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  1. As for top surfaces down south during the autumn/winter months there is nothing wrong with Oamaru - ( not sure if they have 5 meetings or not ). It is very central for Canterbury/Southland trainers - a bit like Timaru. Ruakaka is a track that i never have a bet at....likewise Riccarton.
  2. Rosehill Race 1 - 4/6 Manawatu Race 6 -5/14 Rosehill Race 2 - 2/3 Manawatu Race 7 - 1/4 Rosehill Race 3 - 1/2 Riverton Race 8 - 2/13 Manawatu Race 8 -10/12 Rosehill Race 4 -1/9 Manawatu Race 9 - 15/16 Rosehill Race 5 -5/6 Rosehill Race 6 -2/7 Rosehill Race 7 - 6/11 Rosehill Race 8 -13/15 Many thanks to sponsors and Ponderosa - good luck to everyone.
  3. Waikouaiti was a shit track...spit on it and the races were gone...they did get great crowds but with the prime date so would Riverton or Cromwell.
  4. So she should......
  5. I would like them to concentrate on getting rid of a few breeds of dogs in this country that have no life whatsoever..... The angry mastiff that can attack anything that moves......the breed that trys to bury an infant in a garden....... Leave the well cared for and loved Greyhounds alone Chloe and your in breed mates.
  6. Bill of rights...what a crock of shit. Just get rid of the druggies as i have previously posted. Aaron is one of them as is Waddell and Lammas ( and they are not alone ) The bleeding hearts keep going back to the Bill of Rights etc..etc. Everyone in the game knows who they are - time to get tougher on the parasites.
  7. Just get rid of another druggie please
  8. Very true Nomates...change of scenery and vets can sometimes turn a horse around.....imho
  9. Exactly what i posted " You are kidding "....maybe i should have said " you are fucking kidding "
  10. You have got a cripple Tauhei
  11. Go get some sun then....here's hoping its a long summer
  12. Have a look at Loveracings write up on her today....Trudy/Lynsey/Lisa/Johnathon all know who she is and what she looks like and what she has done for the game. Pity your not one of those...along with your incestuous cousin Mike28
  13. You are a total fuckwit