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  1. bit late in the day however... Those racecafers who might be aware I've hobby blogged genotype pedigrees & breeding at specifics which aren't common. www.thethoroughbredlink.com has been for a long time FREE. We've needed to step up into the game , so this is it...… https://thethoroughbredlink.com/selections/ (if the link don't work: the TBL menu goes under What's coming....) Everything you need to consider is on the page and menu. Otherwise contact. Thx/Cheers TBL
  2. watch videos of being on a horses back and you get an impression speed (or going fast) is racing, tempo and pace, to its endurance to win, accounts The Ability. The Human ideals of what is meant by fast, matched by the clock is perception only. There is no doubt in my mind it is the quadrilateral action, bio-mechanics what has the edge.
  3. From reading the recent edition , Informant's bloodstock article - Winx and Enable not the only Queens of the Turf, I took with some amusement and quote "I am well aware that some of the most respected pedigree experts maintain that such quality females are constructed pedigree-wise in particular fashions. I have always struggled to subscribe to these ideas, although I hasten to add that they may well be correct. Anyone who could care to enlighten me please do" Not the expert....more pedigree aficionado (even junkie, will do thanks) where most 'ideas' are yes indeed, the evaluation of what appears on paper. Well...it is the nature of independent research. With everybody & each to their own 'expertize' - these pedigree interpretation(s), 'ideas' - are our attempts to convey any/every interesting bit, morsel, of the pedigree jig-saw puzzle, just as the writers article has and as does the other enlightening Informant article Temperament an undefined but important part of the thoroughbred make-up. After New Year I blogged https://thethoroughbredlink.com/2019/01/07/the-super-nova-of-fillies-mares/ You have to agree...the devil-in-detail of pedigrees is always surprising....and it is how the devil is applied through innovative breeding which capitalizes on essential or unavoidable traits within the individuals pedigree. How do you really think you are going to achieve, 'construct' pedigree-wise (as the writer puts it) any superior performer without these. Please tell..... By putting the lens on the pedigree not from the obvious, conservative approach but towards what is not obvious - it all goes a lot further and a long way more interesting because that is the very nature of genetics, albeit inconclusive. I cannot take any credibility for this expert and her article https://www.sport-horse-breeder.com/stamina-gene.html however yours truly here, was humbly credited through such 'ideas'. ALL useful information & research is to 'act', inspire or enlighten the public: they are not 'opinions' or, 'ideas' but at least they may be innovative to the new breeder and to an industry crying out for new blood.
  4. yeah you're right - sort of. With background to the proposal... it was years back & I don't know whether she is still around or not, Trent Busettin's grandmother at Castletown motels - Foxton, ran a ladies racing group. She herself, a very insightful lady. Something that has stuck with me over the years. Good sound knowledge there's the thing, isn't it? You have correctly guessed - TBL is gender minority Irrespective of gender, age, wider social interaction, its engagement, has become widely indifferent with overall management/ leadership culture presided from NZR. Personally, I'm bored, its stale and as we know, dysfunctional imbalanced. On the other side, the opprobrium with brushes under the carpet & then, till its too late for some 'minority figure' . To the case of the CD trainer, a tutt-tutt for the industry: It shouldn't happen (but it does and it will again)to the young girl who has had to handle the unprofessional conduct. A friend of mine, his niece, was just another 'some body', passionate, willing to learn, but got pregnant at the stables. End of the road. What or who prefers ignorance, as better? These girls, they come unfortunately naïve & because they love horses albeit romantically. Even NZR brands it LoveRacing - suggesting its a bed of roses. Flair (NZ) has ladies wearing the fascinator; pleasure and thrills of horse racing BUT you guys know there is hell of a lot more to the game than that. Constant interminable dynamics around racing and horses. Boys Get Paid - their incentive from getting their thing done a better way. This is no different. "scientia potentia est"
  5. Thoroughbred Womens Network is an american non-profit organization. https://www.thoroughbredwomensnetwork.org/. Please read their mission statement. As a collective community, it brings women together with only requirement (at any level of interest) towards thoroughbreds & racing, whether experienced or not. It's a directory, referral and support/sharing based. It has been helpful in aiding young women into the industry by those women better experienced to advise accordingly. It would be great if something like this could be established in New Zealand. Are women here, interested in establishing something similar along these lines? You do not have to be experienced or horse industry qualified. Those 'interested' may have any skills to offer voluntarily like legal, counselling, IT, social media, administrative. Anything. Even if its about finding mutual friendships that is fine. Let's be clear it is not a #meto movement: it will be a proactive community where women can progress with confidence. Presently, there is no FB page. Please PM or email tblwinners@gmail.com subject line (WOMENS NETWORK) to indicate an interest. If there is a sufficient number we will hopefully do a informal 'meet and greet' and see how it evolves from there. Any other beneficial ideas are welcome. Looking forward to your interest.
