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  1. Hermione


    I think his favourite food might now be Chinese, and if he's there early enough he can get a table with an outside viewing spot and just happen to see horses flying by? and as for poor Len.........
  2. Hermione

    Auckland noms Friday

    Somebody is saying something? But who is listening?
  3. Hermione

    Auckland Noms

    Beyond everyone's reach I would say?
  4. Hermione

    Auckland Noms

    The ATC need to take a long hard look at themselves and ask "Why are we here? Who are we here for? If we lose them, have we lost it all? Are we just a food and beverage provider with a few apartments thrown in?" How many meetings are held a year, is it somewhere in the region of 40 odd? This seems to be what it has come down to, why no workouts on a Saturday? Do the contractors REALLY have the power to refuse them? Who is wagging the dog's tail here? It is all very very worrying with lack of horse numbers, no resemblance of care for the current situation, no sense of urgency, no contact, no nothing. Rant partially over but I could easily fill the page.
  5. Hermione

    box seat trackside reprimanded

    The main difference is that a reprimand is "considered a slap on the wrist and can be given in private and even in a letter," while a censure is "a form of public shaming in which the politician must stand before his peers to listen to the censure resolution." I would say that the sentence The Authority considered the publication of this decision sufficient to censure the breach of standards by the broadcaster and made no orders. Covers this?
  6. Hermione


    We were at Top of the Park, best seats in the house? Hopeless if you happen to have chosen it and also have a horse racing? That infield indicator board is a huge loss and needs to be restored immediately, the screen does NOT replace its function.
  7. Hermione

    auckland saddle cloth numbers

    They'll have to get up early to beat Len
  8. Hermione

    U can see why

  9. Hermione

    U can see why

    I think you have misquoted the lyrics eljay Shouldn't it be 'Dooby dooby doo...' ?????
  10. Hermione

    Cameron shaw

    Think he is now backstage, behind the scene?
  11. Hermione

    box seat ,debate on blood spinning

    HRA - Industry Notice - Rule Amendments 22 August 2019 GENERAL OFFENCES (BLOOD DOPING) The insertion of a new AHRR 254(A) in Part 14 – General Offences under the heading Blood Doping was APPROVED: 254A (1) Subject to sub-rule (2) a person shall not either directly or indirectly withdraw from a horse, manipulate and reinfuse into a horse homologous, heterologous or autologous blood products or blood cells. (2) A registered veterinary surgeon may for lifesaving purposes or through use of veterinary regenerative therapies for the treatment of musculoskeletal injury withdraw from a horse, manipulate and reinfuse into a horse homologous, heterologous or autologous blood products or blood cells. (3) A horse that is treated in accordance with sub-rule (2) shall not be permitted to start in any race for a period of eight clear days from the date of the treatment. (4) A person who fails to comply with sub-rules (1), (2) or (3) is guilty of an offence.
  12. Hermione


    But you LOOK official sitting there with paper pen and stopwatch, that's good enough, you qualify, gonna scrub you up
  13. Hermione


    As official timekeeper for Puke, gonna scrub you up too Lloyd, not quite suit attire, but gonna work on it............, maybe google some options?
  14. Hermione


    I'll buy you one if that's all that's holding you back?
  15. It doesn't really matter how many are there, more important is how effective they are?