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  1. rumpole

    A Plug for HQ restaurant

    Where in fact is HQ? I thought HQ was in Petone
  2. rumpole

    Surely Not! Must be a doppelgänger.

    Glenda is a woman of many talents. She has been on the parole board for a number of years
  3. Graeme Rogerson was very complimentary about the track after his horse won
  4. The article was a typical Mike Dillon article. I am no fan of that bloke. I thought he had been pensioned off for good but he keeps popping up.
  5. rumpole

    C W Johnson 100winners for season

    2451 as advised by Des Coppins
  6. rumpole

    Where do jockeys' costs fall?

    Jockeys are expected to get to the race meeting at their own expense. However what frequently happens is a trainer may want a particular South Island jockey to ride for him at Elleslie. A a result negotiations will take place and the jockey will usually be paid his travel costs Last weekend Jockey Johnson had the choice of riding at Trentham or Ruakaka. There were only 4 races he could have ridden in at Trentham but 8 at Ruakaka.he went to Ruakaka at his own expense .He had 7 rides. 2 wins a good second.A profitable day for him A couple of years ago CWJ rode Natuzzi in Melbourne the owner paid all expenses including accomodation It all depends on the circumstances.
  7. rumpole

    Well Done Hawkes Bay Racing

    Basically it is the police who do not understand the law and instead of administerring the law they want to make it Remember the Omakau problems
  8. rumpole

    C W Johnson 100winners for season

    He is getting closer to the record number of wins in NZ held by David Walsh
  9. rumpole

    Congrats to the Grays

    Congratulations to an old 80 year old and his lovely wife
  10. rumpole

    Don Grubb

    Sorry fellas its Wanganui
  11. rumpole

    All The Best Pitty

    Just keep fighting Michael and you will get there
  12. rumpole

    C W Johnson 100winners for season

    55 hurdle wins out of some 256 rides 4 times Grand National hurdles 1 ride in a steeplechase he fell off at the first fence
  13. Today he won 3 at Ashburton now 100 for the season
  14. rumpole

    Dumbest racing rule in the world...

    Sorry Shad the message was meant for Pam Robson
  15. rumpole

    Queens Birthday Racing

    What a great days racing today , Avondale and Invercargill Trots. Not many years ago Queens Birthday was a good race day. Castletown Stakes at Foxton. Great Northern Steeples at Ellerslie..I hardly ever missed Foxton in 25 years Fantastic races today at Avondale with high stakes. The winner of the first only took 25 starts to shed his maiden status in what could be a track record at the course. Why was Otago raced on Saturday after at least 16 years on a Sunday??? Why and when and who???? Asolutely disgraceful Wh