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  1. bet manipulation

    ...and the 8% rebate that the bigger gets back from the TAB?
  2. Live Betting on Races

    Hi Overcheck. Just guessing but I think for this to happen, the expensive , new FOB platform that NZRB are developing would have to be in action, things would happen that quick that it would have to be automated.
  3. TAB store on Dominion Rd closed

    They’d be happy I think to see all the non performing TAB’s go West, only if they have gaming should they feel secure(read growth strategy), with the constant drive towards their digital platform. I agree you certainly need a shop window. The trend I think is more towards “flagship “ stores, bigger and supposedly better. Look at the Post Office model. You have to expect this when the same hatchet man that closed the non feasible Post Offices is in charge of retail, even when there were vocal protests from the affected communities... it’s all about the $ in the corporate world.
  4. Japan Races

    The NZRB complain about the number of punters spending less with them, this is a major reason why, the watering down of the product. In Hong Kong for instance, the number of betters spending more has risen, where they race a maximum of twice a week, and all information on the horse including treatments and stewards reports are freely available for every animal. Bettors spend more when you give them all the information and they bet with confidence. As you say Red Rum, less is more.
  5. Lazarus sold...

    I know his ownership module was varied and they are running it as a business, and there is no room for sentiment, but I could, would never part with him, even if he was showing wear and tear. Man, for an animal to be able to give you those thrills and that lifestyle, he’d be buried somewhere on my place in time to come.
  6. miramar and kilbirne tabs closing wgtn

    NZRB’s “strategic initiative “.
  7. Interesting development

    Typhoon is testimony to that ✔️
  8. Cinematic

    Enjoy the ride while you can, good on you.
  9. If Messara really is The Messiah

    I’ll be recording it. It will be interesting to dissect the spin coming from the leaders. I’ve got a feeling they will be on the offensive justifying the strategic direction that the NZRB are taking, ie race fields legislation, FOB platform and all the extra millions that these and other initiatives that they are putting in place will return to the various codes. I wonder if Mr Messara will be recording it as well?
  10. New Track

    With all the manoeuvring happening before the budget, you have to wonder about the chances of getting the $ promised for this initiative, and how well this would go down politically with mainstream NZ , seeing nurses and teachers wanting pay rises. What’s the odds? Or is it all on the back burner , dependant on Messara’s report? Be interesting to see where it lies in the government’s and Winston’s priorities.
  11. Aaron White

    Of course David has Maori blood in him, know what you are commenting on.

    Janine Belcher Bio Janine’s last permanent role was with New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, where she led the transformation of the people function over a four year period. During this time, NZTE redesigned its customer engagement and investment models, transformed its culture and achieved the highest engagement within the public sector and significantly grew customer satisfaction. Over the last two years, Janine has focussed on providing consulting services to a range of public and private sector organisations around people strategy, transformation and capability. Prior to this Janine has also held senior leadership roles with Ministry of Social Development and New Zealand Post with a background in people and culture, business improvement and service design.
  13. NZTR, Deloitte Report

    ....and the majority of the TAB’s turnover comes from Aus.
  14. M Williamson

    WK, you really are looking through rose coloured glasses. Just had a look at that replay and nothing wrong with that. Put his horse in the race with a round to go, couldn’t get to parked, got beaten by that parked horse, got some money Premier night.I wouldn’t be complaining if that was my animal.
  15. M Williamson

    WK, in all fairness, you really should come on here and bag all drivers for their not so good ones, it happens, that’s the game. MW is a talented reinsmen who’s record speaks for itself, and is not immune to getting horses that are rated out of the market home first IMHO. What’s your point WKs?