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  1. J Mac almost in the CWJ league - very close to NZ's champion best hoop
  2. Trumpy I agree 100%, and delighted CW using him
  3. Another clinic show today at Kembla World class rider, what an incredible talent
  4. 7 rubusto 16 dragon storm 5 Lincoln king Thanks team
  5. A good talent this young fellow, wish him every success as he certainly has the ability to achieve a very high level
  6. The start was shambolic like many in Canterbury, this has to stop.
  7. Do you ever have anything positive to say on any posts
  8. TurnyTom


    March next year, BS but we all know that
  9. Just rewatched the race, I am J Macs number 1 fan as I think he is a superstar, but this ride was unbelievable Just pile it on next start
  10. 4 today, onwards......
  11. Yep sure did, I didn't back it but what a Slaughter, so not J Mac
  12. An absolute Slaughter from the moment they jumped A shocker
  13. TV1 covers the cup, hopefully they hook into channel 7 and it is all their coverage On from 4.30 to 5.30
  14. Gruffy Stay close to the TV and watch history being created Pure magic from the Champ. If your pension allows CWJ has 2 winning rides today, so suggest you join the train of success and have a bet and celebrate NZ's premier sportsman. Gotta be short odds to win NZ Halberg Sportsman of the year. No brainer really
  15. Grossly underused talent Trumpy, like you I think he should review his agent relationship
  16. Easy overs tonite race 1 Superb ride
  17. Most underrated and under used hoop in Vic. Not sure what the issue is, but he is extra and I look for him always
  18. Incredible, updates thru the media and not NZTR or RIU. No wonder NZ racing is stuffed, can't even get the very basics half right