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  1. It doesn't really matter how many are there, more important is how effective they are?
  2. Hermione

    Can the Auckland Trotting Club survive?

    I was unable to attend the meeting last night unfortunately and am surprised at the lack of comment or feedback anywhere? Has everyone been sworn to secrecy?
  3. Hermione

    It's finally

    Can the new CEO fix any of the mess?
  4. Hermione

    Saddle Trots Derek Balle Stables R8 tonight.

    Just looked up the Vincent Jockey Club in Papers Past. Wow! The meeting for 1st January 1918 (WW1 still going on), first off there were truckloads of Stewards and the prize money was huge? Prize money was in sovereigns ( To determine each sovereigns value in dollars, simply multiply the above decimal against the current world price of gold in troy ounces ), interesting aside
  5. Hermione

    Saddle Trots Derek Balle Stables R8 tonight.

    Where or what is Vincent? Or is it predictive text doing its thing?
  6. Hermione

    Well done Puha

    I so wish it could be like that but unfortunately the what ifs will follow you all your life, that's just how some of us are made, despite the fruitlessness of the pursuit.
  7. Hermione

    Dual Venue Racing Calendar

    The correct question should be "what is your B?" not who Plan B is a very intricate scheme, by the time I've arrived at my eventual destination (in my mind) any bad air at home is forgotten The scheme involves avoiding detection, changes of clothes, changing flights, train stations, buses the whole lot. I sometimes have a look at the place in google maps, have never been there, but it struck a chord when I was a teenager and it is my mental bolt hole. The planning is quite exhausting mainly because if I walk out, I never want to be found, so there
  8. Hermione

    Dual Venue Racing Calendar

    I think there should always be a "Plan B" for everything in life, and there is no reason why racing should be any different. I have plan bs for every aspect of my life, marriage (46 yrs), work,and the immediate future, it's a coping mechanism and I don't think I am on any spectrum
  9. Hermione

    It never stops.

    Anyhow the survey asks if you owned a horse would you participate in another survey. I said I would. I then get a poorly put together survey (not even online) by ier.com.au. How much do these consultants cost. This is crazy. Thanks for that snippet. Have mail in my inbox from IER, had no idea who they were and have left it opened till I decide whether to delete or not, obviously will now delete email
  10. Hermione

    Help me please.

    A truck I was parked along side of on the motorway had sign written on the curtains: Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit Wisdom is not putting it in fruit salad
  11. Hermione

    standardbred tv programme

    Loved the show, what a treasure JIll Smolenski is.
  12. http://www.harness.org.au/news-article.cfm?news_id=34043
  13. Hermione

    montes on the way

    Was on the sports section of TV1 news tonight so you should be able to get a replay somewhere. Good article, interviews with Michelle, Maurice, Tim and a couple of jockeys so had great exposure.
  14. Hermione


    Has anyone in New Zealand had this done? http://www.equinome.com/
  15. Hermione

    A story we should all heed....

    He might be a great hardworking young man but why didn't he tell this lot to go and get f*^×"#d? Unfortunately depression doesn't work like that.