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  2. very disturbing.pdf I find this almost hard to believe how they treat a school teacher???
  3. The Tab had a bad day at the office yesterday In the herbie Dyke Levante was listed as LIFT At riccarton Camino Rocco was listed as Rocky Road At Riccarton race 10 number 13 was listed as Tanks when it was actually Panza They did how ever change to Panza about 30 seconds before the jump. With the amount spent on the TAB website in the last couple of years and the contract with developers to maintain the site surely we can expect better tha this. How often does this go on ???
  4. Taranaki Racing have a lot of workers?? Dont know what they all do??? see attachment from covid 19 payments to the club
  5. Here is a link to a copy of that video Uncensored!!!
  6. Here is a link to a copy of that video Just copy and paste into google
  7. Yes you are too late You Tube have been told to remove it as it was too political
  8. HOPE Watch before the censor on the 9th floor of the Beehive gets it pulled
  9. Check this out HOPE Watch before the censor on the 9th floor of the Beehive gets it pulled
  10. All new zealanders should watch this We are in the process of being sold own the River
  11. Well said Archer Been to Avondale a few times even the night races once yes the grandstand is a problem but they do not need a huge grandstand anymore.. A perfect place for Shane Jones to sling a few million to build something modest and he will be able to say I have saved the racing industry millions because I think there will be a lot of water to run under the bridge with litigations etc etc before we see Avondale people happy
  12. sign up for Arion Pedigrees Race Tracker Its all free the service is great (better than even the old TAB website was) and the whole system works
  13. This will make an ideal climate for bookies in pubs just like the old days 40 years ago every pub had its resident bookmaker usually in the public bar (not many public bars around now) In those days if you got shut out because the bets had to be sold by the TAB 30mins before the race you could sneak into any public bar and find the bookie..It was a great system and produced many characters and stories of bookies being taken to the cleaners or being sprung bythe cops. They all had their lookouts but every body knew who they were and it was usually cash or if the bookie had access to a pho
  14. My prediction for budget next week Winston will drag his mate Shane Jones into the office and say look here Shane unless you can find 60-70 mill for NZ Racing from the provincial Growth fund in the budget we will both be History in November so see what you can come up with!!!
  15. Well that's 1/2 the problem solved who is the Fairy Godmother who came up with the rest RITA???