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  1. cantab matt

    Big meeting of the day at Riccarton

    Col- is it true you tipped Germany in both World Wars??
  2. cantab matt

    Ben Hope Rulz

    Kotare you are correct, raceday rules changed as part of the terms to enter a commingling agreement with Aussie- basically our rules had to fall into line with Aussie set up. if HRNZ go back to old rules, commingling agreement is at risk commingling is a massive benefit to the industry, turnovers especially when on the main racing channel in Aussie go up massively ( Cromwell grass track meeting is a good recent example) Personally I don't have a problem with the current rules- no system will be perfect. The problem I have is with the penalties issued to guilty parties. They are too light, Ben Hope should have got a month suspension. Get tough on interference and the frequency of it happening will decrease.
  3. cantab matt

    Was it the 40k on Vincent punter??????

    I see you waited until after the race before posting your "prediction".....
  4. cantab matt

    KPC - Methven TC

    amazing how much success someone can have taking easy bets
  5. cantab matt

    Michael Guerin comments on TAB FF odds!

    whats your point? in your words "it was never going to win the race" so why do you care what it was paying? At such a low quote and given your view that it was never going to win then you must have cleaned up by backing other runners who were at good prices because a horse that was "never going to win" opened at $1.50
  6. cantab matt

    Raymond Reekie Ban - March 2020

    Brodie he attacked for 1600m, 2nd fastest lead up time ever. As Westview rightly points out it was clear the lead wasn't for the taking- Please give one example from your " heaps of examples of extremely poor drives" above that comes even close to what occurred on Saturday. I await with interest!!
  7. cantab matt

    Raymond Reekie Ban - March 2020

    I believe the RIU asked for 12 months but JCA increased the penalty. The RIU I am presuming knew that this was the maximum penalty allowable, can't know for sure but once penalty was determined I am guessing that a process had to be followed. Is it really up to the prosecution to tell the judge that the penalty is too tough? The part of this saga which is most concerning in my view is the lack of transparency and accountability of the JCA. On their website yesterday they had reports available for the 16th and even 17th of September race meetings but no Addington reports. Today they even have a report from the race in question but no report on the Ray Reekie decision- this in my view is really poor and smacks of closing ranks. It appears Russell McKenzie was chair and Stewart Ching was the other sitting panelist. By not publishing this report they are casting all other people involved in this process in a negative light. The JCA cocked up, they should suck it up and own up to it-
  8. cantab matt

    Raymond Reekie Ban - March 2020

    Why should Mike Godber be censured?
  9. cantab matt

    Should I be worried

    I think he won it - must have been the lucky charms he was with...........
  10. cantab matt

    David Archer and Fast Track

    Totally disagree Nerula. I contacted the entity that runs Fast Track as well as HRNZ to ask them how much of our premuim would go back to the industry if we swapped insurance brokers on our commercial building- didn't hear back from either group. This is all about profit for Fast Track first, supposed "returns to the industry" are a distant second on the agenda. Yes they have given some money back but at what cost? Vero, Crombie Lockwood and I am sure there are others are significant sponsors to the industry, I wonder what they are thinking given the racing game has effectively given them the two finger salute
  11. cantab matt

    Marlborough HRC Are On The Move in June.

    Forbury is one
  12. cantab matt


    What happened? Seemed a horse of great promise so real shame. Haven't read anything online or on Mark's website, my sympathies go with owners/connections
  13. cantab matt

    Nicky Chilcott. Everything Down The Strait

    Had every chance, well and truly beaten on its merits
  14. cantab matt

    geoff small

    Well Changeover did, lost two group one races. 1 in aussie and 1 in NZ.
  15. cantab matt


    I think the horse, like a couple of his owners on this website has got a little cocky..........needs to lose two stone ( unlike his owners mentioned!!)