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  1. Maybe. I thought he was asking for the full list of amateurs and who we rated the best. You can find the lifetime record for any amateur on the site the same as for any other jockey.
  2. Declaration of riders deadline was 1pm today.
  3. On the Loveracing site go to RPG/RPG Archive/ Click on the July 2022 edition.Go to page 153 for Amateur (Class E) riders. https://nztr.uberflip.com/i/1471405-nztr-rpg-web-version-july-2022/0?
  4. They are listed in the back of the RPG (Class E) along with all other licence holders.
  5. I thought the idea was to let connections know this morning so they could make, cancel, or alter travel arrangements?
  6. Though to be fair they are only giving back a portion of what they are receiving from the sport.
  7. Where's that Cubes? I thought your first post above was one of your more profound ones.
  8. Looks like 5 days out from the first day, they are now deciding whether they will even run some of the jumping races. GRAND NATIONAL FESTIVAL JUMPING RACES PRELIMINARY ENTRIES CLOSE 12 NOON TUESDAY 2 AUGUST 2022 The Canterbury Jockey Club and NZTR, in response to communication from trainer’s, are endeavouring to ascertain potential numbers of runners in the jumping races over the Festival. Nominations for the three jumping races on the first day close at 12 noon Tuesday 2 August. Please also advise by this deadline by way of a preliminary nomination any horses you are wishi
  9. Seems like it already is pretty much in recess.
  10. Yep. There's races, trials, jumpouts, beaches, other work commitments to get to by 9 or 10. Also heat and horses generally need to be home for brekkie. Aside from that for me 3-6am is my most productive time of day whether I'm working horses or not. Probably get 70% of a days work done in those three hours. No distractions, messages, phone calls, visitors, clear brain etc.
  11. Excellent post but you'll need a few very good brain surgeons to get that across to anyone who can do anything about it.
  12. Hmmmm... Course proper looked fine at Foxton this morning.
  13. I think you'll find it is the other way around NP. The ones suited to slow grass can't keep up on good synthetic.
  14. Leggy


    Except we won't have much proven to breed from.
  15. Does it matter? Who cares?
  16. Very odd. 1.66/2.50 Bet365. Others similar.
  17. No sign of an abandonment at Westpac stadium tonight.
  18. Meeting News Woodville Abandoned 14 July The Woodville Meeting scheduled for Thursday 14 July has been abandoned. This decision was made after club reps, a jockey rep and the RIB inspected the track this morning. A large amount of rain has been received both overnight and today on an already particularly wet track. There is surface water both on the track and in surrounding areas. The Trentham nominations remain open until 9am tomorrow morning (Wednesday).
  19. I take your point Chris but I think it seems to many of us that horses suited to usual heavy winter grass tracks are not suited to good AWTs where they are running 1.09 and 1.22. We'll see, but I think they are largely different surfaces suitable for a different group of horses, not interchangeable as you suggest. That idea was just political gobbledygook to get the $30million of funding for them. No point perpetuating it now. I think any proactive grass track shifts have to be to other grass tracks, not to synthetic ones..I'm pretty sure that punters will withdraw activity with the shift
  20. Had a meeting here the other day with a council compliance guy to look at unusual surface water issues, mostly at my neighbour's. They are looking at historical topographical data to see if anything remediable has been done, e.g. a raised road level, works that have blocked a natural waterway etc. He mentioned that they have a record number of 60+ surface water issue investigations going on in the Foxton area. Also. that he suspects a big part of the problem is beyond control. I.e., related to global warming, tidal, water table, and changed rainfall pattern issues.
  21. https://racingaustralia.horse/FreeServices/AbandonedAndTransferredMeetings.aspx
  22. Leggy


    I've been scratching my brain trying to remember. I think you may be right WD. I still don't see why surface water makes a track unsafe. They used to just splash through it as long as the footing is secure. ?????? 1-15 12 May 84 1600m $3,800 WELL Soft C3 , 138 David Walsh $2,450 138, Flat Bar: SP: $0.00 Rtg: Wgt: 52.5
  23. Another 20mms today but as you say that is still stuff all. There has been stuff all significant regular maintenance on most NZ tracks in the last 30 years.