  6. I would hope most breeders would appreciate the strength and depth genotype esp. Shirley Heights. Get your point on maternal but feel its slight to the quality strains elsewhere. I think its a sire pedigree which will punch above its weight but kind of wonder will NZ breeding get enthusiasm about getting back on track to staying quality. I would hope so buts its a long haul admittedly. Another factor in the pedigree is King's Best. His sire Kingmambo is Cross Counter (GB) - broodmare Sire. King's Best dam Allegretta, dam of Urban Sea, dam of Galileo. International lines staring you in the face. Azamour dam breeding, same female family The Autumn Sun!! (Redoutes Choice) So many crosses working with Sadlers Wells/Danehill but I also see the pedigree fits many places elsewhere. All best with your decision making. TBL https://thethoroughbredlink.com/2018/10/01/genus-reflects-the-autumn-sun/
  7. I also think of the many possibilities or opportunities that just slip by, through, and are sort of forgotten. LOVE Racing media site appears isolated, doesn't cut the mustard or is piece-meal without any drive, strategy to it. I tend to see tit-bits of info, without the impetus to a great sport with great personalities of all ages. We've exported, driven, or given away a lot of industry talent both horses & people which amazes me why we can't applaud them further in some manner. Reading forums opinions & idea, there are some positive solutions which go unheeded/ignored because there isn't the personnel or group behind it to take ideas forwards. I really like what BOYSGETPAID are doing (young innovative heads). Could we 'raise hands' and position a 'collective' group through Racecafe: re-boot in the cause of Innovation, marketing or as otherwise specified ????? Be enthused.
  8. 2 cents worth... Think the document an 'offer' on the table. Its sly agenda to pave a contractual way for the government to gain the FINANCIAL INSTRUMENT to sell off courses.The CONSENT or giving AUTHORITY to do so as AGREEMENT by consensus - so don't come with regret if you think different. NZ racing long time in demise, weakened by NZTR macro to the micro. Gets to the sad case where most are saving their own skin and or, are happy with their lot. Practices/ processes around the industry, not the case of best horse wins, but smartest horse or should I say those in the clever KNOW but unbeknown to 'us' who are horribly blissed by such ignorance and kept that way in this game, until lessons or questions teach us otherwise. Whilst greater ownership stake monies for compensating owner investment is supposedly The Way to SaveUs All, I think $$$$ still won't genuinely fix the basics. Its our IP image to the world going strongly amiss. Yes the millennial generation are savvy, innovative and passionate but so where 'we' when younger, its a changing reality we're in. I suppose this why Messara suggests accountability, professional qualification upgrading the 'image' or credibility of NZ racing. There is so many individual entities, re: clubs, board, Jockey, Training, Breeders Association(s) who want membership & money for survival but don't show interest in entrepreneurship. Yeah, I'm gray-haired to but them grey hairs are 'fixed' and 'oh, we can't do THAT' mentality (because of $ & authority) stages doom n' gloom (still). We loved our ol' Racing days, the heritage and the horses which showed 'em all i.e. Balmerino . This a BRAND making which we've slipped up on and we are NOT slick at it at all. (think social media attention around Winx, products, passionate people, media interests etc). Anyone ever thought of Chris Waller and Winx doing a home-town public tour show when/if she retires (as idea)? Mark Todd & Charisma did & the kids loved it). Can we use James MacDonald as a mentor to youth, Micheal Walker..... will why not for god's sake. We have to hone down our own breeding 'rights' to on a collective scale. Bloodlines that can't be brought back....(my eyes water at this) When it comes down to it ...there is NO LEADERSHIP which sees the big wide picture to a greater stage, and that is what is really the most frustrating of it all. We need to 'specialize' something 'ours' acutely fast and smart and take it to the world. Awkwardly, I suppose we will be having to accept the model given and its changing-of-the-guard.
  9. Seriously, I get so very frustrated at the Danehill idol. Like breeding machinery Danehill swept acoss the breed, and particularly Australasia to serve speed purpose which is now backsliding upon the mass average. (no fact here, only opinion!) by quoting..."nothing is easier than to improve a breed; to, say, increase the average milk yield of a moderate herd by using proved sires of higher yield; but if you ever read a position where you have nothing better to use for improvement, retrogression is the rule. Having improved the special traits of the racehorse by stringent selection to the limit of speed, the tendency to retrogression is sometimes so great that our utmost efforts may do no more then prevent further retrogression. In other words, selection no longer causes progress. Peter Burrell, then direction of the English National stud - Principles of Thoroughbred Breeding. This is/has happened now.... Swynford and Berri putting folks in right direction. aside from the Danehill issue am attempting to put commentary on the big,wide subject. https://thethoroughbredlink.com/2018/08/20/mating-for-superiority/
  10. I am the writer/blogger of www.thethoroughbredlink.com - Waikato region NZ based and am looking for quality resources that if possible, I may borrow for a short-duration. Guaranteed they will be returned! Any older books towards racing greats, thoroughbred breeding from Britain, America or Germany, & Australia, N.Z and or of, rarer photos would be great! Anything considered and with much appreciation if you can kindly help. PM - thank you. Cheers, TBL
  11. Coming from a different philosophy (not theory or system) and Encouraged by some international interest to my TBL pedigree blogging posts www.thethoroughbredlink.com , thought it was high-time to put it down here! Its primed upon importance of maternal families and engaging the female family tables so it might be of interest to a few who apply these for breeding in their own right. i.e. not commercial sale. Food for thought and all that. Enjoy. Also on FB - The Thoroughbred Link. Cheers.
