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  1. “The same people who have taken it off the cliff are still there, still employed”. Talking about Australian rugby but could be applied to an industry dearer to our own hearts... Top execs at RITA
  2. CosmicBlackie

    Only at Te Teko!

    Yes, every two, and not wrong there about the charge of the light brigade, especially the Clydees.
  3. CosmicBlackie

    Only at Te Teko!

    Cracker day Red Rum, agree about the equalisator , everyone got involved.
  4. CosmicBlackie


    Agree. I always thought TAB had the vehicle with P6 to mix it up a bit, with sport and racing combined to get the general populace involved ie number of sixes in a one day, winning time of a race, how many tries in test match, winning margin by a horse etc etc. Imagine the interest resting on the last event if someone was live going into the last. Just a thought.
  5. CosmicBlackie


    Trump, Follow this closely and the tournament director, Karl Budge, does an outstanding job attracting the field he does, that’s reflected in the quality that was there this year... he’s probably already working on next year. Apparently players like coming here, it’s NZ for God’s sake :), it’s a great lead in to the Aussie Open, it ain’t for the $$$. Cheers
  6. CosmicBlackie

    Interim CEO to be appointed ...

    Geez, you get a certainty and there is always someone to rain on the parade. Lets hope he does the business that man, it’s been a hospital pass in the last few years.
  7. CosmicBlackie

    Interim CEO to be appointed ...

    I’d put my money on D Mac running the show in the interim.
  8. CosmicBlackie

    This is a big problem for racing

    It just makes you wonder where racing’s leadership is, we, racing , always seem to be being dictated to, through a lack of strong leadership. Oh for a dictator who wants to lead from the front. It’s still a marvellous industry with great people and a love of the animal.
  9. CosmicBlackie

    Best performance of Cup Week

    I thought that was an exceptional performance by Amazing Dream, out wide like that and the speed she showed, she looks something really special that one.
  10. CosmicBlackie

    Best performance of Cup Week

    Amazing Dream
  11. CosmicBlackie

    Cup Day Fields

    ps how good was that Trackside coverage today, well done to everyone concerned ✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️
  12. CosmicBlackie

    Cup Day Fields

    Started this thread, really enjoyed the day, nice to see Blair winning the Cup ✔️. Races were very competitive and nothing ran away and hid.
  13. CosmicBlackie

    Cup Day Fields

    Is it me, or the Cup Day fields just seem a little ordinary this year? I know there is winner in every race, and to have a runner on Cup Day is such a thrill... maybe just a sign of the times and the smaller foal crops coming through. Good Luck to everyone with one in.
  14. CosmicBlackie

    The Williamson's Clean up

    PT Wolfendon won the Auckland Cup on Enterprise with a jem of a drive(surprise) in 1984✔️