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  1. Kiwi Guns Racin Tonite

    I have just read on the Allstars website, that there has been a bug through their Australian stable in the last week. Cheers. Robert.
  2. Ellerslie All Up Comp

    Race 6: No.13. Comin'through. Place. Race 7: No. 4. Mongolianconqueror. Place. Cheers. Robert.
  3. Race 1: 1,3. Race 2: 1,6. Race 3; 1,9. Race 4: 4,13. Race 5: 4,11. (Best Bet). Race 6: 1,3. Race 7: 2,16. Race 8: 4,9. Race 9: 1,10. Race10: 3,13. (Best Bet). Cheers. Robert.
  4. Riccarton Competition 15 Feb

    Race 6: No.16,Cardrona. Place Race 9: No.5, Sensibility. Place. Cheers. Robert.
  5. Sales Time

    Hi Brodie I think Tim would have had his horses trained for him earlier on, but is now able to have time to have some fun, and help older horses regain that winning feeling again. Given that, he is a very smart man, who if he had a promising young horse in his stable, would probably give it to a trainer more able to set /top a horse off for big races. Cheers. Robert.
  6. Sales Time

    Back to the subject. Anyone else apart from Tim, buy anything at the sales yesterday or today? Cheers. Robert.
  7. Sales Time

    Interestingly to read on the Allstars website, not all yearlings purchased by their clients will be trained by them. Cheers. Robert.
  8. Yearling Sales Webcast

    I am getting video now. Cheers. Robert.
  9. Melody Belle rort ?

    Rory Hutchings is confirmed to ride her. Cheers. Robert.
  10. Hi Rees, I am a life member, so it would not show up the yearly lists!! I was just thinking, perhaps there should be a pensioner concession in these competitions, of say, +$100 start each week? Cheers. Robert.
  11. Sorry about that. A senior moment. Robert.
  12. Could my total please be checked, as I calculated coming into this race my total was $24.00+ $48.80= $72.80. Betty gets a best bet quinella with two subs to pass Jack, but the $$$ still lead (3-1). $78.60 Graeme $100.00 Richie $48.00 Dave $166.60 TC $24.00 PJ $78.60 Jill $78.60 Robert $78.60 Brian $133.20 Betty $74.00 Jack Cheers. Robert.
  13. Race 1: 5,9. Race 2: 1,2. Race 3: 5,9. Race 4: 7,11. Race 5: 1,3. (Best Bet) Race 6: 1,2. Race 7: 2,6. Race 8: 2,7. Race 9: 8,9. (Best Bet) Race10: 1,7.
  14. Paramount King

    Do not agree with you Red. The horse has had three workouts in the last six weeks, so thought it had adequate preparation for the start of a big three year old campaign ahead. I thought he was distracted after 200 metres by the clerk of the course trotting towards the field on the inside of the track. Considering he was at least 75 metres from the leader with 2400 metres to run, and finish so close in a 58.7 last half and 29.2 last quarter, show that his effort was very commendable. Of course, he was getting tired near the end, but that was understandable. Cheers. Robert.
  15. Paramount King

    Hi Chris, Wishing a good result tonight, and the season will be a successful one for you. Cheers. Robert.