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  1. How does this work?

    The three best horses in the race ran one two three although the question of ratings - if that Kawi is as good as you lot reckon he should have a rating of 158 or so. That doesn't answer the question I posed - if they want to increase those fillies ratings so dramatically for one run why was Prom Queen not reduced a heap for a poor run? But another question for all you know alls. Kawi draws four yet is the last or second last one loaded today with the other favourite Coldplay late as well. How do they justify that favorable treatment? Consensus had been loaded earlier then proceeds to miss the kick. Fair?
  2. Kawi Cheats Well!

  3. Kawi Cheats Well!

    It's WFA ya halfwit
  4. How does this work?

    Thats a good point. Compare Savvy Coup who won two at the Cup Meeting and probably similar if not better money to the two Dennis Bros horses but ends up well below them in the ratings. Admittedly one of the two now has black type but Savvy Coup's rating is significantly lower. Pitty is a master at it all right. Anyway while they run in set weight three year old races I guess it is irrelevant but when they step out at four the double whammy of dealing with older horses and higher weights might well come home to roost. Bottom line is it is easy to go up the ratings and bloody hard to go back down. There is something not quite fair in that.
  5. How does this work?

    He never got slagged off. He jumped in with an explanation as to why the re rating of those horse was all legitimate then when I asked an equally legitimate question about why the reverse did not apply he went all defensive. And he has still not explained why in particular The Lustre and The Sparkle should be bumped up heavily based on one good run yet Prom Queen should not be significantly reduced for what, on the face of it, was a poor effort(I personally believe she had a lot of excuses and hoped she would win the race for Kenny but maybe the other two got perfect runs and all the breaks - I haven't studied the race and do not intend to). The second last paragraph of my previous post sums the situation up and don't I remember Berri(I think so - forgive me if I am wrong) bemoaning the quality of this years 1000 Guineas field a couple or weeks back. Even more reason not to over react to the result.
  6. How does this work?

    Well come on explain it. You explained to us that the placegetters were re-rated to reflect their performance in that race so why were the also rans not re-rated to reflect their poor performance? I haven't taken it personally just asked a question of those who profess to know all about these things. If you are not ready for a legitimate reaction and question then don't come on here telling us how much you 'know' The reality is that in particularly the case of the third and fourth horses the re-rating is a vast over-reaction. For the same reason that Prom Queen's rating should not be dropped like a stone those two should not have their ratings massively bumped up until they show a consistent ability to meet the standard of the opposition they are facing. And given that Authentic Paddy and Mime both beat Consensus easily last start how come they are not now above her in the ratings? Using your logic they should be. Carnval ought to have sailed past Scapolo in the ratings based on the Stewards too surely?
  7. How does this work?

    I'm waiting for them to come back and explain why Prom Queen's rating didn't drop through the floor WD. After all they seem to think it fair that horses who ran well got hammered(with one notable exception) so why don't ones who run poorly get enormous benefit ratings wise.
  8. How does this work?

    Well Prom Queen on that basis should be say 65? If you want to play the know all tell me why not?
  9. How does this work?

    Well Insider why does Prom Queen not drop massively since she was clearly 'outclassed'?
  10. How does this work?

    Dijon Bleu. I guess the response could be that she was already highly rated so the big jumps for the others bring them relativity in a theoretical handicap but Prom Queen only dropped one so not sure I could accept that
  11. How does this work?

    The winner of the 1000 Guineas goes up 17 rating points the third horse 14 points and the fourth horse 11 points. The second horse stays on the same rating. ??
  12. Great Field

    Yes we wouldn't have minded buying a tent but at $600 min plus booze - and then no doubt only their own brands - and travelling from the West Coast we weren't sure we were even coming up till a week ago(and I doubt there would have been a refund). I wouldn't denigrate the quality of the experience - most of the young seemed to be very much enjoying themselves and I intend to recommend the day to my nephews next year - but from a purist's point of view it was not satisfactory. Like Kumara and Riccarton's Cup day - a necessary evil for the industry but not my cup of tea. If Kumara are ever forced to bar BYO then the appeal will quickly wither I would say(though Winnie promised to stop that happening so it will be interesting). At Riccarton on Cup day I queued for a beer for fifteen minutes - if I had not been shouting an old mate I would have walked out. Great days in the industry but not for me.
  13. Just Reminiscing

    Yes realised that now but for God's sake what was lost with the 'Levin Classic' name disappearing? It ain't like the Derby or the 1000 Guineas. If we aren't rooted already we would be if the sponsors are booted.
  14. Great Field

    Well... I know it is a day like Kumara when they like to cater for the masses (ie a heap of young people - seemed to be mainly young ladies with English accents but anyway...). You were waiting half an hour in a queue for a beer(and it was HOT!). When you got to the head of the line the bar staff spent half an hour trying to work out the price(given the three prices were $5,$7 and $9 and you were only allowed four drinks initially then cut back to two but they still struggled apparently). I refused to queue until about race six when it was basically walk up to the bar and buy your beer - many of the young crowd having been escorted off the premises by that stage. My wife however having queued behind a young bloke for half an hour then heard him told 'no eftpos only cash' at the bar. Poor prick had to go get his cash then get in the back of the line. They did say there was another bar but when we went to find it it was at the top of the straight with hopeless speakers and no view. Plus some prick going boom boom boom with his stereo system. It soon filled too with at least 15min for a drink. They should have standardized drink prices and a cashier selling tickets so they process faster. Any bar operating like that would go broke quicksmart. So that was the drink situation. Then there was the issue of visibility. Cromwell has no grandstand just a big mound. Now their multitude of large corporate tents went right down to the rail so if you were standing at the top of the mound you couldn't see a bloody thing till about 150m out. Go down to the rail and the infield tents meant you couldn't see the back straight. Even from the top the view was impeded. Shift the effing tents back ya halfwits! Not everyone is in the bloody presidents hospo room up high. I know the Otago RC people don't often deal with huge crowds and my contribution is beggar all I guess but you cannot just cater for the once a year crowd. What's more I didn't back a winner(but I will be generous and not blame the ORC for that). It has been a good meeting for years that but in the period since I was last there it has gone to the pack.
  15. Great Field

    We're you there WD? I was and much as it was a great crowd and good racing(and bloody lucky there was cloud cover for much of the day cos it was hot!) there were disturbing aspects in the organisation.