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  1. Robert Best

    Help wanted

    The 10th actually
  2. Robert Best

    Hawkes Bay Poverty Bay Weanling tour Sunday

    A basic outline of what they are working on and awaiting the Messara report and the impact that will have.
  3. Great day out visiting 5 properties throughout Hastings breeders and John Barry 's establishment. Saw some nice young horses and a great lunch. Bernard and his wife attended and he gave a good speech at lunch. Nice to see he has a vision as opposed to the last drop kick who hummmed and haaed before he sued. Go Bernard. hope you can accomplish your vision.
  4. Robert Best

    Winston in free fall ?

    Commos dont believe in God, she will have a comrade parent.
  5. R1 Miss Brahamos R2 Saronic Miss R4 Roc the Cradle R6 Promising R7 Leuluai
  6. Robert Best

    Pike runners scratched!

    If Neutrolene Plus is a waste of money then why did Percy Sykes invent it. I think he was a fair sort of Equine Vet. I would also assume at least 12 Melbourne Cup winners were administered it and I remember we did an advertising campaign after Green Moon won the Cup. Neutrolene Plus and Power Formula.
  7. Robert Best

    Winston can’t cope

    Hopefully when he is PM, he will do a Muldoon. Get pissed and call a snap election.
  8. Robert Best

    So How Come

    So a Dog Trainer comes up for Meth charges from 29 Dec. Why havent the horse trainers from New Plymouth in November being charged? Obviously JCA are awaiting Meth trough blocks are legal. Or again bully the small trainers. The precedent has been set with Meth, 2 years.
  9. Robert Best

    Stables staff

    You wont be pissing the inheritance away, this government will be taking it away from you to give to the no hopers. Then Coke, P Dealers, McDonalds, corner liquor stores etc etc will get it.
  10. Robert Best

    Stables staff

    Hey Booby Bec, I am a baby boomer who made lots out of our family home and now have a nicer family home. We were the generation that got screwed with mortgage interest rates at 19% for first and 25% for 2nd, plus we were on low wages. We went out and got 2nd jobs, no compulsory big annual holidays, flash coffees 4 times a day etc etc like the young ones demand now. I am enjoying my money like many of our generation and couldnt give a flying f**k about the moaning millenials.
  11. Robert Best

    So How Come

    Some are being done for cobalt and being punished yet those that tested positive in November nothing has happened? All the details of horses, trainers and owners are on a web site (Don Murray). Plus another one owned by prominent owner has tested positive. The latest on JCA tested News Years Eve, a Harness Trainer. Yet the Gallops still no action from November. Smells like trough block story to me.
  12. Robert Best

    Tell me it’s not true

    National buy the paint, Labour paint railway stations.
  13. Robert Best

    Smerdon Walks Away

    This is the same as the Wexford farm manager, who would not appear.
  14. Robert Best

    Hastings Track Update

    Its been warm and windy in Napier all day and looks like rest of week the same.
  15. Robert Best

    : DONT Vote Labour : Hickman /Brendon Lindsay wont

    They still have to raise money for all the promises, so existing taxes watch out. Plus Death Duties are still an existing tax but zero rated.