

    All Stars slugfest

    Yeh right stables, that's how you kno what I post ay? by not readin em, you brought me into this, now who's the moron?! ah hahahaha don't have the nuts to outright accuse! you just 'allude to' all innuendo an surmise (as posted numerous times previously) if yuh gunna read my posts same goes for you; at least get em right! Iraklis
  15. Iraklis

    All Stars slugfest

    Oh buggah off stables you egg! as JJ says back up your claims with proof! there's nothin like cold hard facts mate to make people sit up and take notice, from what I've seen of you and your posts you don't have any! and never will; you are just like the rest of your ilk all innuendo, assumption, and surmise; so bloody jealous an envious you could spit! and you do, goin by the regular crap you post about the mighty AllStars team......give over already any one of us in here is entitled to barrack for, and be a fan of, be supportive of whom ever we like, you've clearly got a beef with AllStars; we clearly don't!!! you are more than welcome to leave and get over yourself elsewhere, if you don't like our positive reactions to a Stable that is doin us all proud, may they reign on!!!! Long live the King an Queen of Harness I say (just for your benefit stables)...... Cheers Iraklis