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  1. Phar Laps sire Night Raid was bay
  2. The filly is a nice mover and on type is probably the best the mare has produced and is ahead of were the others in the family were at the same stage. It is a family that takes time, shouldn't be raced before autumn of there 3 yr old season
  3. Hobby breeders (such as ourselves) enjoy breeding and holding onto the dream, but ultimately we need to get a return. We don't expect to make a huge return but it would be nice to break even, we passed ours in at $25k, that doesn't cover the service fee, or sales prep let alone costs on the way. The mare has had 6 foals 4 to the races for 2 multiple winners ( 1 won 6 and the other won 5) so not a champion but produces nice types
  4. Just come back from watching our horse pass in, no body there.
  5. I think as we are now 4th or 5th cab off the ranks in terms of sales it will be hard especially as the Aussies have another sale straight off the back of this one
  6. I note that there was a total absence of government representation at the start of the sales, the minister could have done a Zoom link or something to show some form of interest. Interested in the money they get from us but no actual interest in the product
  7. Congratulations to the hard working Brighthill team with Preferment getting his 1st Australian winner trained by Chris Waller and a place getter at Tauranga with the Marsh team
  8. Agree there should be some allowances made, regarding Mr C, Matamata is outside the L3 lockdown so he is allowed to travel
  9. Shows the inconsistancies of the stipes
  10. Until there are more staying races carded the quality won't be there
  11. ADM

    Michael Daly

    Condolences to Michaels family, we were very lucky to have Michael train for us with the best being Belmont Cat, i will miss my coffee at the kitchen table when visiting Timaru. RIP Michael
  12. ADM

    Michael Daly

    Last I heard he was in an induced coma in ChCh hospital after a brain bleed