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  1. uneasy

    Work rider

    Full or part time employment available in leading South Island stable Must be able to ride work Contact Michael Pitman 021701205
  2. uneasy

    Synthetic track

    Great watch www.racing.com After the last 6.8.18 Mick Price says the polytrack at Caulfield is the best ever Saviour of winter racing - Pakenham Well worth watching
  3. uneasy

    Saundry on AW tracks

    I'm more than ok with strathayr tracks being built We need to get on with 3 decent tracks, racing training and trial facilities then centralise the bulk of our racing. Like many I am some what surprised that Ellerslie has not invested in a Strathayr surface given their financial situation and on going revenue streams. At the same time we still need our one day clubs that do put on a good day and remain profitable I know that centralisation is a dirty word to some people but we don't need the amount of race courses and facilities we are struggling to maintain Sincerly Michael Pitman
  4. uneasy

    Saundry on AW tracks

    Correct but there are still some people who bag the use of them. Good enough for one of the worlds best ( trainer and horse) but not good enough for NZ winter maidens, r65 and 72 horses. Will be big asset for many years if placed in the right areas. Locality, locality, locality
  5. uneasy

    Weights Query again

    Weights came out earlier and whilst some horses have been rerated down for getting beaten their weight stays as is. Elfee went up a kg for her win at Oamaru
  6. uneasy

    Saundry on AW tracks

    Track will be built at Riccarton
  7. uneasy

    Son Of Zac and Survived

    NZ Cup?!
  8. uneasy

    Son Of Zac and Survived

    Thanks again when is your sister going to send me one I'm sure I could place it well especially with your input
  9. uneasy

    Son Of Zac and Survived

    What's with this "weighted out of South Island" comment you carry the same weight as per your rating right throughout NZ its the same scale. If you win races you get penalised. SOZ was only rated 84 prior to his last win 11 rating points below the top weight = 5.5 kgs that's why he had 54.5kg Its not hard to work out in fact all ratings and weight scale is listed under rules and regulations on NZTR Website YOU DO NOT GET GIVEN MORE WEIGHT BECAUSE ITS SOUTH ISLAND UNLESS YOU ARE THE BEST/HIGHEST RATED HORSE IN A RACE By the way I feel gutted for Kevin and Pam they are really good people who would have been looking forward to racing at Flemington
  10. How many clubs or a combination of clubs will be able to contribute towards and maintain an AW track Hewy your reply is duey or have you flushed it down the luey
  11. Huey Who are you referring to we don't have the largest South Island stable Where else could be considered and why that's a simple question for you to answer
  12. Absolutely correct they work
  13. 35 meetings a year an extra 12
  14. so where do you think it should go your answer will be interesting or are you just stirring Riccarton is a designated horse recreation facility not owned by the racing club There has already been a lot of discussion going on for at least 10 years that I am aware of
  15. Nothing to do with suiting a "few larger stables" it's more to do with what suits the entire industry, owners trainers jockeys punters a consistent product on a course that can accomodate more trainers/horse numbers and race days An all weather track has to be viable throughout the year not just on race day