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  1. uneasy


    I believe Wednesday being a public holiday altered delivery schedules
  2. uneasy

    Gregory Jude MCCARTHY ?

    I would like to add that I found Greg a very good person to deal with, I know he has great passion for this industry I didn't know his full background but does not sound like he has it easy in his personal life which should remain his own business. He was good friends of Jim Campin and his boys who told me to take The Governator, which I raced with Brian Molloy and John Carran, he was one honest horse who loved firm tracks and fronted up really well during a Wellington Cup Week
  3. uneasy

    Want To Race A Horse With M Pitman...

    We are putting together a couple of groups to race some nice youngsters if any like minded individuals are interested please contact me, my email is [email protected] Michael and Matt Pitman
  4. uneasy

    rule change?

    Its always been the rule - prior to 7.30 am race morning. No rule change like for like applies if change after 7.30am
  5. uneasy

    Well Done Team Pitman

    I hope the handicapper rates him as highly as those that selected horses for last years sprinter/miler HOTY awards
  6. uneasy

    Open class horses

    Right, as per NZTR rating site Open class R100+ There are less than 25
  7. uneasy

    Well Done Team Pitman

    No show Ferrando 16 Sensei 17
  8. uneasy

    Open class horses

    Leo is right how could Flying Sardine get a bigger penalty 3 points for winning a mares WFA at Hokitika than Consensus 2 points did for a Group 3 at Trentham That's right South Island horses get harsher penalties
  9. uneasy

    Ashburton Trials

    Surely the figures should come from NZRB they run the TAB NZTR doesn't take bets!!
  10. uneasy

    Open class horses

    Have a guess? How many open class ( as deemed by NZTR ratings) horses are currently based in NZ and you wonder why our Group racing is under fire from international standards
  11. uneasy

    Can someone explain to me how

    Would she have won the Kumara nuggets? Way stronger field!!!
  12. uneasy

    Ashburton Trials

    You sure did, can't see that 40 to 50 mill plus on going running cost is a good spend. I support most NZTR personal, Bernard Saundry for example and I believe he has a good team at headquarters but NZRB is a runaway freight train
  13. uneasy

    Ashburton Trials

    NZRB-have more to worry about at the moment with massive turn over reductions due to punters shying clear of new betting platform, seriously we need racing people in charge not ex NZ Post employees whose racing knowledge could be put on postage stamps they once sold
  14. uneasy


    Where does he train out of
  15. uneasy

    Winner disqualified to 2nd

    Officially short head, short head, nose .03 of a second between 1st to 4th without having the opportunity to see films hear evidence etc, surprise more placings weren't reversed. OP?