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  1. Dear Silver Lad - Mrs Biff here - happy to respond to your query (without malice). As a professional breeder, the question is to sell for big money in the short term and risk long term pain through a downgraded pedigree page. If you do the stats, most of the young horses sold as yearlings to HKG do not reach the racetrack....sold off the track is a different proposition. Think how many beautiful colts have gone through the rings in both NZ and Oz and for most of them not to reach the your lovely mare that you keep sending to top line stallions is looking awful after a few years
  2. I feel sorry for you buggers on SPARK contracts, what a bunch of bastards they are, we got out as soon as our contract was up, too many issues and too much deceit, the lies the local retail shop spun us would flatter the beehive, a blight on NZ that mob, 2 degrees so much better.
  3. Yep, and there go's the pedigree page Ted, the necessary evil for NZ.
  4. Liz, there is a cartel, whilst many breeders Mrs et Moi inc are small, passionate and nearly always broke [as we choose to never send our horses to Asia] it will be a battle, the cartel however has chugged merrily along these past decades without inquisition!........I'm privy to the machinations [through the Mrs] as to how many became so big, not all, but some, it would make a Four Corners story or better a sixty minutes story, however for our personal well being and safety, that story will stay in a box on the top shelf until my beloved Mrs leaves the planet and seeks another gig, then I pro
  5. Puha, if everyone voted alternate, a protest vote if you like, and I'm talking everyone involved in the industry, there would be a change of GOV.......neither the PM or the goose from Otaki give a continental about our industry, unemployment would be the only way they'd acknowledge, however as I've said a trillion times, the cartel have never had it so good, they'll never vote alternate anyway due to indoctrination, and when it only means downsizing the BMW 7 to a Range Rover should things tighten, well unless it's all for one and one for all, we are well and truly ......
  6. There we're some lovely types that went for half what they would have last year, at least those vendors met the market, the Kiwi dollar is too high also, that's killing off a few.
  7. I think quite a few breeders got a reality check today Turny, the pass in rate was high, going on the pre - 'show' hype they thought it was put in take out.......unrealistic reserves, not meeting the market. Tomorrow may be different, a strong session pedigree wise, however the real judging will come Wed onward, then we'll see how the industry sits. Asia was very very quiet today, if it continues pain will set in for the needy and greedy and the dough eyed racing minister and the delusional Petone set will circle the wagons.
  8. Good on you Jimbob, that's why most do it, it's goodwill and helps the punter......of course there are some crusty buggers who want a better price as per Jack Denham, and fee you a furphy!
  9. Well one thing surfaced anyway, your Tony Pike is a paper tiger, like the rest, cozy, why rock the boat when we're sweet as, but he ain't Robinson Crusoe for that matter.
  10. Grimm's Fairy Tales, bullshit sells, where's the accountability for that?
  11. If this was a listed public company, and we all stockholders, how many divs would have been declared? and how many of us would have flogged our shares? In fact would the board even resemble what it looks like now after all these years of misery?
  12. We've heard it all before, same as back in 2011 when Purcell all starry eyed released Grimm's Fairy Tales, problem is, The Aussies pissed themselves when they read this, well the Aussies I know anyway, ''who wants to bet on NZ races'' that seems to be the cry, there would be far more investment on the animated gaming product there, in NSW called Trackside.........the NSW state gov gave the racing board 120 mil to kick start the ATC once the merger was confirmed, that capital investment funded the stakes increases, to start with. You can't just pull money off trees, it has to come from somewher
  13. How sickening to see the 'racing minister' greasing up to the winning owner/manager, he's lost poor soul, he really must believe he's fact it's quite sad.
  14. Midget told us all, Tony Pike is the man......well, Tony, I for one are waiting to hear from you as to the upward direction for all trainers, maybe Paul Belsham et al would welcome an announcement........some of us are pondering is it worth continuing, Hughes and co don't have my confidence, nothing has changed, nothing......I feel for all of us, what a joke, 'we'll discuss at our March 28 meeting, how many more will leave by then.......FFS.
  15. I've never seen anyone, anyone, resign from a salary as big as the top dogs are being paid, they will need to be shoved, not pushed shoved.......I wish them luck in their next endeavours, however don't call me for a reference.