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  1. CosmicBlackie

    Morris McKendry

    Top Southern Man that bloke
  2. CosmicBlackie

    Laptops on course

    It would be really simple to set up a wifi hot spot so the club could clip the ticket on any bet placed electronically, just like in any coffee shop or library. This idea has been floated to the NZRB many times, but for some reason, they seem to want to drag the chain.
  3. CosmicBlackie

    Reverse team driving by Mark Purdon

    Have to agree with that SC, MP clearly gave him a tap on the moosh.
  4. CosmicBlackie

    Police Raids

    I’d be for that if they let the punter know who the late nominations were that made up the field, maybe an ‘L’ by their name, may have some bearing on the result.
  5. CosmicBlackie

    Wilsons Sports Bar and TAB

    What has been on the increase is the spend on pokies, strategic buy IMHO.
  6. CosmicBlackie

    NZRB statement of intent released

    If there was any one team that could steer the ship through the setting sunset, it would have to be the ones who have done it all before....NZ Post. They have form.
  7. CosmicBlackie

    Good Luck Tom Wood

    I would suggest that NZRB did Tom a big favour, such immense talent would be wasted here. What would Tom be on if he’d stayed where near what he will be earning now, doing something he loves. Well done that man. ps concur with you poundforpound , the crowd in control of NZRB came from that other sunset industry, NZ Post.
  8. CosmicBlackie

    bet manipulation

    ...and the 8% rebate that the bigger gets back from the TAB?
  9. CosmicBlackie

    Live Betting on Races

    Hi Overcheck. Just guessing but I think for this to happen, the expensive , new FOB platform that NZRB are developing would have to be in action, things would happen that quick that it would have to be automated.
  10. CosmicBlackie

    TAB store on Dominion Rd closed

    They’d be happy I think to see all the non performing TAB’s go West, only if they have gaming should they feel secure(read growth strategy), with the constant drive towards their digital platform. I agree you certainly need a shop window. The trend I think is more towards “flagship “ stores, bigger and supposedly better. Look at the Post Office model. You have to expect this when the same hatchet man that closed the non feasible Post Offices is in charge of retail, even when there were vocal protests from the affected communities... it’s all about the $ in the corporate world.
  11. CosmicBlackie

    Japan Races

    The NZRB complain about the number of punters spending less with them, this is a major reason why, the watering down of the product. In Hong Kong for instance, the number of betters spending more has risen, where they race a maximum of twice a week, and all information on the horse including treatments and stewards reports are freely available for every animal. Bettors spend more when you give them all the information and they bet with confidence. As you say Red Rum, less is more.
  12. CosmicBlackie

    Lazarus sold...

    I know his ownership module was varied and they are running it as a business, and there is no room for sentiment, but I could, would never part with him, even if he was showing wear and tear. Man, for an animal to be able to give you those thrills and that lifestyle, he’d be buried somewhere on my place in time to come.
  13. CosmicBlackie

    miramar and kilbirne tabs closing wgtn

    NZRB’s “strategic initiative “.
  14. CosmicBlackie

    Interesting development

    Typhoon is testimony to that ✔️