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  1. Available on lease ready to go plenty of local racing 10% share $100 then $300 a month approx text/call 021701205
  2. What a load of shyte
  3. You’re right, I had. a horse beaten 17.5 lengths When I asked George why it didn’t drop rating points he said you raced out of your class Fark I had no say they decided what it raced in not me.
  4. uneasy


    I will What horse
  5. It will only get closed when AWT at Riccarton is operating Do I agree-NO
  6. uneasy


    You aren’t? You obviously don’t know handicapping
  7. uneasy


    You’re getting looked after. WHo do you know
  8. uneasy


    Stakes same as pre covid
  9. You get stifled at every opportunity-there is leadership by dictatorship I spoke to Langan, Mills, Aldridge and co and was told that the club chose not to run a 2 and 3 yr old event. Jim Langan didn’t realise there were so many (34) available FFS The open 1200 has to be split those eliminated from the 1400 and 1000m would then have the option to revert to the 1200 Thats how I would do it but I’m only an annoying horse trainer with some commonsense
  10. It’s pathetic They have 187 noms less a few doubles max field sizes for 9 races would be 134 so that’s another 40+ that will miss out if they don’t divide any races. Obviously they don’t want to repeat the first days turnover Well in excess of $2million Hell in NZ we don’t want to run racing successfully the hierarchy have been proving this for years 34 - 2 and 3 years olds nominated could have run 2 SWP races but no not one !!!!! Tossers
  11. Where do you operate your business
  12. I like many are shocked by this. Our heartfelt condolences Cubes.
  13. Have you ever put pen to paper and written to the CJC about your issues with food, etc, If so (and I doubt you have) what was the reply. I am not disagreeing with you here but have you. Food is generally good in the members, overlooking the birdcage area, which is open to the public more often than it is not
  14. I agree with many of your comments, having spent considerable time at Newmarket with Enzo's Lad where he did a lot of work on their AWT I am a huge fan. On the last day at Ascot I was in the company of many of the very best trainers in England during a luncheon and I spoke with Gosden and Haggis at length and they were very positive about the use and future of AWT's I attend every race day at Riccarton and have done so for more than 60 years I don't agree with your final comment.