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  1. Lazarus. Wow

    FU, I think NZRB would be quite happy if all the product( that’s what they call it), came from Australia, be a whole lot cheaper model for them. I think that they have hinted at many times that they see centralisation as a necessary evil if Racing is to survive, with their one offs Jewels, Christmas at the Races, and Kaikoura like meetings fitting around that. Perhaps we are seeing that coming into effect now and it’s a matter of natural selection if the industry is to survive. Mark Jones I think is a good example who is thinking on his feet and adapting to playing the ball that is in front of him the best he can, spreading his risk and becoming more business like and just getting on with it. There are plenty more I am sure, we all want to see it survive and prosper.
  2. Lazarus. Wow

    Bred, owned, broken, brushed, washed, shod, raced, won, lost, trained and driven 30 odd years. Big picture guy me :).
  3. Lazarus. Wow

    FTM, love him or hate him, I think Lord Module was everyone’s favourite. Use to be great anticipation on what he was going to do this time, and for a horse with raw speed, there would be no better example as when he won a New Brighton Cup, looping the field in a blink of an eye when Tassy let him go. People would travel to see him. There is film called “Midnight in Paris”, which the premise is that everything was better ‘ back then’ , and a yearning for the old days. It’s a syndrome, I do it myself, and what we see today, we will look back years later and say, “ those were the days”. For all the true harness racing tragics, we just have to enjoy seeing today’s standardbreds doing their stuff.
  4. Lazarus. Wow

    I remember being on course one night,in the early 2000’s at a guess, and on the card at Metro were Christian Cullen, Courage Under Fire and Under Cover Lover had just returned from the States and...... at least the owners, trainers and drivers were there, the crowd was pitiful, and had been dwindling for some time. Racing has lost a lot of it’s “oomph” for a host of reasons, and being able to make it relevant to a young audience is perhaps its greatest challenge.
  5. Lazarus. Wow

    Geoffrey Iraklis, too much celebrating?
  6. Ben Hope Rulz

    Brodie, just to add to the above, re time involved for enquiries, in USA they have a system at the gallops anyway, where they , the stewards, have a phone down to the track. If interference has happened they immediately, on return to scale, talk to the jockeys involved,( while fresh in their mind and before any excuses can be thought up)and make their decision then, which is fait accompli.This means that the stewards have more power, could be a good thing, but everyone knows where they stand, and enquiries, after a short review, are settled in an instant....gets rid of the extended Judicial system.
  7. Ben Hope Rulz

    Common sense, sadly lacking in today’s PC and regulated world, says that the horse that interferes with another horse, should be placed behind that horse. Would make for a lot cleaner racing.
  8. Lazarus. Wow

    I bow to your superior knowledge, still was a great run though.
  9. Ben Hope Rulz

    Agree. Should have kept his hands on both reins when it was running in and crowding LL, rather than going for the pull cord. Still think he would of won the race, but like you say, what has the young guy learned?
  10. Lazarus. Wow

    In 2005, Elsu sat three wide in the open the entire trip winning The Hunter Cup,
  11. Another Legal Bunfight on the way in Ozzie

    That’s the reason humans apply it, isn’t it?
  12. Nominations

    That’s the challenge, how do you make racing relevant to young people nowadays?
  13. Another Legal Bunfight on the way in Ozzie

    Use to be common practice , widened the nasal passages to enable easier breathing, that’s the theory. Been replaced with nasal strips.
  14. Front Running Drivers

    Nailed the best two there in one KH.
  15. Nominations

    Couldn’t agree more,USA being doing this for years, we are well behind. In saying that, there will always be a place for the holiday type, grass track country meetings. Talking metropolitan here. I went to Los Almamitos in California (since closed), where the horses for the next race were in the stalls in the middle of the track, cart on , ready to go , as soon as the previous race had finished, much like trial or workout day here. Young people , and surely that is our new customer base if we can get one, just haven’t got the attention span to spend 5-6 hours with nothing happening between the action. As well, every night at LA, yes, they raced consecutive nights, there would be a free giveaway for those entering the gate, wristband, gear bag or the like, and that culminated on the last night of the week with a concert in the middle of the track at the end of the night. You could have 20,000 people, a captive audience, being introduced into the excitement that is harness racing. It is certainly a case of the tail wagging the dog when it comes to times, gaps between races, NZRB are trying to maximise turnover. For the everyday punter, that is why the pokies on legs(greyhounds) fill that void of next race to go. I feel HRNZ should lead and try and look after their own product by growing their customer base, and NZRB can fit around them.... probably need to swallow the frog on standing starts as well, gulp.