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  1. uneasy


    Isn't it good to watch an "old style" genuine not irrigated firm track where all horses get their chance I can't believe it is taking our track management so many years to realise it is the use, sometimes over use, of irrigation that is causing our problems. I made this comment in an extended interview with Andre Neal some 29 years ago. That irrigation will be the ruination of our racing and everyone knows I still stand by that comment!!
  2. uneasy

    Los Alamitos and Golden Gate

    Hi Matty and I went to Golden Gate races two years ago. We rang the admin beforehand and they gave us a table in the main area right opposite the winning post. Very well looked after, enjoy. Pitty
  3. Hi all Following on from the success I've had with a couple of large groups and with a bit of spare time on my hands in the next few weeks I intend putting a couple of groups together to race horses on lease. My good friend Rogie has a couple that I can race on lease cost is a one off payment of $730.00 = $2/day for all in 12 months of racing, no further costs. If interested email [email protected] or txt 021701205. Horse is ready to race and will be well suited to southern circuit where there will be plenty of opportunities Michael Pitman
  4. uneasy

    Grey Way's race record

    I think you'll find it was Snooky Cowan who rode Grey Way not his father
  5. uneasy

    Congrats Michael and Savvy Coup

    Thanks for your POSITIVE comment unfortunately the atmosphere got to SC 38,000 hyped up Aussies make a lot more noise than 5000 conservative Kiwis. Next time she will be paraded in removable hood, that will probably be 10th Nov in $300,000 Matriach Gp2 at Flemington Only finished 11 lengths off the worlds best horse after racing very keenly and a lot handier than normal She has come through the race very good and we will be out to add to the $300,000 she has already won this season Cheers Michael
  6. uneasy

    Congrats Michael and Savvy Coup

    Thanks to everyone for the kind thoughts We are well aware of the huge task facing Savvy Coup today, after all 12 months ago she was a maiden 3 yr old filly. I can advise that all is good and she will go well, appears to have improved since her Hastings win, but this is much harder that is for sure. a top 5 finish will be a satisfying result Once again thanks and go Savvy
  7. uneasy

    Cox Plate field...

    Thanks he was a very special horse Will be great for all connections of Savvy I take it Newmarket doesn't reside in SI the only negative comment I have heard or seen I admire the owners and let's hope we get a good result -top 5 will be good top 4 better top 3 will be like winning NZ Oaks. All I can say is she is well and tries hard and the opportunity to race in one of the worlds best races against the worlds best horse and their connections will be a rare privilege that we are looking forward to being part of. I remain optimistic that I may yet get there as I write this from ward 17 Chch public Hospital
  8. uneasy

    Cox Plate field...

    You're wrong there We took Coup Align to Melbourne where he won the Apache Cat Stakes his other 2 starts were on unsuitable tracks- it rained consistently- we bought him back from Melbourne on the Friday after going Melbourne -Sydney-Auckland -Christchurch he brained them in the Stewards only 5 days after leaving Melbourne CA was never "run over everytime he started" as you put it apology accepted!!! 5th. $200k 4th $250k plenty of horses don't win that in a lifetime
  9. uneasy


    I probably got that wrong!!
  10. uneasy


    Even broken clocks are right twice every 24 hrs
  11. uneasy


    Don't want to be too critical but why spend so much time (22minutes) at the opening of this programme on Australian Racing. Leave that to the Australian experts, isn't that why we import their programmes and appreciate their knowledge By the way, top marks for getting Chris Waller interview. Bouquet to Mick, he has an abundance of knowledge on both codes and his comments about best horse he has seen in the flesh certainly showed he has experienced plenty of first hand international racing. Frankel, Dubai Destination, Saintly. Bit different to Bonecrusher beating Robinski at Wingatui.
  12. uneasy

    Work rider

    Full or part time employment available in leading South Island stable Must be able to ride work Contact Michael Pitman 021701205
  13. uneasy

    Synthetic track

    Great watch www.racing.com After the last 6.8.18 Mick Price says the polytrack at Caulfield is the best ever Saviour of winter racing - Pakenham Well worth watching
  14. uneasy

    Saundry on AW tracks

    I'm more than ok with strathayr tracks being built We need to get on with 3 decent tracks, racing training and trial facilities then centralise the bulk of our racing. Like many I am some what surprised that Ellerslie has not invested in a Strathayr surface given their financial situation and on going revenue streams. At the same time we still need our one day clubs that do put on a good day and remain profitable I know that centralisation is a dirty word to some people but we don't need the amount of race courses and facilities we are struggling to maintain Sincerly Michael Pitman
  15. uneasy

    Saundry on AW tracks

    Correct but there are still some people who bag the use of them. Good enough for one of the worlds best ( trainer and horse) but not good enough for NZ winter maidens, r65 and 72 horses. Will be big asset for many years if placed in the right areas. Locality, locality, locality