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  1. ADM

    Congrats Michael and Savvy Coup

    Nice article on 3 news about Michael, a positive story. Hope all goes well with his op and he can get to the Cox Plate.
  2. ADM

    How Can This Continue

    So happy we scratched this morning
  3. ADM

    Hot Fuss

    And the powers at b want Timaru to run their races at Riccarton
  4. ADM

    RIP Chris Brown

    I am currently reading the Winx book and there is a Chris Brown mentioned in it, is it the same person?
  5. ADM

    Waikato Stallion parade

    He looked really good, nice mover
  6. ADM

    Waikato Stallion parade

    Would be interested to hear people's thoughts of how you thought it went
  7. 25th and 26th of August, Starting at Brighthill at 9.30 Saturday followed by Richhill, Waikato Stud (lunch provided), Mapperley, Valachi Downs and finishing at Navara Park approx 3.30. Sunday starting at Highview at 9.30, followed by Windsor, Oaks and finishing at Cambridge Stud about 1pm. This year sponsored by Gavel house who are also putting on coffee carts at the 1st Studs both days
  8. ADM

    Courte Zarindi vs Za Za Gabor

    It's hard to get away from conflicts of interest when you have club officials training and at there home course, with an industry like ours there is such a small pool of volunteers and weather people want to admit it or not it will happen
  9. ADM

    Courte Zarindi vs Za Za Gabor

    Something like that would be great as the current sys system doesn't work, it is a Kangaroo court system that is currently operating and the JCA take a lot of direction from the stipes and I won't bring up conflicts of interest
  10. ADM

    Courte Zarindi vs Za Za Gabor

    They were something , I wouldn't mind if there was consistency, have seen a lot worse where there were no changes.
  11. ADM

    Courte Zarindi vs Za Za Gabor

    Race 1 Te Rapa 10/12/16, I do need to build a bridge
  12. ADM

    Courte Zarindi vs Za Za Gabor

    There is no consistency, we were relegated 18 months ago (still hurting ) yes our horse moved but our rider stopped riding the other rider never stopped and never changed line, they had a small bump right on the line and Mr Otham decided it was worthy of relegation , I think it comes down to who the other connections are, at least I have the winning photo
  13. ADM


    $2k fine and 3 week suspension already given
  14. ADM

    Bonecrusher Statue

    Having Jim Pike on Pharlap gives the statue life and relevance
  15. ADM

    Bonecrusher statue....

    Pharlap in Timaru is excellent