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  1. Tapu

    Zabeel and Sir Tristram blood

    Photo’s of Verdi’s first foals around now and looking very nice youngsters
  2. Tapu

    Seeking Location Mare by Brocco

    Have you tried the NZ Thoroughbred Breeders (Canty, Marlbough, West Coast, Otago) Face Book Page to ask?
  3. Tapu

    Another Wingatui trainer passes

    He also had Antrim Lad & a Zenno Rob Roy stunner (unraced because of injury) stallions. La Affaires dam, Latestu & her Antrim Lad filly we foaled for him among others. Leggy, would you be the one to contact. Tried to look in ODT for funeral details as his former Best Man was wanting to know when, where etc Shaun was also his Best Man.
  4. Tapu


    They should be running R60 races for 1 win horses instead of them competing against 5 win horses who have dropped back in the grades and then get an apprentice up. Very unfair and it happens all the time & looks deliberate in cases. This is why there is congestion and it the 1 win horses who cannot get a start and get put into emergency B! B2 B3 B4 B5 B6 & so on until their owners get sick of paying bills for nothing angive the game away. Why can’t the handicappers see this glaring fact? This is where we haemorrhage horses and disillusioned owners from and meantime the higher grades race with minimal fields and make money.
  5. Tapu

    Another Wingatui trainer passes

    Shaun was getting Jaggard back and kept asking if I knew anyone who would like to stand him anywhere. Very well performed stallion with great lines (double of Vain among them)
  6. Tapu

    Another Wingatui trainer passes

    So sad, Shaun was a fountain knowledge and had contacts all over the world. He lived for breeding & I will miss his weekly calls immensely. He knew it all without a computer and could go back years with such clarity. His favourite line he spoke of was Paper Money as being so important and he is showing up in many good horses today. He was so generous sharing his knowledge with any other breeder who had a passion for pedigrees. There will be many on this site with whom he regularly rang for a chat.
  7. Tapu


    There will be no festival sale (book 3) next year so no use breeding for that market
  8. Tapu

    Go Winnie

    They won’t because they won’t go without any things they regard as normal, to save. They want it handed to them on a plate.
  9. Tapu

    "Coloured" thoroughbreds

    We have bred two. My Hallucination, now a super eventer, & Smokem Wilson. Have multiple lines of The Tetrach. Wilson is currently spelling
  10. Tapu

    John Allen's Industry Conversations.

    Wendy is open to suggestions from breeders, trainers etc on how to improve racing and opinions on what that person perceives to be wrong with the industry and how to improve it. Just email her she says
  11. Tapu


    No he died recently Longspring have advised - was 20. We have a Colombia yearling colt.
  12. Tapu

    $10k min from 1 March

    Can't get a start in a maiden or R65 as it is. Some horses get balloted out more than 4 times so owners stop trying it and walk away. Then there is a 5 win R67 who loses, drops back and beats a 1 win horse. Need to be R60 1 win horse race..
  13. Tapu


    Explain spent her later years here at Hedwood thoroughbreds in West Melton with Kay & Marie Hood. She had a Painted Black first, then when Alan was down (one of Aide Memoires co-breeders, we were going to see him (PB)and I asked him to swing by and look at Remind on the way. He was very much more her type but had a couple of things that I liked in the match and a couple that Alan liked so off she went to stud. Bella was foaled and brought up here in West Melton, before going north to the co-breeders to be broken in and race. We kept Explain and she foaled a very nice Coats Choice Colt for Hedwood who was unweaned when she succumbed to anaphylactic shock from being stung by bees. We lost two of our mares this way as neighbour had a beekeeper put hives on boundary unknown to us until we saw swarms of bees on horses water troughs. Bees need water so asked them to supply their bees with it themselves, but too late for Expain & Emerge. Bella was always a lovely type and very much The same type as her mother. She was 20 on foaling Aide Memoire and 22 for her last foal who is in Auckland after being sold at Si sale. Nice natured and lovely to handle she was very much a boss mare in the Broodmare paddock. The other mares allowed her orphan to mix with them and their foals. It was sad she didn't leave us another filly. Who said old mares don't produce. Explain has and made all her breeders and syndicate owners very proud. First G1 for us all as breeders and for her sire. Remind who stands at long Acres Stud at Darfield. Another SI stallion kept the flag flying today when Natuzzi won the G2 at Elleslie, Coats Choice is his sire.