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  1. Slim Dusty

    Wheelchair Norm WOW!!!

    Thank you :-)
  2. Slim Dusty

    Wheelchair Norm WOW!!!

    Thanks Gary - and can I also ask How Many Races He Won ?? :-)
  3. Slim Dusty

    Wheelchair Norm WOW!!!

    HI There - Love This Dog - and try and Listen to Most of His Races on the Radio in the Car - are you able to put up the Stipes Report T T R Please :-)
  4. Slim Dusty

    Singspiel Mare

    Singspiel Broodmare available for Lease for up coming Breeding Season Currently Empty Contact Karyn 021 178 9847
  5. Slim Dusty

    Dreams Do Come True

    What's His Pedigree ??? Sire - Dam ??? :-)
  6. Slim Dusty

    Blue - a task for you

    Stan Pascoe - Trained Ginger Megs - was he Trained in Northland ?? And did he stand at Stud in Northland ???
  7. Slim Dusty

    Cambridge Stud and Patrick Hogan

    HI There - are you able to put a Link up to that Article Please ??? I can't seen to find it, Cheers :-)
  8. Slim Dusty


    He would always have a retirement home at my place - in Sunny Northland :-)
  9. Slim Dusty

    christen me

    He would always have a Home here to Retire to, up in Sunny Northland :-)
  10. Slim Dusty

    Shane Hayes

    Sincere Condolences to all the Family :-/
  11. Slim Dusty

    O.P ..GIGERNUTS...shut da gate

    I see he has a Full Brother in Training at the Moment as well :-)
  12. Slim Dusty

    Trotting Annuals free

    Where about is Pick Up Please ? :-)
  13. Slim Dusty

    Race fixing allegations

    Was talking to him a month or so ago, he is living in Hamilton, and has 3 - 4 Horses at the Te Awamutu Race Track :-)
  14. Slim Dusty

    La Doisa

    My Understanding is, she is going to Oz :-)
  15. Slim Dusty

    Anyone else missing them.....

    Are you able to put a link up to that Story please Tom, Cheers :-)