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  1. I agree Tasman man Given the low stakes here in NZ the sale offered an economical way of getting into some nice blood. Good luck to those that purchased
  2. the left testicle would have been safer :-)
  3. Hey Cubes we are a bit the same. About 3 years a go we won 7 races over a year and a half with 3 different horse and we used to joke this is easy (we new it wasn't and to enjoyed it while it was happening). We are currently in 3 different horses for zilch, there have been many issues but we are optimists :-), gota be hehe
  4. Yes interesting point and probably right about the price peaking as a yearling unless there is a performance or you have a Tavistock tucked away. I guess a deal is never done unless the two parties agree on a price :-)
  5. It does cost a lot to breed, feed and raise horses properly. I don't think it is unreasonable for vendors to expect a return. Ultimately it is personal choice what anybody pays or accepts for a sale price. As someone once said, If a deal is struck the horse changes paddocks, if not it stays in the paddock it's in :-)
  6. What about Gaylord focker from meet the fockers :-)
  7. I once had business dealings with a Wayne King, gota be professional :-)
  8. A speights is $5 at Riccarton
  9. You're right on there Huey some wonderful bloodlines that have worked nicely here in the past :-)
  10. One could argue those first foals are an opportunity for buyers based in the research.
  11. I'm no expert chevy, but I thought this bias was to do with the first foal being smaller. I guess at the first foal stage the mare isn't proven in terms of throwing winners yet. It would be interesting to compare some stats on average race wins for first foal compared to 2nd 3rd...
  12. We have been down to Wingatui a few times over the last couple of years with and without horses going around and had an absolute ball. I quite like that we bar up stairs in the corner, easy to pop out and see the races.
  13. Doesn't Zabeel have some white gene?
  14. What do we think of the white filly in lot 113. By a good sire from Might and Powers family. Plenty of residual value if she doesn't fire on the track?