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  1. uneasy

    opie suspended

    Bulls&@t where have I ever said there is no such thing as track bias. It's just that I can't tolerate fools who make it up to suit themselves like you were about Trentham have you watched the videos again yet. I am a massive believer in track bias but can't stand fools
  2. uneasy

    South Island Jumps Racing....

    There is a clause in the press release
  3. uneasy


    I think I'm learned enough WINNERS R1Trld, out, chased, led 100 too strong 1.37.04 last 600 33.98 R2 Trld, out Cnr led kept finding 1.09.89 last 600 33.00 R3 Led early dictated, kicked well strong 2.44.97 600 34.77 R4 4th of 8 outer, out 400 chl 200 too strong 1.24.69 600 32.89 R5 Wrkd, led kicked 400 strong 1.37.40 600 34.67 R6 3 back inner, angled out at 200 led, held 1.22.92 600 34.22 R7 3rd and 3 wide kept lifting 1.08.21 600 32.96 R8 drew 18, 5 back inner too good 2.30.74 600 36.28 R9 Crw, slow 10th very wide flew 1.24.39 600 34.10 So what is your perceived track bias, I don't believe there was any winners coming from in front, trailing, 3/5 back the fence, 3 wide on speed, last in running and very wide turning in. Don't make it up watch the films look at the results, bad day on the punt? Track was great and presented well for all horses.
  4. uneasy

    NZTR Coronavirus Regulations

    I agree with what NZTR are doing but the 2kg increase is ill thought out. If I had been consulted and as Vice President of NZTA I think we should have been My suggestion would have been an increase of 1kg but a further allowable excess of another 1kg (currently .5kg with stipes permission) BUT should have not been affective till Monday advice prior to noms not after. I withdrew from Riccarton a horse that had won its last two because of the extra 2kg Answer this are stipes staying put in either Island during all this or still attending meetings in both Islands.
  5. uneasy


    yes, they were coming from everywhere, massive bias alright
  6. uneasy

    Do we need a 2 Tier System of Thoroughbred Racing

    Thats why more and more better performed South Island horses are going overseas. In recent times we have sold Chuck A Luck, Savvy Lad, Cadman, Czechoslovakia and another 3 year old being vetted this morning. But Patrick Erin has returned
  7. uneasy

    NZOaks vs NZDerby vs Probabeel

    Savvy Coup was Champion 3 year old but not filly of the year. Lisa Latta trained filly won Filly of the Year
  8. uneasy

    Do we need a 2 Tier System of Thoroughbred Racing

    I agree with p4p slightly but you would have to implement some sort of class or weight penalty maybe limit the amount of starts in a 12 month period as some horses may just keep going back to the penalty free race days. I know I would with the right horses. I didn't think there was much wrong with the old graduation opens-we had great success with older horses and 4kg claimers
  9. i like your confidence and positive attitude. I BOUGHT 8 HORSES AT KARAKA SO I SHARE WITH YOU
  10. uneasy

    Southland Saturday

    Blue Cod, Whitebait, mussels oysters. They know how to look after owners, trainers and jockeys not take them for granted
  11. uneasy

    Southland Saturday

    We generally have no trouble winning races at Otago, Timaru, Kurow, Waikouaiti, Omakau, Reefton, Trentham or Gore so our horses race at those venues INSTEAD of Greymouth. Given the length of travel, how often race meetings are canned and the stakes involved not going to Invergiggle has never been an issue for us. Recent racing along with racing at Riccarton 13th and 21st Feb, Otago 29th Feb. Ricc 5th March, Ashburton 12th then Wellington 14th March will keep us busy enough without going to Southland, that's for sure! We support racing on Southland's best surfaced track Riverton which is professionally run by a very good committee. Tha'ts why the Riverton Cup is a Listed Race and the Invergiggle Cup is not. I do congratulate SRC for putting up the money for the Guineas and Cup and wish those going there that they do in fact get to race and compete well.
  12. uneasy

    Riccarton fields

    correct needs aeration not irrigation
  13. uneasy


    Personally I thought there was great buying in K1 and K2. Having purchased 2 Tavistock's, colt and filly. A half bro to stable favourite First Serve A half bro to Champion NZ 3 yr old Savvy Coup A grouse Swiss Ace colt from good Aussie family ( We have a lot of success with Swiss Ace) A Burgundy filly ex 3 time winning Savabeel mare If you want to be a partner 021701205
  14. uneasy

    Where's the racing

    Where did I ever say that!! I'm very much in favour of circuit racing BUT we do not suppport Southland R C or Greymouth J C
  15. uneasy


    No Nuggets this year meeting being run by GJC