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  1. Hi Mikie Will ask next time I see them.Salt of the earth blokes who are the heart of this game. Don’t you just love that natural, homemade swimming pool? Legend
  2. I agree with MisterEd Its called racing for a reason, when you’re out there you either accept the challenge or don’t. The leader owns the racetrack and it’s up to you wether you want to take it off him or not.
  3. They’ve got the mechanism...Pick6. Before everyone gets up in arms, how about not just on a horse race, but sporting events as well included in the mix, try to draw the general public in. It could be as specific as how many sixes hit in a cricket match, what time or how many lengths a horse wins by, that sort of thing , to take lotto on. You could always just take a lucky dip . Get the general public by in, make it something they do weekly, just like lotto. Imagine the excitement of all those going live into the last event. Did I mention the 32 odd % takeout rate? My 10c worth.
  4. Got The Tips up there Nelli, what more do you need
  5. Can’t help thinking Deano should have moved quicker with what he had to work with. Outsourcing to Australia would have been the best option 12-18 months ago, when TAB NZ may have actually been worth something, and we could have been treated just like another state, with a guaranteed income stream for stakes distribution. Hindsight is a great thing, but seemed a little obvious for a long time.
  6. So, they’ll be someone at each terminal screen wiping down after every punter? Right. Or is everyone wearing gloves and a mask?
  7. I remember one, Bret Forbes, was sitting behind it as it went past the winning post first in a boys race race at Ascot Park . A true gentleman RIP Maurice
  8. Good call that. In USA I’ve seen a phone line down to the jocks on the track who they ring to get their defence or otherwise, and make a call within minutes, game over. With technology nowadays there is no need to be there physically.
  9. Why can’t Te Akau Shark be right in this if the going is soft or worse?
  10. Oh, I know this one. A piece of string... twice the length as it is from one end to its centre.
  11. Put these two words in order: ”train gravy”.
  12. “The same people who have taken it off the cliff are still there, still employed”. Talking about Australian rugby but could be applied to an industry dearer to our own hearts... Top execs at RITA
  13. Yes, every two, and not wrong there about the charge of the light brigade, especially the Clydees.
  14. Cracker day Red Rum, agree about the equalisator , everyone got involved.
  15. Agree. I always thought TAB had the vehicle with P6 to mix it up a bit, with sport and racing combined to get the general populace involved ie number of sixes in a one day, winning time of a race, how many tries in test match, winning margin by a horse etc etc. Imagine the interest resting on the last event if someone was live going into the last. Just a thought.