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  1. Griffin

    Davey Mac.

    Don't know the bloke, seems nice, but do remember once on a South Island trip on a Saturday afternoon driving around he put our whole family to sleep, we only woke up when the Aussie races came on.
  2. Griffin

    Opie Departing

    Pretty sure Opie won the VRC Oaks on her around about the 5 /11/ 1999. She ran 2nd in SA Oaks with RS Dye, to Episode.
  3. Griffin

    Draft dates calendar summary

    Why does it take Thoroughbreds at least a month longer to start back?
  4. Griffin

    What next

    When are NZTR going to come out with some sort of announcement re the immediate future of Racing. Are you planning for a return to racing once we drop back to a Level 3, or a you sitting on your hands waiting? Surely, we are advanced enough to keep Racing going on a Level 3, they are doing it in Hong Kong, Japan, Australia and parts of the USA. Have you contacted Trainers to see how many they have kept in work and what rating band they are, so you can prep meetings to suit? Not everyone has tipped their horses out for a spell. If we are not planning on continuing, our good horses and top-level jockeys can make plans to be racing in Aus, their racing will continue in some form. Even if they can’t use the big cities, they don’t have to have it at flash track now that they have no public. They have plenty of space to keep people apart, top-class provincial tracks, and public that want to bet on racing. Even their reduced stake money looks juicy. Level 3 could be here in a number of weeks. Do we stay or do we go? Please keep us informed of your plans, and please issue a statement so we do not have to listen to a bloody boring Blog. Not everyone is going to die, and you can only keep people cooped up for so long.
  5. Griffin

    TAB Final Field Option Numbers

    Why would any CEO introduce a new Website that the majority of his customers don't understand. They had a perfectly good Site but discarded it.
  6. Griffin

    TAB website down for maintenance

    Likewise, I used to have up to 50 bets at the weekend, it was my hobby, now I go and place 2 or 3 bets at the TAB on a Saturday morning like I did in the early 80's. The few that say the TAB website is great need their bloody heads read. It's a disgrace.
  7. Griffin

    Kentucky Derby Coverage

    Has there ever been a winner disqualified before?
  8. Griffin

    Kentucky Derby Coverage

    Interesting read here. Stories&pgtype=Homepage
  9. Griffin

    Kentucky Derby Coverage

    Looks like the new Sky head of sport is not too interested in Horse Racing, no ESPN coverage of the Derby this morning like previous years. Seems he prefers humans kicking and scratching each other in the UFC. Could Trackside not put Tan and Co. on this morning to cover the most popular horse race in the world. Even Tan would be better than elevator music, just.
  10. Since closing my account I have noticed on the TAB Dashboard on my phone that my account is still alive, just locked, and it can be unlocked at any stage. Is this done so John can fudge the figures of how many accounts have been closed?
  11. He says "Requires users to change their behavior", I did John, I closed my account last week after 30 years. I went and saw him at his road show a couple of years ago and he was standing shaking his arm looking like a schoolboy about to piss his pants in front of the seven people that turned up. Definitely not CEO material.
  12. Griffin

    Weir waves the white flag

    If I was the leading Horse Trainer in Australia and someone accused me of something I was innocent of, I would fight tooth and nail to defend it, he has turned to jelly after 3 days, must be something he doesn't want put out there.
  13. Griffin


    NZTR proudly had it as a headline on their website too.
  14. Griffin

    NZ TAB Response

    You would think they would be no more than an ATM to operate. Even if they took a small percentage to cover POD bets, suppose that’s too hard for people who know nothing about gambling. If the TABs don’t want customers, the Pub Bookie should come back, and they will do well.
  15. Griffin

    NZ TAB Response

    I have had this info passed onto me from someone who has recently opened a sports bar in the CD. The bar used to have a TAB. The new owner wants a TAB and is prepared to pay a staff member to run a Terminal or he was just after a POD. He approached the TAB and was told it would not happen, he then asked to speak to someone higher up and was told you are speaking to him. Matt Sole. The bar is doing well and Patrons are asking when the TAB is opening. He then approached Matt Sole again and this was the reply: What further do you need to know, we cannot help you. TAB is not looking at putting PODS into bars as they are not profitable. TAB have removed 3x PODS out of bars in the area this month. TAB does not want to Saturate the area. You should have done a bit more research on this option before you opened up a Sports Bar. Your customers could always go to the Bar around the corner and place a bet. It costs the TAB a $1000 per week to operate a POD and we just can’t give them away to everyone. It is not worth the cost of Training personnel, and we have line rental to pay. TAB are making more off Mobile content. This is the Racing Board instruction. TAB current strategy will not change for at least 12 months. Are we paying $100,000 for someone like Matt Sole to be this proactive? If there is someone like this in every region, we could save a million right there.