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  1. How do you or anyone know that they have not spoken to those who have indicated they are coming, that’s the noms so far and they don’t officially close till tomorrow!!
  2. To be fair preliminary noms (25 horses for the 3 jumps races) would indicate that they will be a ok 8 for National hdle 1 dbl nom 10 for mdn hdle 2 dbl nom 7 0-2 Stpl 1 dbl nom Looks like they have been in touch with connections after all Good on them
  3. The first and third days are scheduled to be run, all races, on the main course proper The second days flat races are on the poytrack, jumps races during the week, if run, will be on the grass. If races were today it would be on a very heavy, sodden course proper, we had a heap of rain again last night. It's sunny but cold here now, no drying ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, A bit of rain predicted Tuesday, temperatures predicted 14 to 16 all week so should improve. Then the rain comes again and again. Will not be racing for the faint of heart, will be very wet on the main track and as you
  4. It is hard to understand especially when it is a feature days racing but there is only one flat race with a rating above 65, that is an open 2200m. Races over this distance are very rarely full fields so far on the AWT, IF THEY GO AHEAD.
  5. 8 jumping events over the 3 days, 4 hurdle, 4 chase races. it will be very interesting how these fields fill up, or not. I hope for the jumping trainers that travel, and they all have to, that there are sufficient numbers to run each event. A hurdle and 2 steeples the first day, if any don't go ahead should they add a maiden race to the day, making it the 10 races the license on the day has been allocated. Same applies for 2nd and 3rd days of this carnival. 2 hurdles, one 0-2 chase second day no rating 74 flat races over any distance, lose a jumps race put on a R74 Second day where flat
  6. Go watch any replays with the same intent you watched these races. It is the same most race days on a variety of surfaces. I am sure plenty of horses - let down - okay
  7. Thank you Pati Great thinking, much appreciated
  8. Its okay RICHARD you can have as many goes at me as you like I have been the leading trainer for many years and my son Matthew and I continue to be, fact - not so called!! With close to 2000 winners out of our stable I am very proud of our achievements as a family based business, which includes our rock, my wife Diane. The $10,000 SI trainers bonus was announced many months ago, you may not have known that, I certainly did!! In fact I was told (even) well before it was announced. I did not throw any toys out of the cot I made a judgement call that it was not in our stables interest t
  9. I believe tracks need to be cited and sanded yearly In my youth I worked for one of the very best in turf care a Mr Bob Bradley at Russley Golf Club Yes I know some will say it’s hard to compare a race course with a golf cou
  10. Certainly well deserved after last years debacle. Well done Rick Donnelly on your first NZ Cup which was a fair start for all unlike last year
  11. An absolutely outstanding mare with a great pedigree, her half sister (Asathought) is one of the most promising up and comers in SI We had the privilege of running 2nd to Avantage three times, she was very well placed throughout her career I’d be quite keen to give the connections a service to SENSEI and go halves in the resulting foal!!!!!!
  12. Hi Most of those horses requiring a 2000m (or 1800m) maiden, there will not be many, are probably ex Northerners any way Unfortunately Gore has no starting point between 1335 and 1800m As this is the first race meeting in Southland since when ever the programme meeting group, which does have Southland representation, would have decided 1335m was far enough Gore 24th September has 8 races programmed, I don't think any club has restrictions to only run 7 races. Only lack of horses produces 7 race programmes in SI, if 7 races have been programmed can you advise where and when,
  13. Hang in there, he has taken a while to recover mentally from Reefton and went okay given how puggy and holding the track was on Wednesday
  14. WHO ARE YOU ? be honest tell us who you are and your achievements in racing. Ours are well documented I said we kept a couple of horses back for this carnival one was first day winner Carson River- you beauty!!!, but like most people didn't envisage bottomless 11 heavy track each day!!! We are not keen on winter race meetings, every one with any knowledge of racing knows that. The AWT, which is fantastic, may change that. Show me and others that you are not a total stirrer, why don't you post results of recent NZ Cup Week from our team, that's right Wayne Kerr or are you just st
  15. Ask me any question you like what do I have to answer to Not the bull shit and lies that tosser keeps saying on the other site All tracks all over the world are different but I would suggest with poly tracks there will be some consistency