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  1. Can Lazarus do it?

    Off the subject, but keeping it in the Purdon stable, Titan Banner is re-entering their stable, for an Auckland campaign.
  2. 2017super stable

    Hi John, I can not see any reason why A Lister was not resulted as second. A bit of a mystery!! Cheers. Robert.
  3. Oh dear, this is not going to end well

    I think I read Mr Pender may have been ill or had an accident.
  4. Race fixing

    Tony also had a handy pacer called Trio.
  5. Race fixing

    Forsyth trained Dreamy Morn, an open class pacer that did very well.
  6. Race 1: 2,6. Race 2: 6,9. Race 3: 4,7. Race 4: 4,5. Race 5: 1,2. Race 6: 4,8.(Best Bet). Race 7: 6,7. Race 8: 3,6. Race 9: 3,6. (Best Bet). Cheers. Robert.
  7. 2017super stable

    Hi John, ALister was at the Ashburton trials on Tuesday for a quiet run. Good luck with your Super Stable when it comes up north. Cheers. Robert.
  8. Prom Queen

    Hi Blue, You were only half a length from third, and I thought she just kept coming. All bodes well for future I think. Cheers. Robert.
  9. show day

    I will second that. Wonderful achievement. Cheers. Robert.
  10. Fail To Score Up.

    A very good point, and one that someone might be able to throw some light on. I was down by the stabling area and quite close to the action, and the horse did not want to have a bar of it. It was not until later a friend sent me a text asking if I had felt the 4.1 earthquake that happened just at the that time of the problem with Alta Orlando. not saying that is was the cause, but food for thought.
  11. Good luck in the Dominion Handicap

    Great effort from Monty. There will be another day for Dark Horse for sure.
  12. NZ Cup entries Here.

    1st: Nothing Trivial. 2nd: Imperium. Last: Kaharau.
  13. To Rees and his Syndicate members, wishing you all a good result with Dark Horse in the Dominion Handicap tomorrow. Cheers. Robert.
  14. training fees

    Hi John, I am sure when I heard them talk at the presentation after the win, they have more than one horse in their Syndicate. That might help to explain the makeup of the Syndicate costs. Cheers. Robert.
  15. Well done to the Blues. Like our horses, it is no disgrace to be beaten by a champion.