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  1. This guy goes up before the judge again today doesn't he? Would be good if we could have an update from someone out there.
  2. There is no way the security could have stopped that guy, he sprinted from a way back and then jumped 3 fences. The only way he could have been stopped would have been with a gun, then you would have ended up with a pile of shit lying on the track. Don't think armed security at the races is an option.
  3. This guy has to be hit hard or we are going to see copy cat cases. WRC representatives coming out and saying this guy is going to be banned from our course, it is not enough, he is probably a first time racegoer, and would not care. It would be the equivalent of banning me from going to a Basketball game forever. He needs a little bit of the 12 months possible spent inside a prison to scare others off, and not a little bracelet around his leg. They have to push for this.
  4. That doesn't make it okay to have horses carrying 59kg plus over 2 miles, compress the handicap.
  5. Bring it on. I watched a race from Santa Anita last week and no jockey hit their horse behind the saddle. It is only a matter of time before it comes in. There are a few great hand and heels riders in Aus at the moment.
  6. Beauden would have been required to carry 2kg more than Good Lord and Castletown on their second Cup wins. From memory Think Big carried 58.5 in his second one. This handicapping system needs correcting, it is destroying good racing. A good horse like Beauden could have been sold overseas, the owners keep it here to race and we can't see horses like him race on big cup days, we should be showcasing the good horses. The amount of horses being required to carry over 59kg in flat races these days is bloody cruel.
  7. How about posting your real name so we can all have a go at that funny man!
  8. From Richard Callanders' column on Racenet this week: I keep hearing whispers that former CEO of Racing Victoria Bernard Saundry, who is currently CEO of NZ Racing, could be parachuted back into a high profile role within Victorian racing.
  9. Loveracing is the NZTR website. I don't think you would get a better opinion of the Cambridge track than a local Trainer, who from previous posts, does not hold back on letting the industry know if things are not travelling in the right direction. Hope you get over your Covid.
  10. This should come under Integrity. Does this open it up to riders doing whatever they want in these areas where there are no cameras? Wasn't Blossom Lady a trotter? This site is for real horse racing.
  11. Full circle. They put TAB's into pubs to stop the money leaking to the Bookies. People want to bet but the TAB don't want to take their money.
  12. Don't know the bloke, seems nice, but do remember once on a South Island trip on a Saturday afternoon driving around he put our whole family to sleep, we only woke up when the Aussie races came on.
  13. Pretty sure Opie won the VRC Oaks on her around about the 5 /11/ 1999. She ran 2nd in SA Oaks with RS Dye, to Episode.
  14. Why does it take Thoroughbreds at least a month longer to start back?
  15. When are NZTR going to come out with some sort of announcement re the immediate future of Racing. Are you planning for a return to racing once we drop back to a Level 3, or a you sitting on your hands waiting? Surely, we are advanced enough to keep Racing going on a Level 3, they are doing it in Hong Kong, Japan, Australia and parts of the USA. Have you contacted Trainers to see how many they have kept in work and what rating band they are, so you can prep meetings to suit? Not everyone has tipped their horses out for a spell. If we are not planning on continuing, our good horses and