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  1. Dalboy, slanderin or defamin someone don't mean you got balls! just means you were dopey enough to say it without proof, so now who's the idiot? Cheers Iraklis
  2. Lee mate, oh no no no no no fark no! please great god of harness, please if you'll just be in Chase's corner one more time, our boy aint finished yet he's got unfinished biz, I'll, I'll, (shit I'm gunna hate meself) I'll give up me fav booze....there I said it! yes please Lee good buddy that'd be much appreciated Cheers Iraklis
  3. YNGMYM, nope never out thought you, and I didn't suggest comment wasn't made to you, I said it wasn't! and I simply asked you to show where Lee had abused you specifically, and you couldn't! and for your info there is nothin wrong with this RaceCafe forum it's as inclusive as it need be to friendly's..... Now, now, Napier mate LMAO I was tryin to be tactful and diplomatic, given our newly opened trantasman bubble in all Cheers Iraklis
  4. Spike mate, I was just pleased to see the boy back out there, I don't think he was hammered to do it he was travellin pretty well, but I reckon he needed a good hit out I cant wait for his next one, you think the may bring him to the Jewels? gawd anyone with any goss be greatly appreciated, I'd love to see him again loved watchin him in the Mile there..... Cheers Iraklis
  5. YNGMYM, I ask that you point out where Lee addressed his comment to you specifically? you assumed he was calling you a fukin idiot, unlike yours; furthermore your original post did not include your explanation only after the fact. I believe the comments made re SpikeC, were concerning the original post and then after the disparaging one made by you towards Lee. Got nuthin to do with different cultures at all, yours was kneejerk abusive! Lee's was not, and yes I liked Lee's post as I could see the funny side of it (as in throw yuh hands up and oh not another fukin idiot) in regard to other post
  6. If I miss my guess YNGMYM, it's this little bit of thinly veiled hint at something extra goin on in the race ie. 'it is pretty handy when a trainer has half the field and can determine how the race is going to be run' the first part of your post started fine then you added to it, there have been accusations of 'team driving' etc etc etc in here in the past, along with the oldie 'blood dopin' blah blah blah all unfounded and no proof.....I guess thats what this post of yours looks like, the same ilk as the others, hence the replies.... That said, I don't believe Lee abused you, he simply m
  7. Hey JL mate, I've always had a soft spot for the mighty Chase so bloody great to see him back on the track thought we had lost him to racin, I reckon that was good first up run good pipe opener I just been lookin in here and we have had some great racin over past weeks, and not a dickey bird bout it; then after last nights go round the best is some knob goin on about blood dopin, bugger me days..... Cheers Iraklis
  8. What the hell is it with some people? Dalboy geezuz!!! with all the great racin on that's the best you could do....anyway I for one am sooooo friken glad to see the mighty Chase back oh yessss he looks good, and be all the better for that hit out..... Cheers Iraklis
  9. Agree JJ, and what rubbish re the other site, any Vet worth their weight would know if a horse is lame regardless of knowing the horse or not, cmon.... Cheers Iraklis
  10. JJ mate, that beggars the hell can he defend/dispute the charge, I mean the Vet agreed horse was unsound etc what the hell are we comin to?.... Cheers Iraklis
  11. Majestic Man just dished up another thrashin in aus, strikes me he's eally thrivin on the racin there he did that with ease 1.53 and change woooeeee.... Cheers Iraklis
  12. Mighty Temporale! welcome back son, it was the slimmest margin but he and The Bolt fought out the finish in fine style clearin out from the pack, Tempey put his dogged nose in front right on the line, soooo good to see him back, congrats to Michelle & Bernie and, I thankyou I always had a soft spot for this fella, he such a hard tryin horse, love him Cheers Iraklis
  13. Yeh ay Steel for that matter so would Copy That.... Cheers Iraklis
  14. Hey hey Timbo mate, good stuff that, an it's nice to hear their comments to each other hard case Cheers Iraklis