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  1. Shows the inconsistancies of the stipes
  2. Until there are more staying races carded the quality won't be there
  3. Congratulations Chris, fantastic career, well deserved record
  4. ADM

    Michael Daly

    Condolences to Michaels family, we were very lucky to have Michael train for us with the best being Belmont Cat, i will miss my coffee at the kitchen table when visiting Timaru. RIP Michael
  5. ADM

    Michael Daly

    Last I heard he was in an induced coma in ChCh hospital after a brain bleed
  6. Does anyone know if there has been any improvement in Michael's condition?
  7. I would have thought you would report them to the Financial Markets Authority as the FMA oversees the act.
  8. Using chrome and buffering really bad 5pm Cambridge
  9. Thanks Tony, your a legend
  10. Thanks for that nomates
  11. Is there any site i can go too to see the jumpouts from Wednesday - heat 2
  12. Mine delivered today, fantastic to have it back.
  13. Timaru, Tauranga, Rotorua, Te Aroha, Tauherenikau
  14. We have raced at Awapuni twice in the last couple of years and will not go back, very unwelcoming atmosphere, found staff very difficult to get drink tickets or information (and horse had difficulties both times)