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  1. ADM

    Waikato Weanling Tour

    Turn out wasn't bad, between 50 and 60 most of the day, Tivaci followed by Preferment imo
  2. ADM

    Waikato Weanling Tour

    Thanks to everyone who came along and to the studs who had staff come in on a Sunday to Parade weanlings
  3. ADM

    Waikato Weanling Tour

    Make that Sunday 28th.
  4. The Waikato TBA and JLT are running a Weanling tour next Sunday the 29th, all weanlings by first season sites. Bus leaves 10am 9 Anzac Street Cambridge. For a seat on the bus or more details contact Derek Mayne 0274 666687 or [email protected]
  5. ADM

    Capital Gains Tax

    More a liability
  6. ADM

    Mark Sweeney

    I heard awhile ago he was working away from the industry and enjoying it,
  7. It's a great day out, gets a better attendance than some of the big clubs. It is a pity they had to stop the gallops.
  8. ADM

    Race Protests

    I think it is all about how the stipe and JCA feel on the day, absolutely no consistency and it is a kangaroo court system
  9. ADM

    Absolute rubbish coverage

    Turned off trackside at 4.30 and went to channel 7 coverage on Prime, even ad breaks better
  10. ADM

    Crashed again

    Only one thing to do - outsource
  11. ADM


    Well done to Leo for the Melbourne cup tv advertising, good to see, why nothing from Ellerslie our premier track for their big day?
  12. Sorry should have also put, really like the new stables as can see the horse prior to the race
  13. Track from our point was good, Calligraphy prefers a dead track but ran I nice second (ride wasn't the best) on a good 3. What was strange was that the track was a dead 5 Friday then suddenly a good 3 overnight.
  14. ADM

    Congrats Michael and Savvy Coup

    Nice article on 3 news about Michael, a positive story. Hope all goes well with his op and he can get to the Cox Plate.
  15. ADM

    How Can This Continue

    So happy we scratched this morning