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  1. Slim Dusty

    Maija Vance

    Thank you BH :-)
  2. Slim Dusty

    Maija Vance

    Hi All Is Some-one able to put a Link up on This News Clip Please ?? I missed it - and I can't find it on the TVOne Website Cheers :-)
  3. Slim Dusty


    Lot 305
  4. Slim Dusty

    Bryce Stanaway

    Bryce is Celebrating His 60th Birthday Today - along with His Daughter Anita 30th - Wishing you Guys All the Best For Today - Cheers :-)
  5. Slim Dusty

    No free tv

    Thanks for that Info Boss - will be Sussing that out Today - Cheers :-)
  6. Slim Dusty

    No free tv

    Well - That's Great - if your Freeview Box has 200 Channels - mine only 105 Channels :-/
  7. Slim Dusty

    Chris Dell is

    Is There a Link or Video of The Monte Trot Race ? Please :-)
  8. Slim Dusty

    Another Homer

    Cheers :-)
  9. Slim Dusty

    Another Homer

    Shout Out to Robbie and Carla Holmes for their Contribution to the Re Homing of This Guy 15 years old now Had 6 Wins here in NZ Now in the USA - requiring a New Home to Retire to … Full Brother to Oaxaca Lass etc Check out FaceBook Page - Standardbred Rehoming New Zealand - for the Full Story All The Best Homer :-)
  10. Slim Dusty

    Wheelchair Norm WOW!!!

    Thank you :-)
  11. Slim Dusty

    Wheelchair Norm WOW!!!

    Thanks Gary - and can I also ask How Many Races He Won ?? :-)
  12. Slim Dusty

    Wheelchair Norm WOW!!!

    HI There - Love This Dog - and try and Listen to Most of His Races on the Radio in the Car - are you able to put up the Stipes Report T T R Please :-)
  13. Slim Dusty

    Singspiel Mare

    Singspiel Broodmare available for Lease for up coming Breeding Season Currently Empty Contact Karyn 021 178 9847
  14. Slim Dusty

    Dreams Do Come True

    What's His Pedigree ??? Sire - Dam ??? :-)
  15. Slim Dusty

    Blue - a task for you

    Stan Pascoe - Trained Ginger Megs - was he Trained in Northland ?? And did he stand at Stud in Northland ???