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    Huey reacted to chevy86 in Oh Dear!   
    Have just received the latest NZTR Bulletin and betting figures on Derby Day not a good read. In spite of wonderful weather,highly competitive Derby field, a fashion show and KFE wearing her lucky medal, the tote figures were dreadful. On-course down 17% and Total turnover down 27%! Castles, George and Co. really showed how clever it was taking on the cricket.
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    Huey reacted to bloke in KFE....WTF...???   
    Trackdap if you wish for a right wing "Act"  type approach then it will be the metro clubs that will fall by the wayside.
    Auckland, Wellington Christchurch and Hastings receive basically a subsidy to promote their "big"  meetings. Auckland gets two bites of the cherry for The Christmas / New Year meeting and their Cup meeting. Yes they get $160k to promote the Auckland Cup meeting which attracts minimal crowds. .
    What needs to happen is for measures to be put in place. If they do not achieve certain crowd levels then the subsidy is withdrawn. However, this is unlikely to happen as there is at least one member on the Board of NZTR who is a director of The Auckland Racing Club. 
    However, if we do away with these subsidies and  others which the larger clubs receive then they will fall over. But talk to Board members of the larger Clubs and they are keen to see the smaller clubs close because they are under an illusion that they can get their paws on the smaller clubs proceeds.
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    Huey reacted to TOM(the other Molloy) in KFE....WTF...???   
    I thought you were looking to help the big clubs?  Sounds like that line is getting stuck into them
    The big clubs have been getting a vastly disproportionate share of the pie for decades Trakdap. Between very generous subsidies for the group and stake races, facilities like stands and stables being built for them and starting gates and running rails brought for them (have I ever mentioned we on the Coast had to pay for our own gates?) plus plum dates they have always gouged themselves at the industry expense.
    If we are all going to stand on our own two feet I'm afraid your golden boys are going to be the first to topple over financially.
    I will give you an example of years ago(18 or so) when Chittick and his dimwitted friend Alexander tried to squeeze the life out of the small clubs.  At the time I as a small club secretary grabbed a CJC Annual Report and discovered that their administration salaries per raceday averaged $10,000.    My Clubs of the time averaged $3500 per raceday admin salary.  That is not raceday wages but straight out admin salaries.
    Coincidentally that difference in salary multiplied by the number of days raced was around the deficit the CJC was running and which Mr Chittick and Co thought they could extract from the prudent lot living within their means.
    And you can be sure the ARC and  WRC(x2) were in exactly the same boat.
    Boy did I reel off some stinging letters to some halfwits(generally industry employees and media) in those days.  Great times and needless to say they never dared respond cos they knew they were out of their depth.    
    We do have to have pinnacle racedays to grab some small slice of public attention(and therefore extra funds injected) but please please don't start trying to tell me that somehow the big contribute more than the small. 
    As a rough guide at the time if the Club had a 'CEO' rather than a 'Secretary' you could guarantee it was a drain on the industry.  And coincidentally the 'CEO' clubs were all the ones they were desperate to save. 
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    Huey reacted to lestom in KFE....WTF...???   
    The community clubs would need to be able to maintain their dates and without the Metropolitan Consortium attempting to undermine those dates.
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    Huey reacted to TOM(the other Molloy) in KFE....WTF...???   
    Superb government funded(yeah right!) facilities holding racemeetings with three people in attendance.
    Get it clear - people are not going to go to the races week after week after week to the same place. It is not like Hong Kong or Singapore where if 1% of the population turn up you have 50,000 people on the course.  In NZ people have other things to do.
    Vastly better to increase the returns to the stakeholders by sorting out the halfwits running the industry and build things up from there.
    zzzzzzz for CEO for a start.  Only a couple of weeks there would be nobody in head office
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    Huey reacted to TOM(the other Molloy) in KFE....WTF...???   
    Well if you are looking for 'forward thinkers' I would respectfully suggest that your 'metropolitan' clubs are the wrong place to look.
