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  1. Yeh but when our guys pick one you can leave it out of your combinations so that is value too!
  2. Revenue growing strategies will be throwing more bonus bets around and giving away $20 if you open a new account in the hope it attracts new customers, plus tightening the already insane restrictions to squeeze another half a percent profit from the dwindling turnover while at the same time sucking the remaining life out of the punters that prop the industry up in the first place.
  3. If true would have to be one of the worst cases of gross mismanagement I have seen in NZ business. Who are the managers responsible for this debacle?
  4. This is the internet people. They can not stop you betting in Australia anymore than they can not stop you betting on the NZ TAB from Australia. I will continue to bet on my Australian accounts whether they make it law or not.
  5. MisterEd

    Harness boss stands down

    Well said!
  6. MisterEd

    TAB costs

    Website = Fail Fixed odds Platform = Fail Betting restrictions and losing elite punters = Fail Free to air racing gone = Fail ---------------------------------------------------------------------- AND RECENTLY Losing financially stable tracks = Fail Losing form guides and Radio = Fail Have this lot ever done anything right? Not sacking managers responsible for the above failures = Biggest Fail of all
  7. MisterEd

    RIDA and Winny

    Quite frankly I can not see a way out of this downfall because with the tools that are available (A piece of shit website and the same crew steering the ship) what is going to change in terms of attracting punters back to the TAB? Throwing bonus bets at them is just not going to work. I fear the heads of the TAB only know one way and that is tighten the restrictions even further, cut even more frontline workers and alienate the racing industry even more than they already have. Elite punters have already left in their droves because of these restrictions placed on them by the TAB corporates blindly following the UK bookies rulebook to increase profit. Add to this the shop window has now been papered over with our frontline TV presenters gone, along with on-course totes and form guides. Why are they not promoting racing more, loosening the restrictions and by doing that attracting the punters that have left back into the game. I would definitely bet more if I could get more on.
  8. You will need to change your name to Leggy The Magician if you can conjure that type of detail out of RITA!
  9. Here is the calendar https://infohorse.hrnz.co.nz/dochr/hrnz/2020.21-Draft-TWO-Racing-Calendar-for-Industry-Consultation.pdf
  10. MisterEd

    Is it time 4 a national strike

    I agree, I am all for change and you need some cuts in areas to do this but if those fuckers that had anything to do with creating the shit website and fixed odds platform are still hangers on after these cuts I am going to be pissed!
  11. But unfortunately what you will get is. 1 Get rid of a manager or two to use as a scapegoat and take a 10% pay cut to look like you they doing something at the top level. 2 Cease bonuses until the dust settles and then resume. 3 Fire Contractors & Casual Staff (Already happening starting with trackside) and take no note of the higher rate is amply compensated for by no expenses such as ACC, PAYE, KiwiSaver, Sick Pay or Annual Leave. Rate is negotiable.
  12. MisterEd

    Harness minimum stakes of $8500 and $7000

    ATC will go first. The hole is bigger than everybody thought. The TAB is RITA and they will get a Govt bailout. HRNZ will be last to collapse in my opinion.
  13. MisterEd

    Travel Restrictions for Horses

    When they can teach horses to fly planes.
  14. MisterEd

    Put the adults in charge

    Dubious. How many have been tested? Some North Korean reporting going on there for sure!
  15. MisterEd

    Three gallops meetings per week initially

    Thats what should happen but it won't.