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  1. Guys, Shartin strolled it in her race this week, and it was good to see Delishka in there whackin as well: have put this link up for those who wanna have a squizz, hope it works.....annnnd, Bettor Joy is up again tomorrow at the Big M..... Cheers Iraklis
  2. Oh yey JL, be bloody great to see UMayCullect back and yes JJ, saw they had a power of alot of trialists etc including Darling Me another of Adore Me's baby's, what a big hand the Allstars have to play when they do get back and firin, I can't wait cheers Iraklis
  3. Oh gawd yes JL, love the sport but boy it's been hard to watch and read whats happenin, everyday its more doom, more gloom; we've lost our Boxseat, bloody nuts on that! track closures, RIU crap, fightin an scrapping all over the space, wateva.....friken depressin! sooooo what have we left? well we gotta look for the good thats left (what little there is) ie. what horses of interest are there racin, and it just so happens we got mighty Kiwibreds doin the job overseas, oh man that'll do me til me mighty AllStars get crankin again can't wait for that....kool news re your Myeyesadoreya will add that to me list of to watch out for hey mate you reckon we'll get a NZ Cup this year? oh we just got to, we jusssssst got to...... Cheers Iraklis
  4. Thanks JJ mate, yeh it just all got a bit depressin readin the posts re RIU etc etc, an the friken CoV shite so I decided to take a break for wee while, then I started gettin reminders of horses I had booked on USA site for when they're racin again, boom there was me ol mate Have Faith and flyin the Kiwibred flag rather well to boot, hence my post..... Hey 2piper awesome results from the Kiwibreds yussss!!!! Cheers Iraklis
  5. For those interested, Hillary Barry, Have Faith In Me have both been up and racin Stateside and doin very well, Shartin is bout to have a run round next week 30th June yey for the Champ, nice to see our Kiwibreds still flyin the flag over there...... Cheers Iraklis
  6. Oh gawd, I'm want to groan everytime I read summit re ATC and its happenins......surely we're due some wildly ecstatic, upliftin stuff soon Cheers Iraklis
  7. Oh gawd yes JL am hangin out for harness can't wait to see me favs runnin again over the bloody negative stuff mate, and yes woohoo, go the Rickster! Cheers Iraklis
  8. Oh man I wish I could've seen the mighty Cardy race, the horse that did it for me was the tough, tough mare Delightful Lady, that white harness against the shiny black coat cor she was summit else comin round em turnin in at The Park.....hooked from there on.....the amount of times I pestered the hell outta the poor steward on the entrance of the stables so I could get out to there an get photos of her, and a pat and a yak with Dave etc loved it..... Cheers Iraklis
  9. Hey hey check this out guys........look at the little beaudee First Lazarus N foals arrive at Deo Volente 08:50 AM 28 Mar 2020 NZDT Comment (0) Tweet Share Email Print Back to USA homepage Entries Results This colt is out of Worldly Beauty p,4,1:49.3 ($1,900,255) Flemington, NJ — Deo Volente Farms is excited to announce the arrival of its first two Lazarus N foals of 2020. The first is a colt out of Worldly Beauty p,4,1:49.3 ($1,900,255). Worldly Beauty is the matriarch of the farm’s pacing broodmare band and was the 2- and 3-year-old Dan Patch champion filly of the year. Her full sister, Worldly Treasure, is the dam of superstar stallion Captaintreacherous. “This baby is beautifully bred, strong and handsome,” said Deo’s farm manager Fidencio Cervantez. Deo’s second colt is out of Daut Full p,1:51.3f ($158,994). Said Cervantez, “We are very happy with the looks of both these colts and we can’t wait for the arrival of two more foals by Lazarus this season — one out of Rocklamation 1:48.3 ($2,277,384), and one out of Double Jeopardy from the family of Delinquent Account.” Deo Volente has also been receiving news about other Lazarus N foals that have arrived. Ken and Kathy Weed, of Shadowbrook Farm, have welcomed a colt out of The Signature p,3,1:56.1f ($37,047) and a filly out of Make Magic p,4,1:53.4f ($137,133). They stated, “Our two foals from Lazarus are stunning. They are smart, correct, and very athletic. They travel across the field faster than their mothers can keep up. We can’t wait to see them on the racetrack. Both babies are a joy to be around. They handle like a Porsche. We are very excited and blessed.” Jess Smith also welcomed a colt from Veiques p,3,1:56.1f ($37,639) from the family of Sannabelle Island. Jess said, “We are very pleased. The colt is well conformed with great bone. His head and eye are sharp with a regal bearing. I look forward to getting started on next year’s crop!” In addition to being extremely impressed with Lazarus N’s first two foals, Fidencio Cervantez went on to say that in his 30-plus years in the business he has never seen a stallion with such an impressive and near perfect conformation as Lazarus N. He is so thrilled with Lazarus N and the first two colts that he decided to personally purchase a share in the Lazarus N syndicate. Mike Gulotta, CEO of Deo Volente Farms, had this to say about the arrival of Lazarus N’s first two foals. “We are grateful to Duncan and his brothers at Taylormade Stallions for their confidence in Deo Volente. By the looks of these foals, Lazarus is certain to make his mark on the pacing world. “New Jersey’s future has never been brighter due to the tremendous support from our state legislators and from the contribution to racing revenues from sports betting. Our new breeders’ award program, increased NJ Sire Stakes and other NJ restricted race purse increases are making it quite attractive to breed in New Jersey.” Limited breedings are available to Lazarus N for the 2020 season. Deo Volente Farms Cheers Iraklis
  10. Oh nice Timbo a bloody welcome post given whats happenin over there and here at the mo, bit of welcome relief...... Cheers Iraklis
  11. Iraklis


    Yeh and given the TABs massive blunder reported in the Herald, you'd think the more people seein racin and havin a bet the better, include Freeview along with Sky..... Cheers Iraklis
  12. Iraklis

    Miracle Mile

    Yeh I know Blue mate, I watched em all but geez it was @#!$%@# frustratin to watch, I'd never make a driver I'd always be in the shit over summit the Mach was full of runnin and when he finally saw daylight he boomed home....big Bazza had a pretty good night for all that.... Cheers Iraklis
  13. Iraklis

    Miracle Mile

    Oh man, even though no Kiwi's on the front end AOrlando at least in for 3rd (got out late) loved it, I felt for Bettors Heart she looked like a tired horse, so did AGSWhitesocks, bloody great watch for all that enjoyed all the other races with Kiwi reps in em, twas nice the buildup, but onyas aussies (bloody dangerous those Kiwibreds in aus hands) MM is yours for another year, see yuhs next year Cheers Iraklis
  14. Havtime! thats who, boy did she just put em all to the sword, with Tiffany and Belle 2 and 3, congrats Barry she's done yuh proud woooeeee she ripped into her work right from the get go, and kept truckin, was attacked hard in the mid stage but she stuck to it bless her and boom, 1.50 and change, with the other two Kiwi's in close attendance...... Cheers Iraklis
  15. Iraklis

    Miracle Mile

    Now to tonights Miracle Mile guys n gals reckon we're in for a rippa, it's got all you could want even down to a lone mare takin on the boys.....much luck Mr Bagrie tell Bettors Heart the girls have it at the mo, just look at Amazin Dream..... Cheers Iraklis