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  1. T Rae fined....clark of scales/stipes at plating inspection/stipes at birdcage/stipes at start/stipes in the room/stipes on remote.......genuine question " How many people fined "......looks like only Terri rk
  2. Have not seen anything about what you are saying on this site....
  3. Barrier attendants get $160 net for the days work and most have to take a days annual leave from their real job....its an industry problem !!! How can you introduce younger ones with the above conditions ?
  4. To be honest nothing wrong with a flick behind the fetlocks with the old buggy on the majority of horses and often requested by the trainers that if you do this it will walk straight in. I would be more concerned about the number of uneducated horses turning up on race day and others being made the scapegoat....that being the starter or their assistants or jockey many horses sold on Gavelhouse or the likes are barrier rouges or unsound ?......Was an unusually big field of 2yr olds down south today but if you spend 30 seconds or more for example getting one problem hors
  5. Everyone have covid or should i say "omnicron"....
  6. Good luck if you hit someone or vice will not be calling the cops but your insurance company....
  7. Post your selections next to his this weekend and see how he compares to sure YOU will kick his arse.......
  8. Get rid of the melri....or is it meowri......maybe mowlri crap and get back to English please.
  9. Can someone please explain to me why yesterday the Rangiora trots were on Trackside 1 and Gore Gallops on Trackside 2. Both codes need each other. I have an elderly father who loves to watch both codes and he misses most of one code because he forgets to change channel. I am half his age and do the same. I gave Trackside a a thumbs up a couple of weeks ago as they combined both codes on the one day for about 3 weeks..... Surely the bread and butter customer needs to be treated with more respect.
  10. How did the Stipes/JCA pick this up ?.......genuine question....
  11. Te Rapa Race 5: 14/15 Riccarton Race 6: 3/7 Riccarton Race 8: 2/3 Riccarton Race 10 10/14 Rosehill Race 8: 5/6 Flemington Race 2: 3/2 Flemington Race 4: 9/12 BB Flemington Race 5: 1/3 Flemington Race 6: 1/6 Flemington Race 7: 1/14 Flemington Race 8: 2/9 BB
  12. Flemington Race 3: 1/4 Flemington Race 5: 1/16 Flemington Race 6: 10/11 Flemington Race 8: 2/7 BB Flemington Race 9: 7/13 BB
  13. Te Rapa Race 6: 1/8 Flemington Race 1: 1/7 Flemington Race 4: 6/9 Flemington Race 7: 13/16 BB Flemington Race 8: 5/7 Flemington Race 9: 5/14 BB Flemington Race 10: 8/10