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  1. Main problem is Course Managers/Caretakers are not allowed to do their jobs properly due to the suits in ties telling them how to do their job. Track good 2.....rain forecast....and they are not allowed to apply water in something like 48 hours prior to race day.
  2. Fuck off Steven...I have one of you at my work place and they bring the whole team down....still sucking the dummy as a 52 year old and is mates with a Work Safe employee who keeps putting shit into his ear. Very dangerous lot them.....
  3. Maybe he should have had some coke to hydrate.....
  4. Party vote - get rid of the greens
  5. Do you think the trainer knows what he is doing Jimmyboi ?
  6. Whoever you vote for - party vote must go to ACT to get rid of the Greens...
  7. Bonus was a NZ bred won the race
  8. RIP saved my life 51 years ago and for that i am forever grateful. You were inspecting a lucerne paddock at my parents property and the vehicle was parked at the top of a rise with myself (an infant ) in the back seat. Yourself and my parents went to inspect the lucerne crop but being a hot day you decided to go back and get myself out of that vehicle. Five minutes later that vehicle rolled down that hill and into the river. If covid was not here and your send off was at Riccarton then it would have been the biggest crowd Riccarton had seen in years.
  9. It is not the track managers fault - it is the penetrometer that is the problem. Down or up grading the tracks after the first proves it. Down or up grades after the first is due to Jockeys opinion which is usually the same as what the track manager could have advised at 7.30 am / scratching time - they know their tracks better than the penetrometor.
  10. Greg will be fantastic in his new role.
  11. napier

    Nigel McGrath

    Why was he an excellent trainer ?
  12. If so fuck off and get a real life....i bet you are a supporter of the current Dunedin greenie mayor.