    If the ARC could not make that Derby,one of the most anticipated in years, work then I simply cannot see any hope for them.
    Unless there is meaningful action at the top(and that looks increasingly doubtful given the current administration) then we are destined to be a poor - and getting poorer by the year - second cousin to the Aussies racing wise.
    Cut the hangers on and bludgers at the TAB/NZRB and NZTR and cut the takeout rates on betting and you will be well on the way  
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    Huey reacted to biff in Official - John Allen - new CEO NZRB   
    Does anyone on here seriously believe that the executives at Petone deserve their salaries? Anyone? if you do you are deluded. They must be laughing into their G&T's.........tell me the truth, have any of you seen these roosters at the races? do they circulate? what exactly do they do for their money?
    I've seen useless at the ATC, and I mean useless......oxygen thieves, now Ms Ritchie is on the board she may change the culture, she;s an arse kicker, something missing here in NZ........If backslapping was an olympic sport, administrators here would be gold medalists.......taking the empty grandstand today in AKL out of the equation, the downhill slope is looking more precocious everyday, what an absolute shame the ordinary man/woman are facing Kiwi racing demise and no one is accountable, and even worse are in denial.
    The poor fool from Otaki, and I'm not meaning the goose who trudges the Beehive but the clown who posts on the other side now as he's worn out his patter and diatribe here, he and his ilk are what is bad for NZ racing, those poor sad sods actually believe what the say and write, that's the tragedy, what will it take for racing to turn around here? an earthquake perhaps, and that building in Petone is swallowed up and a new start enacted...God alone knows, but if it doesn't happen in my lifetime, then it wont happen and the younger gen will miss what we used to take for the best little country in the world ...IMO
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    Huey reacted to Breeder in Official - John Allen - new CEO NZRB   
    I don't really care what his background is or how good he is ---the salary he is getting is way out of line for the job and the organisation.
    The other way to look at it is ; if he is so marvellous why is taking on the job ( other than for the over inflated salary) ? This is a job that requires a REAL interest in the industry.
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    Huey reacted to slam dunk in Duplication in the NZ Racing Media   
    The difference is I don't get paid for what I write. Its exactly what it is. A viewpoint from a racing enthusiast regardless of what background or qualification.
    Readers of Racing Desk material deserve the right to evaluate the worth of it based on the worth of the writer. THen again if the writer is over qualified like an award winning journalist one has to ask whether that writers time could be better spent writing promotional stuff for the industry rather than mundane reports off the TV. 
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    Huey reacted to bloke in KFE....WTF...???   
    I'm sorry Trakdap but if all the smaller clubs sell up and give their funds to the larger clubs who have a history of mismanagement that is not going to save the industry.
    Have a look at Auckland the largest club in the country. Empty for the Derby and did you hear Castles bizarre excuse for not going to the Sunday?
    Then we have the Auckland Cup today, raced mid week in front of a small crowd. Why would you want to give proceeds of any sale to these fools.
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    Huey reacted to TOM(the other Molloy) in KFE....WTF...???   
    The Reefton public built, supports and maintains for 363 days a year, and owns those assets not the bloody NZ Racing industry.  If we sold up and gave money to some other club there would be justifiable outrage in the town.
    We(the RJC) have done the industry a huge service through voluntary work over more than 100 years for bugger all thanks.  Chittick and his cronies had a crack at shutting us 18 or so years ago but, as with today, the NZRB(or NZRIB as it was then) footwork wasn't good enough.
    You are living in fairyland thinking selling assets like that then giving them to the Riccarton's of this world will cure the industry ills.  For a start Riccarton and all those other glamour tracks cannot handle the racing they have now without a heap more days.  
    And nobody goes there!
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    Huey got a reaction from Gaf1973 in Otaki/Yrapa   
    Do you mean hard or inconsistent surfaces?
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    Huey got a reaction from Ashoka in Otaki/Yrapa   
    What bright spark had the idea of having 3 CD meetings in 4 days? It defies belief!
