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  1. We get a green/Labour Govt, Dog racing will be over,
  2. See Eddie passed away, great trainer of lots good horses, especially wonderful winter galloper Irish Rover. First time I met him when I bought warehouse Grain, his first words as he shook my hand was 'dont ever ask me for the fooken money'. When my wifes beautiful Irish Hunter died he made a special trip to the shop and insisted she come over to the farm and pick any horse she wanted. One of the last great Irish drain diggers who would work 24 hours a day.
  3. I would be interested in being a part of bookie consortium. Any one else?
  4. You got to remember how much stress BS etc are under. There are no conferences or trips to racing hotspots around the world for them to go to in the near future. No Business class flights and 5 star hotels/resorts. It must be devastating for them all. So please have some sympathy for them.
  5. People like JA last so long sucking on the tax payers tit and failing,. So next best thing for failures like him, suck off the rate payers tit. There is Barker now on HBRC ex MP now sucking on rate payers tit. First thing he wants to do is spend millions of a name change. Not sort out any problems especially the shit water.
  6. Appointing JA to anything associated with WCC or GWRC is not surprising as they have a long history of employing total effwits. Just look at the ongoing WCC problems(shit for africa), Island Bay bike lane etc etc. GWRC change to bus timetables routes . Sure JA will fit in there perfectly he will be with his own kind.
  7. Ross Neal was always up for overtime.
  8. Throughout the world and here we are constantly hearing about companies large and small that are either laying off employees or working reduced hours and being paid less. Sporting organisations that are cutting costs so the sport will survive and be there for the fans etc when this is over. Why have we heard nothing from our Racing codes on their measures to cut costs. Staff wages are any business biggest costs. Go through the NZTR staff list and ask yourself what are these people doing when there is no racing? The communication team, have heard nothing from them as they have nothing to commun
  9. Depends on who the is Owner/Trainer they can bring up these excuses for not going further. Trough Blocks and the cows ring a bell.
  10. I had a lady grazer and her horse went lame. She had 3 $100 treatments from a charlatan with lights. He was treating the horses sore shoulder with the magic lights. The day after the last $100 treatment the abcess burst in the hoof and the horse was sound. The light man slowly disapeared
  11. A basic outline of what they are working on and awaiting the Messara report and the impact that will have.