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  1. MisterEd

    Inca collapse continues

    What was the lesser default charge?
  2. MisterEd

    One of

    Talking of numbers ..Michael House has over a third of the nominations for Manawatu this week. Top effort that!
  3. MisterEd

    All Stars Mile

    And how soon can they fix it!
  4. MisterEd

    Menangle today - Wake Up TAB

    How about the shit vision from the last race from Cromwell. The winner only came into view the last 50m . Shocking camera work trackside give yourself an uppercut.
  5. MisterEd

    Nigel McGrath RIU / JCA charges

    Perhaps HRNZ can see common sense and are saying enough's enough and are trying to put a stop to some of these cases before any more damage is done. The RIU might have put themselves in a no win situation with some of these cases, are desperate and are charging ahead regardless to get some sort of justification for the massive amount of time and money spent, probably to the detriment of the industry and those involved.
  6. MisterEd


    I will be betting on both
  7. MisterEd

    Cup Day Fields

    They look pretty good to me. Most races seem quite even on the undercard
  8. MisterEd


    Any updates on what condition the track is going to be in. Good, Dead or Slow track?
  9. MisterEd


    Hopefully just enough rain to take the leaders bias out of the track but not enough to warrant moving or cancelling.
  10. MisterEd


    Hmmm must be looking at a different forecast to me. Mine read "Methven Trotting Club Weather Outlook for Sunday October 13 2019. Situation; A large area of low pressure covers the region with unsettled weather with chilly nights and inland rain patches. Most coastal areas have drizzle for Canterbury all week, whilst inland regions such as Methven will have wet conditions and very little sunshine by day. Chance of cancellation 97%
  11. MisterEd


    Big question will be do they run them. Forecast is rain. They have got workouts there today but I heard it was snowing close to Methven this morning. Interesting to see what happens. They did cancel the previous meeting with less than an inch of rain that week
  12. MisterEd

    Hannon Driver Tactics

    53.4 last half not bad either.
  13. MisterEd

    John Allen

  14. MisterEd

    Stipes Report - Doitson

    No and never have been!
  15. MisterEd

    Methven no go