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  1. ADM

    ~ R2 Ellerslie...

    All i will say is race 1 10/12/2016, asume same stipe
  2. Condolences to the owners of Roaring Lion as i see he has passed away
  3. I see he went back for more surgery yesterday
  4. ADM

    2019 New Season stallions

    What a great opportunity to get to a the Frankel blood
  5. ADM

    How y’all looking now

    Everyone is saying the same thing, we need change, but only if it doesn't affect them!
  6. ADM

    National may scrap Super Gold Card

    As an AML consultant I find it interesting that the TAB won't accept it. The AIVCOP 2013 put ot by FMA and DIA about acceptable secondary id lists "a document issued by a government agency that contains the persons name and signature,for example a Super Gold card as defined in the Social Security (SuperGold card) Regulations 2007" Definitely someone trying to make things hard at the TAB
  7. ADM


    Waimate has always fought about going to Timaru, I think there is a clash of personalities.
  8. ADM

    RIP Lord Arthur

    Very much pleased
  9. ADM

    2019 New Season stallions

    It is a tough call
  10. ADM

    2019 New Season stallions

    The family has been very good to us but the cost to return is just getting a bit hard to take. The other problem is finding a commercial stallion under 16.1 hands, have found danehill cross works, no Zabeel and under $15k
  11. ADM

    2019 New Season stallions

    We try to sell as yearlings, the problem as noted by Huey is finding a value commercial stallion as she seems to like producing fillies and then we get hammered at the sales.
  12. ADM

    2019 New Season stallions

    So if you had a mare where she had 5 foals, 2 to the races, 1 has won 6, placed 7 and the other has won 5 and placed 4, both just missed black type, would you be Breeding.? Of the others, 1 is an un raced 4yr old, a 2 year old who is showing something and the other a weanling.
  13. ADM

    Cape blanco.

    Being biased as the breeder of Inscription I think he was a good Stallion. Big thing is they need time, Inscription missed her 4 year old season with a stress fracture, the time out was the best thing for her. I believe CB was sold to Japan which was why he didn't come back.
  14. ADM

    Waikato Weanling Tour

    Turn out wasn't bad, between 50 and 60 most of the day, Tivaci followed by Preferment imo
  15. ADM

    Waikato Weanling Tour

    Thanks to everyone who came along and to the studs who had staff come in on a Sunday to Parade weanlings