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  1. Bill of rights...what a crock of shit. Just get rid of the druggies as i have previously posted. Aaron is one of them as is Waddell and Lammas ( and they are not alone ) The bleeding hearts keep going back to the Bill of Rights etc..etc. Everyone in the game knows who they are - time to get tougher on the parasites.
  2. Just get rid of another druggie please
  3. Very true Nomates...change of scenery and vets can sometimes turn a horse around.....imho
  4. Exactly what i posted " You are kidding "....maybe i should have said " you are fucking kidding "
  5. You have got a cripple Tauhei
  6. Go get some sun's hoping its a long summer
  7. Have a look at Loveracings write up on her today....Trudy/Lynsey/Lisa/Johnathon all know who she is and what she looks like and what she has done for the game. Pity your not one of those...along with your incestuous cousin Mike28
  8. You are a total fuckwit
  9. Yes i did indeed....and enjoyed every dollar of it today
  10. He has said verbally that he is gone and not going to be here to clean up the mess.....
  11. Would you like to be paying the training fees for Green Dispatch ?....absolute joke imo
  12. Why would you mention J Waddell and C Lammas in your post when asking the dominance of Danielle....they are gone thankfully.....
  13. He has not helped it if he did IMO
  14. Ever So Cleaver......backed it today after its last start and will definitely go harder next time it lines up

    Hopefully it will still be paying good money.