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  1. uneasy

    Race replays

    How hard is it. No replays on NZTR website of any races run at Riccarton so far today. Trying to watch on the improved $50million plus TAB site can't do that either. Dean McKenzie and your fellow RITA / MAC board I really hope you can improve this business. It certainly needs some professionalism, it's going from bad to worse!!
  2. uneasy

    TAB a joke!!

    I am talking about mobile app $50mill lot of money
  3. uneasy

    TAB a joke!!

    After spending 50+Mill you had a right to expect something state of the art BUT no we get the current TAB site instead ITS A BLOODY JOKE!!!! jockeys names at Timaru are listed as Ka, Ki, Co, Ma, Jul, Tin, So, etc no barrier draws no wonder turnovers are plummeting Be interesting to know how big the increases in overseas sites have been from NZ punters I know several people who don't bet via tab account any more here
  4. uneasy


    Didn't think could access site at all but can bet not live stream
  5. uneasy


    Is live streaming available today via TAB
  6. I just want to thank everyone who wished us well over the weekend with Enzo's Lad it's an amazing experience having a runner up here in an international race. The owners, Diane, Matty, Brittany and I could not have wished for better in all facets of our trip. Despite EL going in to Sunday's race very well in great order he once again showed his utter dislike for going right handed- he won't race that way again. He was well placed and traveled well to the 600m where he stumbled 2 or 3 times and that was the end. Initially I was very disappointed but after talking with J Mac, The Owners, Diane, Matt and I have made the decision to head to Ascot on 18th and 22 June. This decision is obviously made easy by the substantial incentive provided by Ascot to go there, better than winning a Listed race in NZ, its huge With HK Jockey Club paying our travel to U.K., no matter the outcome it is a great situation to be in and I am sure we will make the most of a week at the home of the sport of kings Ascot. Regarding my own health I'm going great and looking forward to May 23rd when I get "reconnected" . Hopefully I bounce through that operation in good order as I want to be buying at the Gold Coast sales in early June where I bought Enzo's Lad for $A15,000, prior to heading up to Ascot. I am traveling with EL to Mark Todds property in Lambourn tonight. I very much appreciate that we can head there initially where our horse can get a chance to get some grass under his feet and get some grass back through his system
  7. uneasy

    Good Luck Team Pitman With Enzos Lad

    Thanks Tim yes we're going for the upset 3x I think that's what was said re his two Telegraph successes. At least we are here and loving it!!!
  8. uneasy

    Follow the rail lad....

    "Some of the blame" really only some of it
  9. uneasy

    What’s the go with Riverton

    VERY TRUE I believe Riverton has one of the best surfaced tracks in SI possibly because the farming committee know what they are doing and they don't race there often enough. Riccarton is very good without irrigation. I for one believe Riverton should stay get rid of Invercargill, too many people there with own agendas IMO. Obviously plenty agree look at the recent fields at both venues. Maybe the mares race at Riverton will get upgraded to a Listed status. Have a gander at recent winners. Southland R C won't assist Riverton especially when the staying LR was given to Riverton instead of the "Invergiggle Cup"
  10. uneasy


    I believe Wednesday being a public holiday altered delivery schedules
  11. uneasy

    Gregory Jude MCCARTHY ?

    I would like to add that I found Greg a very good person to deal with, I know he has great passion for this industry I didn't know his full background but does not sound like he has it easy in his personal life which should remain his own business. He was good friends of Jim Campin and his boys who told me to take The Governator, which I raced with Brian Molloy and John Carran, he was one honest horse who loved firm tracks and fronted up really well during a Wellington Cup Week
  12. uneasy

    Want To Race A Horse With M Pitman...

    We are putting together a couple of groups to race some nice youngsters if any like minded individuals are interested please contact me, my email is [email protected] Michael and Matt Pitman
  13. uneasy

    rule change?

    Its always been the rule - prior to 7.30 am race morning. No rule change like for like applies if change after 7.30am
  14. uneasy

    Well Done Team Pitman

    I hope the handicapper rates him as highly as those that selected horses for last years sprinter/miler HOTY awards
  15. uneasy

    Open class horses

    Right, as per NZTR rating site Open class R100+ There are less than 25