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  1. Probably the fact that the NZ industry would not recover from a 4 week lockdown at all now, its borderline now let alone inflicting that on the industry , so I'm sure they realise that this time.
  2. Sorry Shad but we've been moving on with the same old same old crowd for years and it only gets worse. Having said that I'm really "Positive" about the future of NZracing!
  3. The couple I have seen have been very nice types, both very much FRs . Certainly worth a go at his fee imho
  4. Probably for the very reason youve already pointed out.
  5. It might be a master stroke by the club in promoting racing. Certainly can't claim they aren't thinking outside of the box.
  6. While that's all very good ... for getting you a nice table on KM night, the fact of the matter is the KM fields would be no different, the party would be no different, the amount of posers out in force would be no different, the hyperbole and hoopla would be no different and probably even the prices paid at the sales would be no different if both of those races were run for $500k! As for your claims regarding race days and clubs inputs you show a complete misunderstanding for how it all actually works, this KM day is gifted to the ARC by those that run NZracing , NZTR in its wisdom seldo
  7. I dont think youve missed much, but there must surely be significant cost savings on the way given what the industry has given up to survive? At any rate the "TAB Fairy" will surely be along shortly to put us all right.
  8. Hello resident fairy dust!! It's not a Doc's job to check you for delusion now is it?
  9. Haha careful Shane you're giving JJ an aneurysm ... the delusion and denial in this one runs deep , I think its called the cult of TAB!
  10. Kiwi trainers only target the Vic & NSW carnivals nowadays
  11. I'd have backed it just because of the Jockey! Black Tuxedo haven't been around for 20 years or more though have they?
  12. LOVE performance quite simply outstanding, that is some mare!
  13. Would be great if clubs/tracks had the flexibility to do this, but alas they dont.
  14. As they say - Just do it! Having said that if I was still stupid enough to breed a racehorse (no offence intended) I'd look at using the son of Kingman on his way to NZ.
  15. Indeed dam sold for 2.2m Guineas last year
  16. That's a bit negative of you there Berri. NZ racing is going gangbusters at the moment : - new AWT (everyone loves it I'm told which is absolutely fantastic for the industry going forward, well that's what they all say on trackside so it has to be true) - Massive increase in distributions to the codes (costs have been cut here there and everywhere , including that pointless avenue for distributing the product etc the radio , a tool of communication set back in the stone ages and thankfully we in NZ racing circles have seen the light and rid our industry of this pointless tool f
  17. Yahoo!!! This is brilliant for racing!!! More cops needed in the sport obviously!!
  18. Please don't confuse positivity with delusion. You might need to re-read those Tony Robbins & Brain Tracy books again , I hear readers become a lot more reflective after 20+ readings!
  19. Well that's where we differ , I've grown to like the new website despite the controversy surrounding it. As for your mantra in calling everyone who disagrees with you negative - LMAO and no I wouldn't be in agreement with walk away.
  20. Surely i don' have to repeat myself. I know you congratulate anything and everything these guys do and lets face it thats your prerogative. I'm not going to clap for an increase in distributions that could have been achieved by any sensible management if they'd made the changes the industry has been screaming for for 20+ years. i.e. cost cutting in particular. $5m increase in distributions and no trackside radio - LMAO!
  21. Hello ! even NZTR acknowledge the cost savings the industry have been screaming out for years for. Next seasons figures are the ones I'll be interested in, compared to this seasons - hopefully I'll have to eat humble pie and the wagering performance in particular continues on an upward projectory!
  22. Enough already of the obvious bias for your mate, who started this by abusing me. I've plenty of skin in the game thanks, but its none of your business btw What you and your mate deem as negativity by posters - many view your over the top sugar coated , bias posts & attempts to find anything and everything right with the industry when it is clearly not the case as borderline delusion at best & deceitful at worse!
  23. Listen "JJ Happy Sheep" I don't know why you have this deep fascination with giving these guys credit for savings in costs , when the industry has been screaming at them to do it for 20 years or more & even then they only did it because a) they had to - Broke b) Covid gave them the perfect excuse c) The government provided the real sustenance to keep going. You might be impressed by such obvious goings on what with your detailed experiences in the Private sector and all , but no me. I know youre going to pull out the old chestnut of the new regime etc. , but why
  24. Pull ya head in! I don't need brainwashed sheep like you telling me what I can and cannot say. Lets not forget you're that brainwashed you think getting rid of trackside radio was a good thing, youre that brainwashed you could work for the government!