  12. - Blame??? you've taken all I have expressed out of context and can't take a back-hand compliment to yourself when it is given. I try to understand another's point of view, for the ultimate benefit of the horse as to get best outcome or her. You would know there are many fine-point decisions through training as I recognise now as owner. Don't understand why you are so hostile? Only trying to reconcile differences that 'newer' racing people can experience.
  13. No Midget, I bow down to your powers or Knowledge, which actually I greatly admire & note - even so with your cynical humour. not an expert as you qualify (buy hey, I'll take that compliment if it is intended - always observing/noting following things through best way one can. Unfortunately got into racing as something on my bucket list and found a festival buy at $13,500 which turns out to be as quoted est. $500K should she go through as a broodmare at auction. No I haven't made that one up either where trainer's uncle is management at NZ Bloodstock thank you. FYI , that 1st ever buy at bloodstock wasn't luck. Elite Bloodlines have the story so that is my expertise albeit it Skill/research? You share your intelligence as you like BUT don't fart on us forum newcomers who stick their neck out and actively share thoughts/experiences 'cause there are some out there who want to really Learn or discuss how it works. Okay?
  14. good or bad trainer is the experience you get. Also will greatly depend on your own interest to the deal/horse. There are infinitely numerous dynamics and variables as skills upon training and it is not tell you see some right/wrong 'patterns' or an open disclosure from others experiences that you MAY just bite your lip. it dawned on me that it is NOT the trainer per say, but the stables and operation or how the training is approached with professionalism and as a business structure versus old-fashioned horsemanship of the better small trainers. Yet, large stables will carry a 'brand'/logo which widely influences peoples perspective as 'better'. More horses go through, more so it is a numbers game to get the right one and or, as they develop up and also 'better' clientele with the pockets. From own experience (& not having the pocket) but when going to a top trainer and went to visit my girl, only to see the foreman ran the shift-operation and the trainer seemed always away though we booked our 'visit in advance only to find they where busy tending to a noted stud & their horses. That was okay, tell the phone went and there was a problem with her rearing in track work. Got her home and couldn't make out anything wrong. Gave her a long spell. Went to a small trainer (old slow patient methods) and horribly learnt had the wool pulled over our eyes ..... by two pre-trainers breaking tactics & their feed-back ( 2nd one from above trainer operation). I shopped around for ages, looking for 'right' trainer who might fit the horse. He is a battler and good trainer ( in my eyes) because of right inputs for the horse. There was a lot of re-education. Yet by others their accounts he doesn't rate ...yet got other horses going for a large renowned stable to have them winning. No credit given back either. ranting on the mare..... I know/he knows and other reputable ex-jockeys have ridden to know she has 'it' by how she feels in the saddle but can't (to date) get the result. Why...and this is what I mean by big stables having a reputation/ 'brand' /logo to securing top jockeys & enforcing their 'might' elsewhere I might add. So.... The mare likes clean space and to lead out in front and she has more than enough to at the very least pick up some stakes. But what do the jockeys do, ignore instructions, pull her back and get her in a pocket time & time again. Then pull the whip out - she goes backwards cause they can't get the best out of her. The Feedback from jockey is 'wet' nonsense. So I went to ex Dave O'sullivan jockey/staff) ) and asked what do you reckon is going on.... Greater trainers know how to fine-tune. Jockeys make or break the horse, hence make her break the stables/trainers reputation. Its all inclusive. The innate skills of good riders & greater riding is not there, cause of change of apprenticeship standards and the idea of professional riding has changed to accommodate racing as we know it today. There's the pity. There are 'bad' trainers out there who are just plain farming clients & their money. Those are the horses, where the owners are well away from the situation by location or are gullible in themselves that they are satisfactorily trained and can accept a 'gentle-lie' - mate, your horse is well and eating well. Yeah...don't that sound nice! Stats on trainers don't mean a things....its the horse all-right but I fear (better) small trainers don't get honest chance. It's an industry problem.
  15. right on.... these ReD Badge people, like kids are given police control and authority and that is the real danger and a power they exploit. It must be a concern which racing has to address, as it is causing 'injury' to those who matter. Really must be remedied.