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  1. Hey Rusty, What Safety reasons would they be to Carry a whip. But not use it? Signal to turn Right?? Left?? Love to hear your answer...:>)
  2. Your not wrong there Chris. I have won on a few that got into good company, that would still be in maidens with these Pussy rules & Softcock whips. Wonder if the owner/s of Irish Flame were so disgusted, They refused the winning Cheque ??
  3. ngatimaru

    Dargaville Races Abandoned

    WOW, Who are these intellegent Stewards who drove all the way up to Dargaville to inspect the track.. a Month before there race day ? No wonder Racing is on it's Arse... Which part of the track, do they deem unsafe ? Show me Pics of them Checking the Track. NZTR What a Bloody Joke.
  4. ngatimaru

    Where do jockeys' costs fall?

    Hey Scotch Thistle, I was engaged for a ride in the Melbourne Cup, But I told the connections it felt sore. The got the vets & did all the tests & said no he was fine. I said if you start him can you get another jockey. I flew back to NZ & won 2 races . They flew J.J.Miller over from Western Australia. He beat the Ambulance by 1/2 head. The ambulance driver was fined $500 for not trying.
  5. ngatimaru

    First Season Sire Predictions

    OOPS. Ok. Sorry
  6. ngatimaru

    First Season Sire Predictions

    Is Sweynesse not included?
  7. ngatimaru

    First Season Sire Predictions

    Is Sweynesse not included?
  8. ngatimaru

    Kiwi story on TV1 July 8...

    Maybe I am wrong, but the guy who portrays Jim Cassidy Looks more like Roger Federer. ?? cassidy.jxr
  9. ngatimaru

    Kiwi story on TV1 July 8...

    Ever seen Shorty hook into a freshly made Pizza??…….Melbourne still hasn't got over it..
  10. ngatimaru


    you are Bang on there Chris. Ran 2nd to me in The Avondale Cup, when it was a noteworthy race. Ridden by Murray Long.( that will jog your memory) Ian drove a campervan with the pictures of Johnny cash ,who he bred & Murray long on the back of it. Johnny Cash was by Lord sasanof which I think he stood at stud.
  11. ngatimaru


    I'm not really sure. I only did it because the losing ride was twice that of a flat ride. And once you had 5 rides over fences you could ride in High weights which was a bonus. My first ride over fences was at a Hellinsvalle picnic meeting. It was an amateur jockey's race but there were not enough jockey's so Trevor McKee asked if I would ride her. Lady Leonora. I had schooled her before. She ran 3rd.
  12. ngatimaru


    Yes to both. Bruce has quite a team on the Sunshine Coast & turns out winners frequently. I won the Champagne Stakes for him on a horse called Our Shah. When he left for Australia a bloke from Matamata got him??. O'sulli.. van...something like that. I think he won a couple with him also. Cheers RT.
  13. ngatimaru


    What a horse Bostock was ? Who remembers?
  14. ngatimaru


    I'm pretty sure Mali Peter was Michael (Staky) Marinovich's. He was an owner trainer .. big punter. Used to have fish business. Wouldn't be surprised if the 1st leg Michael was also his. If you remember, he was the guy that brought Bob Skelton up from the South Island to ride at Pukekohe. He swore Bob to silence & not say a word. He punted his horse Persian Star, but it ran second. But they won the next with a horse called Computer. I remember I won a race for him at New Plymouth on a horse called Easter Joy. He gave me a movie ticket for a sling. Don't know if I used it or not.
  15. ngatimaru

    Take a bow...Aaron Kuru

    Thanks P4P No way I could have done it in my Hay Day. But the momentum swung him that way. Bloody great effort. Let's give KURU a HOOROOH…:>)