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  1. ADM

    Levin Jumpouts

    Thanks Tony, your a legend
  2. ADM

    Levin Jumpouts

    Thanks for that nomates
  3. Is there any site i can go too to see the jumpouts from Wednesday - heat 2
  4. Mine delivered today, fantastic to have it back.
  5. Timaru, Tauranga, Rotorua, Te Aroha, Tauherenikau
  6. We have raced at Awapuni twice in the last couple of years and will not go back, very unwelcoming atmosphere, found staff very difficult to get drink tickets or information (and horse had difficulties both times)
  7. Just had an email from the printers saying the Raceform will be back
  8. I thought the idea of the track closures was to sell the land, so whats the point in closing Phar Lap when it is DOC land and can't be sold
  9. All i will say is race 1 10/12/2016, asume same stipe
  10. Condolences to the owners of Roaring Lion as i see he has passed away
  11. I see he went back for more surgery yesterday
  12. What a great opportunity to get to a the Frankel blood
  13. Everyone is saying the same thing, we need change, but only if it doesn't affect them!
  14. As an AML consultant I find it interesting that the TAB won't accept it. The AIVCOP 2013 put ot by FMA and DIA about acceptable secondary id lists "a document issued by a government agency that contains the persons name and signature,for example a Super Gold card as defined in the Social Security (SuperGold card) Regulations 2007" Definitely someone trying to make things hard at the TAB
  15. ADM


    Waimate has always fought about going to Timaru, I think there is a clash of personalities.