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  1. Hi Bruce, I remember a horse from down your way called Morven Lad, trained by Alister Fenwick and then Ken Robertson, winning from long marks in the 1960's. Cheers. Robert.
  2. The name Owen Cameon comes to mind as the trainer. Cheers. Robert.
  3. Great to read the list of 47. Interestingly, 8 of the top 10 were from the South Island, and 5 of those horses raced only in the South Island from memory, where there were very few, if any, mid week meetings. Cheers. Robert.
  4. Agree, watched it tonight and thought it was a very good production. Is his father still riding overseas as there was not mention of him during the program? Cheers. Robert.
  5. Hi Blue, I am sure David Walsh works for the Allstars, so this might be the reasoning behind the dabble into thoroughbreds . Cheers. Robert.
  6. Hi Eljay, Reading the article on the Allstars website, Mark is going to train it. Cheers. Robert.
  7. This is a ownership partnership, and majority will rule in most cases, and there can always be room for disappointment by one or more parties involved. I do feel for the parties who may have wanted to keep Lazarus under their wing. Cheers. Robert.
  8. Hi Col, The 10% is a strange one really. What is it actually for? In many cases the trainer recommends to sell, so he understands he will be losing potential training fees and percentages. What would the be position if the connections of a horse take someone else into the partnership, and the horse changes trainers? Does the original trainer get 10% of the newbies buy in? As I am writing this, it has just dawn on me, if we abolished the 10% trainers clause, then there is good chance more horses would stay in N.Z. I think most reasonable owners would give the trainer a gratitude
  9. When he starts racing, you will be able to see it live as well. That is if you want to get up around 4am!!!! Cheers. Robert.
  10. Hi Iraklis, Here is a copy of the results of the qualifiers in which Heaven Rocks was in race 3. Cheers. Robert.
  11. Hi Chris, Of course they do Chris. We just like to have out loud discussions at times about our thoughts and ponderings. Cheers. Robert.
  12. Hi Col, To put my two bobs worth in. The general unkind feelings voiced on here when Christen Me left for the U.S., the owners were greedy, and should have given him a good home here instead of selling him. Playing Devils advocate then, should not the same apply to Lazarus? What has the horse got to prove? If a fast mile is required, why not time trial at Ashburton? Just putting another view on things. Cheers. Robert.
  13. Race 1: 11,12. Race 2: 4,8. Race 3: 3,10. Race 4: 1,2. Race 5: 6,16. ( Best Bet). Race 6: 2,4. Race 7: 7,10. Race 8: 1,4. Race 9: 2,7. Race10:1,9. (Best Bet). Cheers. Robert.
  14. Hi Ress, Yes, I will be there, and decided not to purchase a corporate package, but just wing it. Great idea to ask who might be there. Cheers. Robert.
  15. Hi Col, We do not want to know your personal problems!!!! Cheers. Robert.