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  1. Allowing that she won 14 Group 1's I'd like to see your list of the 15 you put above her.
  2. Just looked at the Stipes Report.Mentioned 5 times as you say but once for careless riding and duly suspended.Others were for positions her mounts were in as mentioned in the report.Not defending her but your post suggests that she was guilty of careless riding 5 times which is not correct.
  3. Competitive riding.No comparison with Bowman.Doubt if any penalty to jockey.
  4. I agree.Their "banter" borders on being inane and embarrassing to watch.The TAB's payout is the same whatever wins, dividends just adjusted to how many winning units.They showed their true colours when they stooped to playing the theme to the Titanic movie.A sign of the quality of NZ Racing presentation.Pathetic.
  5. Obviously the cost of licences(Trainers,Jockeys,Stablehands,Trackwork riders etc) will be reduced for the new season as well as a refund for time out, through no fault of their own,for the balance of this season.If there is no racing for the rest of the season,which seems likely, then a 33.3% (4 months) refund would be in order to licenceholders.Hopefully the staff at NZTR will be paid according to what they will be doing, which is not much,same as all other NZers who have been told to bite the bullet in these tough times.
  6. Reduced hours and days is ridiculous and surely what the lockdown is asking responsible people to avoid.The fact is that all the trainers that use your track have other options(walkers,treadmills,small private tracks,water walker) and there is no reason for your club to open the track on an animal welfare basis.Look at the big picture, long tem.
  7. Are you saying the Te Aroha track is going to be open to all for normal trackwork Ted.Seems to be contrary to what a Lockdown is.The interaction (2 Metres) between trainers and trackwork riders from different stables/horses would be a logistical nightmare to police.I think the animal welfare aspect is stretching it a bit in this instance as most horses are carted to the track from environments where they are paddocked.Also others have walkers,treadmills etc so don't in fact need to work on the tracks.Also why would owners want to pay training fees when there might not be any racing for a long
  8. I've had a couple of similar experiences buying through Gavelhouse,even after talking to the vendors pre buying.Was blatantly lied to re size and one was a chronic windsucker.My policy now is vendors are all guilty re information provided until proven innocent.Buyer beware for sure.
  9. track was very hard and not Dead 4 as was official rating
  10. Comments from Jamie Richards pre race 3 suggest T
  11. You hit the nail on the head with your headline.I've had two similar experiences.Both bought from people who I thought were honest and turned out were not.Let's face it, there are good stories that come out of Gavelhouse Sales, like Trudeau and I have had some good buys off there of young horses that I have sold as trial winners at a later date.In a lot of cases it's a dumping ground for unwanted/problem/slow horses and it's up to the buyer to do the homework and make a call knowing the risk.
  12. Foskett has the worst record in the history of mankind of failure at his profession.For Christs sake, under his guidance how many tracks ruined and meetings called off under his guidance.He is/was a protected species.
  13. Interesting to see/hear the comments of jockeys/trainers post races yesterday.After Race 2 the winning jockey said the inside 2 to 3 metres was "off" and horses would struggle with the kickback.Rail was out 11 metres so presumably new ground.One winning trainer compared it to a beach.Another said he put pacifiers on his horse to keep the sand out of its eyes.Big advantage to those that got handy early it seemed.I remember on the Group 1 day in February two senior riders making scathing comments on the surface then.One was interviewed next day on Trackside Radio and was vehement that the track
  14. Interesting to read in the Informant that they want a percentage of the on course turnover that they generate.So maybe they are not just in it for fun.