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  1. Without thinking

    Don't forget saw
  2. Michael Pitman

    I've pissed him off in my time but he has been a good friend to the Reefton JC. The motto is don't bite the hand that feeds you. Greymouth was the Club that lost his usual boxes to fire then told him there were none available when he wanted some. His reaction? I won't come back. There are plenty of better stake racedays at Riccarton anyway. Closer to home and a vastly superior track to the Coast and/or Invercargill.
  3. Te Aroha

    Just proves there is a place for everyone(although not sure exactly which place suits the halfwits running the industry)
  4. Talented Commentator today at Awapuni >>

    Talented Commentator??????? Every single one of them is unbelievably talented. The Justin Evans really is a find though like Matt Cross. NZ racing might be rooted but one thing we do have in abundance is class in the commentators box. Not a terrible lot of ability among the administrators.
  5. Abandonments - RNZ This Morning

    Putting them all into one venue will standardise the racing and pretty soon everyone will be bored to death with it. The crowds will fall and it will just be a Riccarton situation with a few hundred diehards in attendance at any meeting. Kumara would not be Kumara for instance at another venue. And one venue means paid track staff as well(You are not going to get the same level of enthusiastic volunteers when some other Club is hammering your track) All good as a dream but unlikely to fly I'm afraid. Anyway the facilities(not the tracks themselves but he public areas) over here are perfectly adequate for the meetings we run.
  6. Abandonments - RNZ This Morning

    TAB was certainly not the issue with Kumara Pam. They(TAB) were moving to Reefton anyway and would have been happy to shift. It was the KRC itself that refused the offer. Having said that they(TAB) were the problem a few years back when we gave them five or six days notice that we needed to shift to Greymouth. They reckoned the Truck driver's hours was the problem - wrong excuse when the Reefton Committee includes two truck drivers and a Transport company owner. Realistically shifting venues is only an option with a couple of days notice. You cannot just do it on the morning of the races with the current TAB setup. Maybe if the totes went to all TAB caravans but there is still the TV's setup, Trackside and staffing to consider.
  7. Abandonments - RNZ This Morning

    there was a bloody interesting article on Hec Anderton on Facebook a month or so ago. He reckons a lot of the slipping is to do with the shoes they wear these days. If you are on facebook try the White Robe Lodge site.
  8. Abandonments - RNZ This Morning

    Pike misses the point continually made - those (four actually not three) courses on the Coast cost not one cent to run. It is entirely(and I mean entirely) voluntary. The only one paid is the Secretary. Closing them will not save the industry one single cent not will it provide the industry with one single cent to invest elsewhere. He somehow mixes them up with the example he no doubt sees at Te Rapa or wherever where there is a myriad of track and admin staff. I appreciate that the Coast probably has too many tracks and that they are too small but it is false economy to think that closing them will benefit the industry. Maybe it is time for racing that is more tiered(City/Country) but looking at Riccarton's fields for Saturday(and Te Rapa's yesterday) there does not appear to be a desperate desire for more opportunities in a metropolitan racing environment. And the complaints re the state of the facilities are generally pointed at the Metro clubs as well certainly not the country venues. Having said all that Messara makes some very valid points and the issue of NZRB and its desire to be all things to all men in terms of the codes is something that I have not considered before. Maybe it is time for the codes to take over control of their own destiny. Three separate gaming operations maybe?
  9. Harness Racing Names

    Listen you halfwit you have been here for a week or so and generally talked utter piffle(and this is a classic example) If you cannot keep up with the theme of the thread you should get off the forum And if you are going to stay on learn to use correct spelling, punctuation and construction of your sentences. Capitals where appropriate for a start.
  10. Harness Racing Names

    Commissioner and Olga Korbut(I do recall her) were not bloody harness racing hall of famers! Get with the bloody gist of the discussion!
  11. Avantage Syndicate & Veitch Share??

    The horrifying thing was Steven Joyce and (apparently) David Bennett(such a non entity I couldn't recognise him) sitting with Ellis yesterday. National had nine years of showing not a spec of interest in racing and those two are there in the limelight!
  12. Harness Racing Names

    I assume you are comparing the harness horse to Commissionaire. If so I suspect , given that I have no memory of the harness horse you mention, that there is no issue. Commissionaire the galloper was an outstanding horse trained by Noel Eales, and I think owned by a Mrs Aynsford, but I would not be anywhere near as offended if another trotter used that name as using Show Gate. What I am talking about is hall of fame horses in one code having their names duplicated in the other not something that once won a stakes race having its name replicated Show Gate, Sunline, Caduceus, Delightful Lady, Lordship not something that just held on to win a maiden at Reefton.
  13. Avantage Syndicate & Veitch Share??

    10% of a sale price for the trainer is not unheard of is it? Not often an extra 10% (effectively) for the training organisation. Must be one of the great gigs training for Te Akau(certainly in NZ terms). Endless stream of well bred, well educated young ones through the gate , no worries about whether someone is going to pay or not or how you are going to pay the wages, the float, the vet or the feed bill
  14. Avantage Syndicate & Veitch Share??

    It wasn't when I had one with Te Akau. Well not that I remember (mind you I don't remember too many $550000 winning stakes either)
  15. Harness Racing Names

    Hmmmmm....... I see that Delightful Lady thing. I suspect I might have been a bit too nice to the NZTR mob. That is another one that should never have been allowed but clearly there are thick pricks on all sides.