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    Huey got a reaction from Ashoka in Otaki/Yrapa   
    What bright spark had the idea of having 3 CD meetings in 4 days? It defies belief!
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    Huey reacted to Robert Best in Otaki/Yrapa   
    Is the leadership and guidance of our industry leaders over the last few years finally showing their results.
    Look at the noms for these two meetings this weekend.
    They will probably all need a good overseas trip (taking the bed warmer) to think up some new ideas how to totally run this industry into the ground.
    Thinking I might nominate my Grand daughters Shetland will pick up some prize money.
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    Huey reacted to awego in AUCKLAND CUP FIELD   
    'Motley lot?' Far out some of you are wankers! You will moan about anything.
    We are never going to be able to compete with the rest of the world no matter how superduper fantastic our industry is, we simply do not have the population. We do need our wonderful product to be well managed (IMO we are not at the moment) at the end of the day the top of the top will always go off shore because that's where the giant cheque books are.
    Back to the cup, congratulations to each and every runner and best of luck, you all deserve to be there, I know how hard it is to win just 1 race! I can't wait to park up on the couch and watch. I'm going to have an E/W on She's Insatiable I'm sure she will be paying a fortune if she's having a good day she will be right in it, especially with Chris Johnson aboard.
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    Huey got a reaction from Gruff in AUCKLAND CUP FIELD   
    I think its not a bad field , some promising types in it Benzini,Show the World,King Kamada,Rock Diva,Blizzard,Graphic , Perfect Start,Surpass & Blood Brotha. Nothing wrong with that lot and as someone has pointed out often hard to look for form in a 2 mile race.
    The two CD horses Benzini & King Kamada look interesting runners.
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    Huey reacted to Fiery Falcon in AUCKLAND CUP FIELD   
    Every major cup race in NZ some fool like crusty grizzly comes on and states that is a poor cup field but does he give us any answers no.Tell me what you expect some English or Japanese horses who is missing from the current crop of stayers that should be there.Last years winner 3rd in the Melbourne Cup the year before winner had won the VRC derby before you come on this site crusty grizzly have your pea sized brain actually think is this a another dumb comment i am writing
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    Huey reacted to chevy86 in Fashion De Farce - More for Moor   
    Meaning??? Don't tell me all those catwalk beauties and their paramours were not punting! The very least they could do for all the hapless owners who put on the show.
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    Huey reacted to bloke in Fashion De Farce - More for Moor   
    When they show the posers who sit under those umbrellas close to the bird cage (to give the impression that there are plenty of people there) ,you notice that they are not studying a race book with the view of making a bet.
    Hardly surprising that their on course turnover has been crap for some time.
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    Huey reacted to Nerula in Official - John Allen - new CEO NZRB   
    So you can nitpick him?
    C'mon Meomy you can do better; don't be a nitwit
    I have some press from Wellington from a luminary who says this bloke will do a very good job. I will give odds he will be better than recent big cheeses from what I have been told
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    Huey got a reaction from Doraemon in Outrageous Decision in Breeders.   
    As someone said already on this thread Marsh had some depth & reasoning  in his argument , Rogerson just spoke loudly and repeated something he knew wasn't true i.e. if the race was run 100 times it would be the same result - new tui ad anyone? 
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    Huey reacted to Uriah Heap in Psssst J.K.   
    I posted at the time of his appointment that I did not think Kirwin was the man for the job at the Blues. His record with Italy and Japan was not that good. 
    Having said that, I'd then ask "Who could successfully Coach the Blues". The whole set up appears a basket case and a poisoned chalice for any Coach.
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    Huey reacted to bloke in c;mon Twigg ask fatboy   
    That's fine Nerula but look at the damage that has been done by people such as Weaver and Castles. Our greatest race of the year (the Auckland Cup) has been reduced to a joke.
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    Huey reacted to Ruby in The prejudice against later foals....   
    Somethingroyal was 18 when she foaled Secretariat debunking the view by some never to buy out of a mare over 15!!