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  1. Leo and all other people that may be interested, I had a game of bowls with a bunny, who is useless, the bet was for 1k or a choice of jobs, unbelievably i lost. Now that i am on the pension, I took the job option. The job option was i had to sweep 1km of our street in that outfit which was supplied, i said it was for 14year old, I managed to fit ,just. We raised a few dollars for the local Fire Brigade and had a good old fashioned piss up and BBQ, So it all ended up a good day.
  2. No,he can ride at 53kg any day of the week,so weight isn't issue here.
  3. I have been in racing for 50 years and i have never meet a better person than Tony,Nobody had a bad word to say bout him and he did as well as he did as a trainer,through sheer hard work. Tony helped me a lot as an appretice and gave me a lot of winners. I will tell you a story about Tony and Mr Aybee.I had ridden Mr Aybee in the Riverton Cup and he ran 2nd after to Miles Better, i thought he had every show.On the first day of the Easter carnival at Riccarton i picked up the ride on Candyboy,in the Geo Adams,he bolted in and on the last day i was down to ride Mr Aybee bit also could
  4. Went to puke today to watch our 2yo,i thought it went OK,but get home to watch the video they had heat 5 up but nothing else,people in charge of this shit,need to get the shit together,i have 10 people who had to work and i told them to watch the video,but because of these non performers who get paid for shit service,i will be struggling to hold the syndicate together because of this incompetence.
  5. The RIU has lost respect from me again. I am told that A Dooley, now this is the guy who was the chairman of the JCA , when the 2yo of B Lindsay was wrongly relegated from 1st placing and also there was confusion over who had lodged the Inquiry, then J Oatham said he will lodge the protest.Mickey Mouse all around. I have no evidence that Mr Dooley fell out of favour with the hierarchy of the JCA and his position was in jeopardy after his wrong decision, but it does appear odd that he has now gone from the judge to the Lawyer, no doubt with the support from Godber and Oatham. I w
  6. Yes i noticed that his hands were continually shaking
  7. Midget


    Michael,i will tell you the reason why J Oatham was based in the SI. He went down there to look after his daughter who had just had a baby. Now, this is very noble, but he was appointed as the Head Steward(Northern), my argument if he could to the job from Christchurch, that is good, but if he wanted to do the big meetings up North, he should pay his own way, but this would never happen, as the RIU has been reckless with their finances, even having to pay 12k to me(which still went to my Barrister) plus the 5k i had to pay,after 3 telephone conferences, where it was clearly indicated
  8. Correct Gary, but when you cant deposit funds into your account, it leaves you with the problem i had. When the TAB becomes more competitive and wants to look after its customers, I will change back to support our Industry. The other issue, i got a lot more value on my bets.It is human nature to get the best deal available. When any business has competition, they must compete and the NZ TAB has a lot of ground to make up.
  9. Yesterday, I gave my son $200 to put into his Bet 365 account for some bets, as i am over this monopoly called the TAB. Well what a user-friendly site, you get the best odds offered, you can cancel your bets, not sure how long before the start of a race, as I didn't use that facility. I just found the whole experience so much better than our $50m platform, so unlikely i will use our TAB again in the near future.
  10. They don't get much worse,I will give him 1/10 and he only gets 1 as he stayed on the horse.I hope he gave the riding fee back to the connections.
  11. I see a live feed was streamed on Facebook. I see our old mate Colin Wightman has had a live stream.Of the submissions i seen and heard, Dr Murray Blue made a big impression on behalf of the SRC.
  12. 100 percent Gruff,it was 3 strides before the winning post, this remains the worst decision of all time
  13. Tim,go and have a look at the NZTR Web site and have a look at the stewards 4 videos. Then you will see this is the worst decision by both the RIU/JCA, the incident happened 3 strides before the post and how anyone can come to the conclusion the best horse didn't win the race is beyond belief.
  14. Tim the JCA have to be 100% certain that the 2nd horse would have beaten the winner, in my opinion, it would not have. Have a look at both horses at the top of the straight, they racing side by side,100m further on the filly had put 1 length on the other horse, she then looked at the big screen and pricked her ears and lost momentum and shifted ground. This made the 2nd horse appear to make ground.In fact, the winner had lost concentration and momentum and this flatted the runner up. I believe this would rate as an embarrassment for both the RIU and the JCA and i do feel for the punters w
  15. J Oatham was the Steward, but will not know who was on the JCA panel until that information appears on their website
  16. I must say, none of the connections of Te Akau Racing had any input into this relegation or inquiry I am told that the rider was quoted as saying, we were beaten on our merits. If this was the case then surely it is time to have a serious look at the competency of the RIU and the JCA in this instance. This is not good enough in my opinion.
  17. I have watched the replay 30 plus times and I feel sick for the connections and it is beyond belief there was a reversal of placings. The onus has always been that any horse promoted, must be in all likelihood, would have finished in front of the interfered horse . Clearly, on this occasion, that is NOT THE CASE. In the Stewards report, it states the interference happened inside the last 100m,I believe the minimal interference happened inside the last 20m when Taroni was looking at the winning post and lost concentration...Bordequx Le Rouge and Taroni has been together almost the ent
  18. Yes, you are correct, but can you name any other Judicial Body that doesn't have an appeal process in place.I mean you can commit murder and appeal the decision. So what this says to me ,is the JCA is NEVER wrong and there is no need for any recourse by way of an appeal to any decision they make.WRONG WRONG
  19. GRUFF, talk/debate r2 ,this is what this about
  20. I will reply to this a later date, but to give some idea what i think,The JCA AND THE RIU MUST BE REPLACED, THIS IS CRIMINAL. I will lose my licence if this comes about,but this is the worst decision i have seen and i will voice my opinion and being a licence holder,i am up tp lose it,but i did it once before and won the case, i will make sure justice is done,i will read all reports and then i will put my opinion up to make sure justice is done, unbelievable this has happened. have a look at the winner's ears pricked 50m before the line.The best horse won without a doubt.
  21. Agree, i do not believe we have lost anything with the departure of M Mac, this guy has the passion we need and i heard him say that he has 72 races to do over the week and he is just in his Twenties..I say take a bow.
  22. Yes, correct, but jump riders can, so this is not a level playing field and officials are saying it is ok as they are older horses. That's what i believe they are applying. Clearly this is an ill-thought out rule and only window dressing in my opinion. Am I correct that this rule doesn't apply in Australia. Beekeeper,I am not in favor of spurs.I have seen many riders leave puncture type holes in a horse's rib area.I was going to name a couple but they did not break any rule .so unfair to name them
  23. You don't, they have a guy who is paid $xxxx Aa an integrity PAID employee as a betting analyst and when i last spoke to him at the beach,he confirmed that he got N Rassumusson for a $20 future bet in the NZ Cup of 2017,give me a break and why was he at the beach,He said he came for a ride with Grimstone to investigate a guy who was riding for a licensed trainer after he was found guilty of a cannabis charge and they turned up he was not there,FFS,should he be back at Headquarters doing work on what he is paid for,not going for a day at that beach???? Tell me how many have been char
  24. I am over this just name a course and a donation of a charity you decide on and let this happen