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  1. I've always been one to think that racing's problems have been overblown, but the measures they are undertaking now seem dire.
  2. The question with track closures is whether the long term cost savings are greater than the long term loss of profits from reducing exposure in regional communities.
  3. You're totally underestimating today's science. And also, your plan would see the health system completely overwhelmed.
  4. If everyone becomes immune by vaccine or getting it, then it wont last forever.
  5. No they're not. They are influenza viruses with much less serious illness.
  6. Very good point. Punting will also become more of a lottery for the same reason and they need to consider whether this will affect turnover.
  7. How was the New Plymouth crowd today? Enough to compensate for the loss of the Stratford attendances of years gone by?
  8. Same but I'll be in for this one. 200k is a decent pool to chase.
  9. To be fair, I thought the journalism in the Informant was a little biased in its Messara Report coverage toward the end. It became a cheerleader for the report without looking into possible pitfalls to track closures and outsourcing of the TAB etc. Just my observation ...
  10. That's certainly been the case at my local BP. I'd normally go over to pick up a copy Thursday lunchtime. It would never be on display at that point and they'd have to run out the back to get one for me. Checking on a Friday lunchtime, sometimes it would be on display, more often not.
  11. Yep, can't blame the NZ TAB for this one. The blocking is done at the Aussie end.
  12. I remember backing Fritz, who was trained by Neil Coulbeck at the time, in the 2000 Telegraph. Had been told it had no chance, being trained down south, which was the general consensus. Sprinted in at 18s. Can get some good overs for the right southern horse.
  13. The attendance looked bigger than most Saturday City meetings. I wonder how many there would have travelled to Hastings? I think it's easy to say close down these tracks to save costs, but I think the counter to that is the long term effects on participation in the sport.