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  1. CosmicBlackie

    This is a big problem for racing

    It just makes you wonder where racing’s leadership is, we, racing , always seem to be being dictated to, through a lack of strong leadership. Oh for a dictator who wants to lead from the front. It’s still a marvellous industry with great people and a love of the animal.
  2. CosmicBlackie

    This is a big problem for racing

  3. CosmicBlackie

    Best performance of Cup Week

    I thought that was an exceptional performance by Amazing Dream, out wide like that and the speed she showed, she looks something really special that one.
  4. CosmicBlackie

    Best performance of Cup Week

    Amazing Dream
  5. CosmicBlackie

    Cup Day Fields

    ps how good was that Trackside coverage today, well done to everyone concerned ✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️
  6. CosmicBlackie

    Cup Day Fields

    Started this thread, really enjoyed the day, nice to see Blair winning the Cup ✔️. Races were very competitive and nothing ran away and hid.
  7. CosmicBlackie

    Cup Day Fields

    Is it me, or the Cup Day fields just seem a little ordinary this year? I know there is winner in every race, and to have a runner on Cup Day is such a thrill... maybe just a sign of the times and the smaller foal crops coming through. Good Luck to everyone with one in.
  8. CosmicBlackie

    The Williamson's Clean up

    PT Wolfendon won the Auckland Cup on Enterprise with a jem of a drive(surprise) in 1984✔️
  9. CosmicBlackie

    John Allen

    This f**ker and his team have been a complete waste of time. Good riddance.
  10. CosmicBlackie

    John Allen

    Exactly. Hate to be in the trenches with him.
  11. CosmicBlackie

    RITA's Rolling

    Having met the guy, he does come across as a lot of fluff and spin, definitely the frontman or ringleader of the circus. He’s surrounded himself with his people from another sector and as their record shows, don’t have much clue , or are good at winding down enterprises with not much heart in the game( excluding Gary Woodham). They are the people that as an industry, we should be making accountable.
  12. CosmicBlackie

    One of the Best

    First thing I remember when I saw him in the photo was the day he got beaten at Rangiora by the local horse, Commissioner. Only a young lad then but, standing down by the rail with my father, thought the world had ended. Still had me hooked after all those ‘W’ s in a row though :).
  13. CosmicBlackie

    How does

    On the card one night @ Metro there was Christian Cullen, Courage Under Fire & Under Cover Lover had just returned from a stint in the States...hardly anyone there. Racing needs to promote itself as part of a a packaged entertainment option, how about a concert in the midfield, making Addington a “horse expo centre”, not just for racing but for educating the masses on anything equestrian, in particular young people, school visits, classes on how to bet(R18 :))to break down the “ I feel like a goose” syndrome,a dressage arena, a one stop shop as it were, Hippomania Central. Works in Hong Kong.
  14. CosmicBlackie

    RIP Paul Costigan

    Ditto to that Tom. One of those who you always enjoyed the company of, never forgot your name RIP