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  1. napier

    Nigel McGrath

    Why was he an excellent trainer ?
  2. If so fuck off and get a real life....i bet you are a supporter of the current Dunedin greenie mayor.
  3. Arron Cross - what a fricken plonker.....
  4. At least he is worth keeping unlike many at the top
  5. napier

    77 racedays

    With a shower of rain trainers will pull the pin - Where the fuck have you come from cock ?
  6. I personally thought it was a poor decision given the current circumstances.....jmo
  7. Wobbly......if your wanting to "cull dogs " then you would get rid of Riccarton and Ascot Park then Waikouaiti.....very simple as they are shit tracks..... Wingatui/Oamaru/Timaru and Ashburton are much better options......JMO
  8. Have just watched a 3 part interview with this guy on HRNZ site. Do not go onto their site very often but was just watching the latest Bernard report and had time to spare so went and had a look. Never heard of the bloke but holy shit was he impressive.....JMO.....has anyone else on here seen it and if so what were your impressions of him ?
  9. Why has it taken 15 days to finally sort out boarder controls ?.....Its been an absolute joke... Borders should have been shut from day one but no Cindy (or her advisors) were scared about the racist card being thrown at them.
  10. What would the dummkopfs ( punters) get with no racing in NZ ? have been able to carry on in your own way with Aussie racing for the lockdown period but the main industry participants have had to shut up shop. I dont mind having a bet or two but choose to at my own discretion - that is that i never bet at an AWT / Ruakaka/Waikouaiti/Greyhounds/Aussie harness etc...if you "punt"at places like this you are owed nothing !!! JMO p
  11. No he wasnt...he started the demise of TAB agency's and the $1 each way punter. Cannot remember the exact words to his quote when he took over but it was something like "We need to get rid of the urinal look" where people stood there and looked up to the TV screens. They are now looking down at the potty.....
  12. Many thanks to the organizers and sponsors....another fantastic effort by Ponderosa. Well done to the winners and well done to everyone for entering. Another cheap entertaining day for us all. Looking forward to the next one....
  13. I think in time everyone will applaud what Dean McKenzie has done now and in the future. Some of the questions were repetitive but answered as best as he could. He does not have a crystal ball but i can guarantee that he is working his arse off for the industry and participants - just look at him...he looks like shit with big bags under his eyes etc....he has NOT been on holiday !!! JMO
  14. Rosehill R4....2/4 R5 2/5 R6 4/7 R7 14/16 R8 6/11 Flemington R4 1/6 R5 2/3 R6 3/11 R7 1/13 R8 11/17 Many thanks Mrs Cubes and organizers.