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  1. Tomjr

    Benbatl - La Mer family lights up!

    La Mer, Uncle Re us, Shivaree, Shuzohra, Damn that's a field of the likes we haven't seen here in a generation!
  2. Tomjr


    Is leaving some nice big strong types with good temperament. Sadly missed 2 years in a row with my mare. He is a great looking animal.
  3. Tomjr

    New Stallions 2018

    He is an impressive looking animal, pretty smart on the racetrack, certainly leaves his stamp on his offspring, should be useful over Danehill line mares, I can't see the downside to Sweet Orange, or am I missing something?
  4. Tomjr

    First Season Sire Predictions

    Shannon left some good ones and Northerly Native left Beowulf
  5. Tomjr

    New Stallions 2018

    That's right, however if that was everything then Haradasun would have had heaps of support, weren't many better (and what a family)
  6. Tomjr

    Underrated Broodmares

    Bonnies Delight by Sir Godfrey ex Limburg. Produced Beau Zena All in Fun All in Grace All in Magic All in Dreams and All in Tune
  7. Tomjr

    Saturday Competition - Te Rapa Prize $200

    R1 Trisha Lea R2 Volpe Veloce R3 Star Performance R4 O'Sam R5 Mime R6 Elusive Meteor R7 Prom Queen R8 Crafty Jess
  8. Tomjr


    Should have been refunded as a non starter
  9. Worked just fine, will buy more from there in the future
  10. Tomjr

    Track Update for Rosehill

    Are you guys for real? Maybe you should just get a room.
  11. Tomjr

    Quick Auckland OZ Comp

    Bonecrusher 1 Start Wondering, Lizzie La our, Darscape Princess Auckland Cup Gentil Tonton, Toni May, last Smedley Guineas, Siege of Quebec, Sully, Trapeeze Artist
  12. Tomjr

    Echoes of Heaven

    So they have shifted Linwood park from Cambridge? I thought they had wound up?
  13. Tomjr

    Echoes of Heaven

    Any one know where Echoes of Heaven and Ekraar have gone?
  14. Tomjr

    Oaks Market

    I did like Hasahalo early but she has well and truly gone off the boil. Contessa Vanessa for mine. Can race handy and has a great kick, gutsy too with just a bit of class.
  15. Tomjr

    Auckland Cup

    It is really simple, we still breed good stayers, its just the world values them more than we do. If you have a promising horse going through the grades and an offer comes from offshore, you would be a mug not to sell. Why stay here and race for chump change? The costs of racing a horse in Australia are not too different to here, the stakes are far better. Our handicapping and race classification penalised you if you have an Ohcp horse that isn't quite up to WFA. The programming folks pulled our R65 2100m we have in July and replaced it with an Open 1400m (a race we discarded because of a lack of noms). We have just had a battle with them and by the sounds of it have the former race back. This industry is full of passionate capable people that do great anywhere in the world, its just a shame we make it so hard for them to make it here.