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RIP Tony Prendergast

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The New Zealand racing industry awoke on Monday morning to the news of the death overnight of popular Canterbury trainer Tony Prendergast, aged 84.

Prendergast, who trained in partnership with his wife, Lyn, from their West Melton property, had been suffering from cancer after being diagnosed a few months ago and his death came after a shattering week for the family with their home being gutted by fire and with it the loss of all their possessions, including all their prized racing trophies and photographs.

A great bloke with a superb wit about him.Trained some good horses including Hong Kong Cup winner Mr Aye Bee



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A lovely man, humble and modest, old school, but a superb trainer in the boutique style, and couldn’t be train a good open handicapper 

I’m honoured to have had a small part in buying his last top liner, Who Dares Wins 

Condolences to Lyn and the family ....Tony, you rest easy champion 


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RIP saved my life 51 years ago and for that i am forever grateful.

You were inspecting a lucerne paddock at my parents property and the vehicle was parked at the top of a rise with myself (an infant )

in the back seat. Yourself and my parents went to inspect the lucerne crop but being a hot day you decided to go back and get myself out of that vehicle.

Five minutes later that vehicle rolled down that hill and into the river.

If covid was not here and your send off was at Riccarton then it would have been the biggest crowd Riccarton had seen in years.



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I have been in racing for 50 years and i have never meet a better person than Tony,Nobody had a bad word to say bout him and he did as well as he did as a trainer,through sheer hard work.

Tony helped me a lot as an appretice and gave me a lot of winners.

I will tell you a story about Tony and Mr Aybee.I had ridden Mr Aybee in the Riverton Cup and he ran 2nd after to Miles Better, i thought he had every show.On the first day of the Easter carnival at Riccarton i picked up the ride on Candyboy,in the Geo Adams,he bolted in and on the last day i was down to ride Mr Aybee bit also could ride Candyboy again.I didn,t have the balls to tell Tony,so i got Tim Barton to tell him,which turned out ok.In the race i was getting a good run,with Mr Aybee inside me under lock and key,then the horse i was following droped down to the fence and then Candyboy took charge and the next second my saddle had slipped,anyway into the straight and i am gone,the dry witted Michael Mein got up inside and as he went passed,said"I bet you wish you hadn't got off him down,he went on to win the race and i never look like getting back on.

Tony do not listen to Danny Crozier,when he tried to convince you i pulled him up in the Riverton Cup.

RIP Tony,you were a champion

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