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  1. My Apologies. I now have the correct information of what was said.
  2. Mr.Kirrama. Do you think maybe you should change your Log In name ? After the fine Shaun Phelan was imposed??
  3. IMHO. 1 Doesn't need the money. 2 Wouldn't have the bottle. To ride over fences. Mind you the way they have chopped them all down, a Chihuahua could clear most of them. But the Big Boys that love riding over fences would have a ball, be like throwing a Rubber Ducky into a Spa. It was a bit like that when I started. But it was worth $10 instead of $5 for a losing ride. And once you had 5 rides over fences you Qualified to ride in Highweights So that was 1 extra ride per week.
  4. RIP Old Son. My we had some times eh!!! (the other RT )
  5. Does Bevan Sweeney not let you know??
  6. If you put a reserve on a horse & it doesn't reach the reserve.. What percentage of the Reserve are you liable to pay to New Zealand Bloodstock ?
  7. Hey Rusty, What Safety reasons would they be to Carry a whip. But not use it? Signal to turn Right?? Left?? Love to hear your answer...:>)
  8. Your not wrong there Chris. I have won on a few that got into good company, that would still be in maidens with these Pussy rules & Softcock whips. Wonder if the owner/s of Irish Flame were so disgusted, They refused the winning Cheque ??
  9. WOW, Who are these intellegent Stewards who drove all the way up to Dargaville to inspect the track.. a Month before there race day ? No wonder Racing is on it's Arse... Which part of the track, do they deem unsafe ? Show me Pics of them Checking the Track. NZTR What a Bloody Joke.
  10. Hey Scotch Thistle, I was engaged for a ride in the Melbourne Cup, But I told the connections it felt sore. The got the vets & did all the tests & said no he was fine. I said if you start him can you get another jockey. I flew back to NZ & won 2 races . They flew J.J.Miller over from Western Australia. He beat the Ambulance by 1/2 head. The ambulance driver was fined $500 for not trying.
  11. Maybe I am wrong, but the guy who portrays Jim Cassidy Looks more like Roger Federer. ?? cassidy.jxr